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… by Gibby Media Group

After serious interception efforts have been overcome and
despite overwhelming odds against it, the expected movie on Lee Wanta’s true story, Eagle One to Wanta, is now well under way and planned for release sometime this summer before the upcoming Presidential Election.

Lee Wanta
Lee Wanta

For Immediate Release: Gibby Media Group, Inc. has released a 10 minute preview of the upcoming documentary film “ Eagle One to Wanta”. The exclusive feature film documentary will be released in the summer of 2016 prior to the national elections.

The exclusive film documentary contains never before revealed content from interviews with Ambassador Lee Wanta who was President Reagan’s mandated secret agent. Lee Wanta worked as a private citizen under the Totten Doctrine behind enemy lines to help destabilize and bankrupt the Soviet Union and to end the cold war.

Lee Wanta is known as President Reagan’s junkyard dog and the 31.2 trillion dollar man for the private funds he secured in the process of performing under his presidential mandate.

The preview makes public for the first time some classified information that is now declassified and has been opened to the public for the first time providing new historical information.

  • The exclusive story of how the Soviet Union was destabilized, bankrupted and the cold war was ended without firing a shot under President Reagan’s leadership.
  • In a face to face meeting with Lee Wanta at the Kremlin, President & Secretary General of the Soviet Union, Mikail Gorbachov mutually agrees to step down from his position for 10 billion dollars which Lee promptly paid him. The events are recreated and explained in detail in the finished documentary. The new Russian Federation was born from this historic meeting.
  • Exactly how Lee Wanta made his 31.2 trillion dollar fortune and what he intends to do to help our great nation and other nation states throughout the world.
  • How Lee Wanta’s personal funds were stolen/ converted by politicians and the Federal Reserve System. The origin of the Federal Reserve and its foreign ownership explained.
  • Reveals why Kennedy was assassinated for his work to close the Federal Reserve and printing new United States notes. Two attempts on Reagan’s life explored.
  • Explanation of who the Puppet masters are and how they directly control the world economies, the military industrial complex and intelligence community.
  • Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster receives 250 million dollars from Ambassador Lee Wanta in Switzerland as a donation to Hillary Clinton’s Children’s Defense Fund. Vince Foster allegedly commits suicide 10 days later. Why haven’t the Clintons accounted for these funds they received?
  • Re-creation of Lee’s false arrest in Switzerland, his torture and attempted murder in a Swiss dungeon and later in Wisconsin.
  • Lee Wanta’s imprisonment and unlawful kangaroo court in Dane County Court in Wisconsin. How the Corporate State of Wisconsin operates, revealing corruption and criminal activity at every level of government direct violations of Title 18.U.S.C. Sections 201, 371,241, 242, RICO.
  • President Reagan’s efforts to disband the CIA and his dangerous relationship with his then Vice President, George H. W. Bush, former CIA Director.

This 10 minute documentary preview follows-up on the recent worldwide release of the biography, Wanta ! Black Swan, White Hat, by Viking International; on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple Ibooks.

10 minute Preview video  https://vimeo.com/158213524


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  1. Kudos to Wanta and the makers of the documentary. I have watched the 10-min. preview, and I hope they don’t mind if I point out some small improvements they could make to the text on their slides at the 3:55 min. mark… 1. Clarification needed – Slide says Lee is arrested on his way to give Foster a $250M donation for Hillary’s CDF. Next slide says Foster suicide, and the $250M given to the Clintons is unaccounted for. I hope Wanta clearly explains the chain of events in the documentary. 2. Two spelling errors in that 3:55 slide. Foster was Counsel, not Council. And it’s Children’s Defense, not Defence. I recommend that the filmmakers use US, rather than Canadian spelling.

  2. JohninMK, here’s how. Remember how the wounded warriors tried to muscle down a VT writer and bury the truth? Perhaps VT has some serious muscle that is evident when you consider what the result was to this serious oppression and suppression and alleged bullying of a VT author. How many major mass media News Outlets ended up exposing wounded warriors after all that suppression? Actually quite a few and that story is still going viral. How many other websites dare publish the kind of Mideast Intel and other real Intel VT dares to and is able to continue doing? Answer, none.

  3. I used to follow Christopher Story’s writing on his site World Reports. VT has done stories on him as well. I remember Story being very supportive of Wanta in his writings. At one point Story put up $30,000.00 of his own money to get Wanta out of jail in Wisconsin. This money was difficult for Story to come up with……but he believed in Wanta and what he was doing. Somehow the repayment of that money became a problem…….and the relationship between Story and Wanta soured. I have a hard time getting my mind around a guy hanging your friend out to dry for $30,000.00….when the stories are about millions, billions, and even trillions of dollars. Christopher Story has already paid with his life…..so we cannot ask him anymore. Does anyone have any light to shed on this?

    • TJ, I have similar questions. Before Christopher Story’s assassination, he was systematically cut off from his friends and associates one by one, lies told to him and his friends in order to split them apart. The story of the 30k loan likely fits this pattern. I hope Wanta explains it in the documentary.

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