Message from Secretary Kerry to Saudi Crown Prince

Secretary Kerry to Saudi Crown Prince: If you drown the market with cheaper oil, American soldiers will defend your throne against any possible Russian threats


Dubai, UAE — According to Russian Россия-24 news channel, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during his recent Middle-East tour met with Saudi Crown Prince and other senior Saudi officials. Muhammad bin Nayef, the next in line to Saudi throne complained that United States has been wavering in its life-time alliance with the oil-rich kingdom since Washington sealed the landmark nuclear deal with Riyadh’s arch enemy, Iran.

“Your Highness, on behalf of President Obama , I can guarantee that our soldiers will protect the Saudi crown but in order to hamper Iranian agenda we believe you must inundate the market with cheaper oil,” Россия-24 which obtained a transcription of the meeting quoted Mr. Kerry as saying.


“We, in the Saudi Arabia reach this bitter conviction that you [the American administration] can easily jettison our long history of friendship, thus we seek to substitute this moribund alliance by establishing strong ties with the United Kingdom or Israel,” the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS cited the 56-year old Saudi heir apparent, though Secretary Kerry has allegedly reassured his eminent interlocutor that Saudi Arabia’s security is something U.S. has always been committed.

Putin is trying to breathe life into USSR’s dead corpse, Kerry added, and we will definitely convince our colleagues in the Pentagon to draw new strategies and deploy more warships to the Gulf, hence I believe there is no reason for worry.

In late January, President Putin threatened Saudi regime by saying that Russia will bomb Saudi Arabia back to the Stone Age life unless Riyadh desists from supporting terrorism in Syria and neighboring Iraq.


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2 Responses to "Message from Secretary Kerry to Saudi Crown Prince"

  1. Raptor  March 15, 2016 at 6:47 am

    Propaganda on the part of the US. The interests want the Saudis saddled with debt, want them in a weak economical position….that which they embrace by day they denounce by night. Cheap oil has already wiped out a 1/4 million US jobs, shaved billions in total, off of shareholder value. No way Kerry would ever mean such a thing regardless as to whether he said it or not.

    They may say they will defend but, will they actually engage?


  2. ayelyahbenjamin  March 14, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    “I can guarantee that our soldiers will protect the Saudi crown”……… I’ve got to wonder whether our US soldiers are aware they signed up to protect the Saudi “crown” …?

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