Panic Reaches New Heights: ‘Russia, China Planning Space Attacks on US’

Surveillance Satellite

In a new campaign of budget-bolstering and fear-mongering, the Pentagon has warned of impending attacks on US satellites by Russia and China.

“Adversaries are developing kinetic, directed-energy, and cyber tools to deny, degrade and destroy our space capabilities,” Air Force Gen. John Hyten, head of the Air Force Space Command, told the US House Armed Service strategic forces subcommittee on Tuesday.

“They understand our reliance on space, and they understand the competitive advantage we derive from space. The need for vigilance has never been greater,” he asserted.

Hyten has campaigned for a new Air Force project group, whose sole purpose would be to protect US space assets against foreign “aggression.” On Tuesday, he warned that US Global Positioning System satellites are vulnerable to attack.

Lt. Gen. David Buck, commander of Joint Functional Component for Space, testified alongside Hyten.

“Simply stated, there isn’t a single aspect of our space architecture, to include the ground architecture, that isn’t at risk,” Buck declared. “Russia views US dependency on space as an exploitable vulnerability and they are taking deliberate actions to strengthen their counter-space capabilities.”

Buck also sounded alarms over China’s creation of its Strategic Support Forces, a space warfare and cyber warfare unit.

“China is developing, and has demonstrated, a wide range of counter-space technologies to include direct-ascent, kinetic-kill vehicles, co-orbital technologies that can disable or destroy a satellite, terrestrially-based communications jammers, and lasers that can blind or disable satellites,” he said.

“Moreover, they continue to modernize their space programs to support near-real-time tracking of objects, command and control of deployed forces, and long-range precision strikes capabilities.”

But alongside the chicken-little rhetoric that the sky is falling, the Pentagon officials could offer no proof, and only vague solutions to the dire threat they proclaim.

“A space offset strategy must employ a diverse set of resilience measures that complicate the technical, political, and force structure calculus of our adversaries, by arraying a complex set of response, with few overlapping vulnerabilities and a combination of known and ambiguous elements,” Douglas Loverro, deputy assistant defense secretary for space policy, told Congress.

Much of this wild-eyed science-fiction hype appears to be driven by a fear of losing the current military space budget, in a period of financial drawdowns for the Pentagon. Last month, Hyten told Defense One that US Space Command keeps a close eye on Russian satellite positions, claiming that, “We watch where it goes all the time.”

Similarly, the Air Force expressed anguish over China’s decision to shoot down one of its own weather satellites in 2007. While the move was a way to effectively dismantle a decaying satellite, Washington viewed the incident as a demonstration of Beijing’s offensive capabilities.

The US condemned North Korea’s recent satellite launch, leading the charge to impose additional UN sanctions on Pyongyang.

As the Pentagon relentlessly invents external “threats” at which to point fingers, Hyten admitted in December 2015 that the US may be unintentionally jamming its own satellites.

2015 saw 261 cases in which US satellite communications were jammed. When asked by Breaking Defense how many of those were conducted by China or Russia, Hyten, at the time, said, “I really don’t know. My guess is zero.”


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  1. Is there a real reason why we still have an air force, or is it just institutional inertia that keeps us throwing good money after bad?

  2. US satellite communications were jammed – Crypto for software crash.

    US needs to develop that satellite gobbling machine in MOONRAKER (1979) $20bn should do it.

  3. Well here we go, whether its to generate fear for an increase in budget or not, this to me looks like the start of taking our favorite pastime into outer space, namely `War`. You would have thought humankind would be sick and tired by now. But saying that, no one country can have total space dominance, if there are Aliens out there they need to convey that major point to the fools on Earth. I dread to think of the human race marauding through the galaxy asserting their dominance with weapons of mass destruction. But sadly it seems to be going that way. What evil is driving this push to weaponize outer space in the guise of self protection, the subject was highlighted some years back by Carol Rosin, then it went quiet , and now its back.

  4. Threats from here – threats from there- threats = more loss of human rights, life, and Peace. But America has become a Paranoidal Military Pysch. Machine that has no place in the ” Real America and the Real American Dream”. Money, Greed, Power is worse than being addicted to Drugs because the latter can be treated. The End is near and the Establishment will have nothing to rule over !

  5. D.C fear porn reaches new lows.

    The Russians don’t even need an early warning system to warn of a first strike. They will know the moment all their GLONASS satellites go down.

    And they cry foul when their targets prepare to return the favor ?. The Russians and the Chinese would be totally mad if they didn’t get ready to reply in kind.

    Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

  6. The previous administration hooked N. Korea up with the technology and the administration prior to that, who currently has a candidate for the next administration, gave the good stuff to China. The classic case of problem, reaction, and solution, now give me all your money. Kinetic weapons in space reminds one of “star wars” program of 3 decades ago, dumb then, spaced out now.

  7. Gen Hyten and Gen Buck ought to connect the dots based on previous Chinese acquisition of America’s advanced military technologies. If China has or is developing the space and jamming weapons mentioned, which seems entirely plausible, they would have probably been developed by the US, stolen by Israeli espionage agents, and sold to the Chinese by Israel.

    • The Chinese do not have to steal ‘Rocket Science’ because they invented it about 5000 years ago.

      After all it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the weakest link of the Western military juggernaut lies with disabling the military GPS system.

      Although the Chinese demonstrated its ability to pluck out any errant satellite from orbit in 2007 and caused uproars in the halls of Western Powers, the Russians recently unveiled a gargantuan laser torch that will blind and possibly vaporize any imaging equipment aboard satellites. The rules in this game is not to match your opponents power but to recognize your opponent’s weaknesses, another Chinese abstract thinking.

      Only God knows what the Russians and Chinese have on their satellites pointed on earth, terrestrial military satellites ?

  8. Where is the sanity?? The Hegelian Dialect principles no longer work. These psychopaths need to be retired permanently.

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