Turkey Kadirakas University Polls Amazing Results About Erdogan



While supporting the academics who signed a criticism letter against Erdogan and the AK Party government, a researcher of Kadyrakas University of Turkey considered the issue to be related to research results and recent opinion polls in Turkey.

According to the 7 Sabah website, he (concerned about the disclosure of his name) said an example of this survey is that of Kadyrakas University in late December 2015 regarding the evaluation of socio-political process and the justice and development (AKP) government performance. Conducted research in this area shows that the main problem of people in Turkey is state terrorism.

According to the results, the majority of Turkish people believe that the situation is now worse than last year in Turkey and that they have no bright future ahead of them. In this survey, 86.9 percent of voters approved Isis is a murderer and terrorist groups, supported by the Turkish government and the country’s intelligence agencies.

The survey also shows people’s concerns about separatism is about 54.4 and the government has committed mismanagement paying no attention to people when making refugees policies.

The survey declares that 87.6 percent of voters believe the current government won the elections because of the security environment managed by MIT and that Syrian refugees’ entry, Suruç and Ankara explosions and Kurdish problems, with the aim of creating an atmosphere of security, made people vote for the AK Party and people preferred bad government to non-governance.

The survey showed 36.6 percent agree to grant autonomy to Kurds and believed the current chaos and in half of the country and its entailing economic problems are because of this. While supporting academics who signed this letter to Erdogan, this researcher also unless Erdogan changes his foreign and domestic policies, Turkey will have a dark future where chaos and poverty reign the economic conditions and the state will be in decline.

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    This article is gibberish. Who does your translations? Who does the proofing?

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