Israeli propaganda outlet still promoting myth of ISIS


… by Ian Greenhalgh

Recent revelations have shown us that ISIS/ISIL/Daesh has never really existed and what we have really been seeing happen in Syria and Iraq has been the work not of religiously motivated fanatics aspiring to create an Islamic Caliphate; rather it is the work of mercenaries paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the faction of Kurds lead by Barzani; both being strongly supported by Turkey.

The motivation is not religion it is simply avarice  – the destructive habits of ‘ISIS’ serving as cover for the wholescale looting by Turkey of anything of value that could be put on a truck and sent back to Turkey; the ‘ISIS’ offensive in Iraq that seized Mosul and the northern oil producing region of Iraq was not motivated by a desire to establish an Islamic Caliphate it was to allow the theft of billions of dollars of oil by the Erdogan family, oil that was trucked to Turkey to be sold on the open market.

Steven Sotloff about to be ‘beheaded’ by ‘ISIS’.

When the ‘average’ person in the Western world hears the name ‘ISIS’ their thoughts invariably turn to images of sinister men in black balaclavas standing over victims in bright orange jumpsuits.

We have all seen the videos, they were played ad nauseum on all the mainstream TV news channels and were ubiquitous on the internet news sites, both the mainstream and alternative varieties.

The source of most, if not all of these videos, certainly all of the most theatrical and ludicrous head chopping ones is a for-profit Bethesda, Maryland-based company called the SITE Intelligence Group. SITE purports to track the online activity of White supremacist and Jihadi organizations. and is led by Israeli Rita Katz.

SITE brought us such classics as the fake Osama Bin Laden videos and the comically staged ‘beheadings’ of westerners such as Steven Sotloff and  James Foley. Anyone who’s gone to the trouble to find and watch the uncensored versions of these beheading videos online knows they are laughably fake and the real reason why the mainstream TV channels never play more than a few frames is to hide how obviously fake they are.

Then there was the comedy classic of the Texas plumber’s truck turning up in an ISIS video; suggesting it was shot some where in Texas rather than Syria.

Texas Plumber Sues Car Dealer After Truck Appears in Syrian Militant Video

Rita Katz, Israeli disinfo merchant. ISIS terrorist atrocities stem largely from her Twitter feed.

Sometimes, SITE  has released the videos before ISIS themselves released them, making it pretty obvious who is really behind the production of these tragi-comic shorts.

Rita Katz has tried to explain away these incidents as being the result of skillful searching and hacking of Jihadi online resources.

In short, we know full well that the image of ‘ISIS’ has been manufactured through these videos;  this places SITE at the forefront of the disinfo operation that is the ‘Islamic State’.

I don’t need to go into much detail to explain who is behind the SITE disinfo op – Rita  Katz being an Israeli tells you all you need to know.


The agenda couldn’t be more obvious – it is to demonise all things Islamic.

Which brings us to the latest release from the makers of all those ‘ISIS’ comedy classics – something new and creative intended to thoroughly disgust and spread fear of the big, bad ‘ISIS’ terrorist head choppers.

This time the head choppers have stepped the theatrics up a notch  and rather than using  an old blunt pen knife to slowly hack away at the dummy, sorry victim, this time they are using explosives!

Several images, purportedly stills from a new ‘ISIS’ video have been posted on Twitter by SITE:

#ISIS Al-Fallujah Province published photos of executing spies by explosive cord around neck, gunshot, & beheading.

One of the men has bright blue, explosive cord tied around his neck, perhaps the head choppers have got bored of simple decapitation; more likely, this is a cynical attempt to draw attention  to the IS bogeyman and remind us we all need to be very scared indeed and support our government’s ‘anti-terror’ operations AKA bombing civilians in foreign lands.

isis (4)
Iraqi policeman accused of reporting on ISIS to the Iraqi Army.
isis (3)
Prisoners under guard, awaiting execution.
Looks surprisingly calm and composed for a man wearing an explosive necklace.
isis (2)
Hollywood-style dual wielding of guns by ‘executioner’
isis (1)
These ‘terrorists’ are lavishly equipped with Western uniforms, weapons and equipment.

Apparently the video was shot in Iraq, One man named as Mohammed Mahmoud Dayih, is accused of using his position as an administrator at a hospital in Iraq to send information to the Iraqi Interior Ministry. Another man, thought to be a policeman, is accused of passing information on ISIS to the Iraqi Army. Oh who cares, it’s all fake anyways.


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  1. I was talking to a doctor today who went on a “tour” to the Golan Heights and watched “ISIS bombing the Golan Heights” and a “rocket in flight”….I was gobsmacked..this was in October 2014, no-one had heard the word “ISIS” a month before… busing up tourists to watch the show live

  2. I’m pretty sure at this point that ANYTHING from ANY of the usual Israeli/Zionist/Jewish media sources is a myth… as in a LIE.

    Thus, the entire Western media establishment is completely WORTHLESS.

  3. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.. the Zionist’s must laugh their asses off that they American people believe it when they create new terrorist organizations out of thin air to facilitate their agenda via ‘The war on terror’.

    By deception.. Thou Shalt Do War!

    I recommend watching Aaron Russo video’s and particularly when he discusses the conversation he had with one of the Rockefeller’s about 9/11 and the what will follow. Rockefeller laughs and talks about how America is going to be in a perpetual war with terrorists that they can’t win.. because THE TERRORISTS DON’T REALLY EXIST!

  4. A student once asked his Buddhist guru if he was “enlightened”–to which this wise man replied, “There are pockets of enlightenment all over the world, and we recognize it by its inherent quality, which is fearlessness.”
    I wish to thank the entire VT staff for its participation in manifesting the light in these dark times.

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