BOMBSHELL! Larry Silverstein designed NEW WTC-7 in April of 2000

Larry had the new WTC-7 designed and ready-to-go 17 months before he "pulled" the old one
Larry had the new WTC-7 designed and ready-to-go 17 months before he “pulled” the old one

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

He may just be a Silver-stein. But “Lucky Larry” sets the gold standard for chutzpah.

Latest example: In the above video, Silverstein says of the new WTC-7, which replaced the one he famously confessed to demolishing on 9/11/01:

We got the designs.  And the first design meeting was in April of 2000. And construction began shortly thereafter, in 2002.

One slight problem: If he hadn’t been planning the illegal, un-permitted, homicidal demolitions of WTC-7 and the entire World Trade Center complex that took place on September 11th, 2001, there would have been no point to any such design meeting back in April, 2000 … and no opportunity for beginning construction of a new WTC-7 in 2002.

With the supreme chutzpah that has become his trademark, Silverstein breezes over the demolitions of 9/11/2001 as if they were not even worth remarking on, instead going straight from his new-WTC-7 design meeting in April 2000 to the beginning of construction in 2002.

Memo to Donald Trump: If you’re looking for people who were wildly celebrating the murder of 3,000 people on September 11th, 2001, that would include not only the famous dancing Israelis, but also Larry “Pull It” Silverstein.

In 2001, “Lucky Larry,” who had previously owned only WTC-7, orchestrated a deal with his fellow-ultra-Zionist Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of the mobbed-up NY Port Authority, and another Zionist extremist billionaire, Frank Lowy, to sell the entire WTC complex to Silverstein and backers on a 100-year lease. The deal was finalized in July, 2001, and Larry took possession of the buildings … and security arrangements. But first, he hard-balled his insurers into doubling the terror insurance coverage and changing the terms to “instant cash payout.”

On September 11th, Larry hit the jackpot. The condemned-for-asbestos and largely vacant Twin Towers, with their obsolete communications infrastructure and money-hemorrhaging balance sheet, were both demolished for free – with 3,000 people inside.

Larry should have been at the Windows on the World restaurant at the top of the North Tower, just like every other day. Fortunately, he tells us, his wife reminded him of a dermatologist appointment. His daughter, who always took breakfast with him, made a similarly lame excuse. Both survived … and prospered … while everyone above the 91st floor, including everyone who showed up to have breakfast at Windows on the  World, died miserable deaths.

Lucky Larry indeed.

Larry’s luck held out when he demanded double indemnity – on the basis that he had been “victimized” by two completely separate and unrelated terrorist attacks, namely the two planes – and got it, to the tune of 4. 5 billion dollars. That’s a hefty cash-payout return on a relatively minor investment. (Silverstein put up less than 15 million of his own money to buy the WTC, and his backers had added a little over 100 million.)

Even after video proof emerged that he had confessed to “pulling” (i.e. demolishing) WTC-7, he still somehow evaded the hangman’s noose.

Then he went back to court to ask for more than $10 billion more – this time not from his own insurers, but from those of the airlines he falsely blamed for the demolitions that he himself had conducted.

But even the mobbed-up 9/11-complicit Zionist judge, Alvin Hellerstein, had had enough. For the full (satirical) story, check out my article:

Hellerstein to Silverstein: No more money for you, schmuck!

But that didn’t stop not-quite-so-Lucky Larry from trying to steal another 500 million from the federal government through an EB-5 visa scam.

Then last month, Larry’s inimitable chutzpah resurfaced when he said that his first thought on looking at the plans for the new South Tower was “it looks like it’s going to topple, it’s going to fall over.” At least if you “pull” on it hard enough, it might. Right, Larry?

Larry’s chutzpah is so monumental that it became the basis of an annual award. See:

Netanyahu Wins Larry Silverstein Award for Chutzpah

Whatever will this unbelievable character do next?

Will someone finally arrest him?

