Israel worries that Russian withdrawal from Syria could embolden Hezbollah and Iran

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. AFP File Photo.
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin visited Moscow on Wednesday amid concerns in Israel that Russia’s partial withdrawal from Syria will embolden its adversaries, Hezbollah and Iran, there.

During his visit the Israeli President intends to “seek assurances that Russia will not allow its Syria withdrawal to bolster Iran and Hezbollah,” an aide to President Rivlin told Reuters.

Rivlin confided with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before leaving on his visit.

Shortly after Russia intervened in Syria’s war late last September Netanyahu visited Moscow and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There the two leaders established a communications mechanism to avoid any collisions in Syria.

Israel seems to see Russia’s presence in Syria has restrained the ambitions of Iran and Hezbollah in that war-torn country despite the fact Moscow has backed their ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Israel has been wary that Hezbollah will acquire advanced Russian-made missiles from the Syrian arsenal and has launched airstrikes into Syria to prevent that from happening.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is also set to visit Moscow next week to discuss these recent developments in Syria.

More Russian warplanes, including Su-25 attack aircraft and IL-76 transport planes, flew out of Syria on Wednesday as part of Russia’s commitment to withdraw the bulk of its forces from that country. However Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said on Tuesday that Russia will continue airstrikes against Islamic State (ISIS) and other groups.

“The Russian aviation group has the task to continue carrying out strikes on terrorist facilities,” he said at a “mission accomplished” ceremony in the Russian Hmeymin airbase in Syria’s Latakia Province.

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  1. Who’s the tactical nuke option group here, so please don’t leave we had big plans for a party.

  2. Did anybody actually talk to the president from Talmudia? I wouldn’t. I would have him stuffed into a large feces-lined suitcase…then I would have loud music blaring at him in the suitcase as he vomits and cries….then I would inform him that if he ever comes to Russia again he’ll get more of the kind of treatment they regularly give the Palestinians..

  3. Oh pity the poor Israelis. Their billionaire and trillionaire big daddy’s who own the West choreographed 9-11 to put all this in motion ( destroying Israel’s neighbors ).. Syria, Iraq and Libya were destroyed because THEY wanted those countries destroyed…These bastards squat on stolen land and shoot kids for target practice. They deserve to have more enemies than they actually have, and they deserve a fate that would make the citizens of Nagasaki feel bad for them..

  4. The perverts never miss an opportunity to play the mythical victim card, do they.

    If the Israelis attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, they will be facing well armed, battle hardened troops that are proficient in guerilla and asymmetrical warfare. Not unarmed Palestinian civilians.

    They got their asses handed to them last time, but they will be squealing like pigs if they try their luck again.

    • “If the Israelis attack Hezbollah in Lebanon…”

      Time for Hezbollah to strike the chlorine tanks near Haifa, the chemical factories near Beersheba, and Dimona as well with massive missile attacks if that occurs.

  5. Common Israelis should worry more about the Turks, British and their “dual citizen” buddies from the North Atlantic

  6. If terrorist Israhelll thinks it can BS it’s way and start bombing Lebanon again, then they shouldn’t be surprised by Hezbollah’s quick response that awaits them, on their home soil this time. Their days of bombing Lebanon at will without losing FA are over.

  7. Lately, there have various reports hinting at an imminent Israeli attack on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon and its border regions with Syria. These public worries by Rivlin are probably part of a propaganda build up to an actual strike. Rivlin’s true purpose in Russia was likely to gauge Russia’s response to Israeli plans to destroy Hezbollah, once and for all.

  8. What ever Israeli (or Western) officials worry about Moscow should do. Just remember how they accused Moscow for having created a SAM umbrella over Syria, worried sick up until the Su24 downing and only then the S400 arrived.

    Don’t be surprised to see Putin being against the presence of the Axis of Resistance in one of their members.

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