Will we ever see him swing from the gallows?

Or will Lucky Larry’s luck hold out until he finally dies of natural causes, leaving his heirs billions of blood-stained dollars with which to conduct more outrageous Zionist mischief?



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  1. Unfortunately, this is NOT a bombshell and Lucky Larry looks more like Senile Larry who just screwed up the dates and this 1 minute video of a 90 minute speech ( is misleading. Silverstein is going through a timeline of WTC 7 and is at a point after the demolition of the building where he is talking about the planning and construction phases of the new tower.

    Silverstein’s WTC construction dates are well documented and support the fact that planning designs probably started around April 2002. Following are critical WTC 7 construction dates:

    Mid 2002 – Minor site excavation started
    Nov. 2002 – Ground breaking ceremony for WTC power substation and WTC 7
    Oct. 2003 – Power substation completed (needed to be done before WTC 7)
    Late 2003 – Construction started for WTC 7
    Nov 2005 – WTC 7 “substantial completion”

    So instead of catching Lucky Larry in another lie, it just looks like the greedy criminal SOB is just losing it!

    • Are you an engineer? Structural engineer, foundation engineer, or any engineer for that matter?

      Do you understand what needs to be done before a building is planned for reconstruction?

      Come back with a response, then we’ll see who’s the SOB.

  2. I’m pretty convinced, that if this case and information was presented to the “Grand Jewery”, Larry Silvertongue would slime his way out of it. There are just too many fingers in this 9/11 cauldron of deceit! Crank up the flame, remove the soup, and let the pieces of filth cook till the pot burns!! Nothing other than this, will give them their due.

    • If this case is ever presented to any Grand “Jewery” it will be thrown out! Thrown on on (get this!) “lack of evidence”. This we can ALL bet on!!

  3. Well, it shows Larry knows that time is money ! And I also think he and his friends amuse themselves about all the truthes they themselves placed everywhere and any corner of the crime scene, and how their animals lap it all up. Any and all ‘Happenings’ of their making since then bear the same marks, of overt truth right in ones face ! Testament of their total control. It’s like in the Book “The Fire Raisers” of Max Frisch. Who is more disgusting the perpetrator or the petty bourgeious who DOESN’T WANT to know ? In that sense Larry and his men are Great Men towering over the small in fact no less self minded cowards. I know history is far more complex and there are obvious machinations and manipulations at play going back more than 100 years (as described in A GRANDFATHER’S ENCOURAGEMENT To Our Next Generation Perspective Summary by Robert O’Bannon). But nonetheless the overtness of their actions and the forced looking the other direction by the masses has a mass psychosis element to it, a systemic component which goes beyond. What is necessary to come into such a state ? Fear ? Is not enough, people die in wars knowing what’s coming. In my opinion it is the component of having no alternative way ?

  4. Another question: How come Insurance companies involved paid the WTC N°7 money to the very same insured person who ordered it´s demolition. Didn´t they investigate, didn´t they report or had border acquiescence? Did insurance companies paid for whole building demolition, or just third parties liabilities, and in the latter, anyone did ask any compensation from insurance companies? How about Airlines, any compensation from insurance companies asked for the four aircraft destroyed? How about passengers, the list of the ones died in crash and following insurance claims. As TV cameras directly broadcasted how did they managed to stay at “the right time” and at “the right place”, who were the responsible ones that ordered anchors, cameramen and reporters to time and places? Did the auditing of Insurance companies explain or have answers about indemnities paid or companies balanced their sheets with tax money? So, and in the last case, the 9/11 burden was placed upon all citizens.

  5. Yeh, but in a strange way I like Larry he’s got that black sense of humor. And the balls of the man you just goto admire…. When his backs to the wall he just hits the gas…and doesn’t care.

  6. Also, I read that Neil Bush’s security company was overseeing the WTC buildings! What does he know?

  7. This is clearly insurance fraud and murder of innocents for private gain.
    This disgusting scumbag should be hung by the lampposts!
    The amount of time it takes to set explosives to detonate a building is about 3 weeks. So the “pulling” of WTC 7 was pre-planned.
    Everyone else should be suing Silverstein and anyone else who had their hand in this crime. Time for a grand do jury by the people.

    • I think Bush (41) used words to that effect to his secretary…..lamp posts, hemp rope, swinging…..happy days.

  8. Am with this post 98%, but wonder how you know the towers were largely vacant with obsolete communications infrastructure. What is the source of this information?

    • There are multiple sources. One John Perkins: “…In recent years (before 2001, the World Trade Center) had been considered an albatross. It had the reputation of being a financial misfit, unsuited to modern fiber optic and internet technologies, and burdened with an inefficient and costly elevator system. These two towers had once been nicknamed David and Nelson (Rockefeller). Now (after 9/11) the albatross was gone.” -The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, p. 204

  9. Larry Silverstein’s similarity in looks to a cockroach is stunning. Only his behavior is that of a parasite. This is a great article and 100% on the mark.

  10. Was there supposed to be plane or should I write “plane” hit bldg 7 also? 5 is kind of a Satanic number with the pentogram and all. Maybe the explosives didn’t detonate at 945 am so they had to pull it at 520 pm.

  11. Would be nice to have the (video) quote in (video?) context. Everyone makes mistakes, especially old men who can’t tell short stories without notes and a blink a second. But yeah …

    ‘Mobbed up’ evokes automatically images of Italians running things – cuz Hollywood. Jews did this and Jews ran mafia. Sources for mobbed-upness and Jewishness of mob would also be nice. Otherwise Barrett is pointing away from the culprits … again … (globalists, Bush, Christian-zionists, the West, oil companies … satanists!). We’ve all heard him.

  12. Let,s not also forget Frank Lowy who must have been a player as well and pocketed plenty.
    His past surely puts him in the Zionist big league.
    We all know how the Zio,s love Gold, so were they in that theft if it happened as well?

    One of the more outrageous claims along this vein came from former mob boss Tony Gambino, who declared in a 2007 radio interview: “I know for a fact that Bush [and other] U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and helped organize 9-11. They did it for many obvious reasons, one being to instigate a war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below the [WTC].”

  13. Larry must have been heavy involved, considering all the substantial evidence, and the money he got vs the demolition cost(s) problem (s). The power structure is protecting him, because the “all stand to go down” ORDERS with him when he starts to talk, and that will be soon as the pressure becomes unbearable and the whole scheme unfolds.

  14. Cabal insiders are all just as arrogant as Silverstein. They have all lusted to reveal who they are, what they have done and what they are going to do on a grand public level. They still believe that they are just as powerful as ever, despite the fact their military economic power base has been steadily disintegrating. Like Hitler the scorched earth die hards still believe in phantom all conquering armies and weaponry. The bragging and braying not only continues but increases and smirky smiles galore are seen among the fully programmed, indoctrinated and initiated. Those who even whisper “surrender” will be silenced for “spreading defeatist ideas” Lets title this deluded opera as ‘Bunker 2017 the last of the Nazis.

  15. The same was the case for now NATO chief Stoltenberg. His speech after 22 of july 2011, the Oslo and Utoeya terror event where the police stood down etc, was written prior to the event.

    Norwegians did not think to much about that as the patsy was in jail and everyone could get back to their positions in front of TV and continue to sleep.

  16. ‘ “We must seek the guilty and not strike out against the innocent or we become like them who are without moral guidance or proper direction.” Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the Archbishop of Washington in a Mass on September 12 2001. ‘ McCarrick’s proposal still stands and its goals haven’t been met by the government or by the overwhelming majority of the american people.

  17. The Reichstag demolition reincarnate. Patriot Act = Ermächtigungsgesetz. So incredibly pathetic is the American government and the history will judge them and the 9/11 perpetrators.

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