Richard Gage: Silverstein’s confession to designing new WTC-7 BEFORE 9/11 incredible!

Watch Richard Gage discussing Larry Silverstein's apparent confession to 9/11 foreknowlege on today's False Flag Weekly News – embedded at the top of this page.
Watch Richard Gage discussing Larry Silverstein's apparent confession to 9/11 foreknowlege on today's False Flag Weekly News – embedded at the top of this page.
Watch Richard Gage discussing Larry Silverstein’s apparent confession to 9/11 foreknowlege on today’s False Flag Weekly News – embedded at the top of this page. Click here for links to all the stories discussed during this episode.

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Richard Gage, AIA, leads the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The group includes thousands of professionals debunking the government’s version of what happened to the World Trade Center.

On Friday, Gage – who has considerable experience designing large buildings – spoke out about WTC owner Larry Silverstein’s bombshell revelation that the new World Trade Center Building 7 was designed BEFORE 9/11.

“It is pretty incredible,” said Gage, interviewed on False Flag Weekly News.

Gage pointed out that for construction on the new Building 7 to begin in May of 2002, the official time frame – which presupposes that 9/11 was a shocking and unforeseen event – was highly improbable, even before Silverstein’s latest confession.

“Let’s just set aside the revelation, as damning as it is, if it’s true, and we’ll come to that. Let’s just think in terms of the incredible disaster that happened on 9/11, how the entire country was in shock, and how almost everything was put to a standstill. Particularly in New York, and particularly at the site of the World Trade Center. Imagine, after these three buildings come down – and of course the media didn’t even tell the engineering and architectural community about the third tower (WTC-7) at all, since it wasn’t played on TV, most architects and engineers know nothing about it.

“But you’ve got three months after 9/11, let’s just give it three months, to even begin to come out of the ashes, and the state of emotional devastation, to even begin to select a designer for a new building. And then construction begins six months after that!

“So figure, they’re not even going to select a designer for three months. Or if they are, it’s going to take three months to find one. So … if in January 2002 they began the actual design process and engineering process of a 50-story skyscraper like the new Building 7, it would take a year or more, probably two years – especially at that site, and especially over the top of a new Con Edison electrical substation. Which this new WTC-7 is built over the top of, just like the old WTC-7 that went down.

“We’ve got construction starting in June (or May, according to Wikipedia -ed.) of 2002. They could not have started design until January 2002 under normal circumstances. That’s a six month design process! So we have a huge problem with the sequence of events here, even without Larry’s startling admission that their first design meeting was in April of 2000. Which is more likely to be true!”

“So what if what he was saying was true? He’d be asked by the worldwide media: ‘Wait a minute! Under what auspices did you have a first design meeting (in April 2000)? How were you going to get rid of the old one? You can’t just do a controlled demolition in downtown Manhattan! It doesn’t work like that. What did you imagine was going to happen to the old WTC-7?”

What did happen to WTC-7, of course, was an illegal controlled demolition – conducted under the cover of an alleged “terrorist surprise attack” – on 9/11/2001 by Larry Silverstein and co-conspirators.

Only by planning the rebuilding of WTC-7 well in advance of the 9/11 New Pearl Harbor could construction have begun when it did.

Please report this information to law enforcement agencies.

If they do not arrest Mr. Silverstein and his accomplices, get ready for revolution.

BBC, which reported the "collapse" of WTC-7 20 minutes before it happened, is still trying to cover up 9/11
BBC, which reported the “collapse” of WTC-7 20 minutes before it happened, is still trying to cover up 9/11. This video was produced by Dr. Robert Bowman, a Cal Tech Ph.D. rocket scientist and veteran fighter pilot who formerly headed the SDI space weapons program for the Air Force, whose death from cancer in 2013 stopped his tireless campaigning for 9/11 truth. The BBC doesn’t want you to see Dr. Bowman’s video, despite the fact that this is the most obvious case of “fair use” in copyright history.

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  1. Lucky Larry looks more like Senile Larry who just screwed up the dates and this 1 minute video of a 90 minute speech is mislieading (full vid: Silverstein is going through a timeline of WTC 7 and is at a point after the demolition of the building where he is talking about the planning and construction phases of the new tower.

    Silverstein’s WTC construction dates are well documented and supports Richard Gage’s expected design/construction timelines and the fact that planning designs probably started around April 2002. Following are critical WTC 7 construction dates:

    Mid 2002 – Minor site excavation started
    Nov. 2002 – Ground breaking ceremony for WTC power substation and WTC 7
    Oct. 2003 – Power substation completed (needed to be done before WTC 7)
    Late 2003 – Construction started for WTC 7
    Nov 2005 – WTC 7 “substantial completion”

    So instead of catching Lucky Larry in another lie, it just looks like the greedy criminal SOB is just losing it!

  2. In my previous social environment, I’ve had to rely heavily on first impressions. Larry radiates pure evil.

  3. Dr. Barrett,

     Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, I was watching a USA National News, out of
    blue, they said “a Federal Court rejected Silverstein’s claim to
    collect Billions of ($) from the 2-Airlines for the planes crash on 9/11.
     They also said, he is planning to build an IDENTICAL to WTC.,
    Then, showed him at WTC CONSTRUCTION SITE, WHERE
     I said, this man is Sick or Evil, who does not belong to human race

  4. There is one thing you can be sure of in future… every psychopath, every sociopath, every Neocon or Zionist… will eventually get ‘sloppy’ with their lies, deceits and propaganda.

    And remember, in future people will have more broader access to information, with more ‘third world countries’ (forgive me for using that term) having connectivity with the world of western propaganda media and alternative medias whom expose them, by using automated language translations spreading the word of truth into their nations.

    Larry ‘the butcher’ Silverstein days are numbered.

  5. when I come to USA in oters times, i feelein that this country are this
    in the entrance in the Border this words could read—
    ——Here prevails justice and security ——–
    WHAT HAPPEN USA is now the most facist country???
    like nor Korea ??

  6. “This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who have blocked it on copyright grounds”

    Purely coincidence, of course…

  7. Here in the UK there is an extra hurdle to be overcome before any building can be built, planning permission from the local council. This can take months on its own. Does the same apply in NYC? If so it makes the timescale even more incredulous.

    Ignoring what caused it, after any big building collapse like this there is always a post mortem by the construction/insurance community to see if there were any flaws in the design that caused it to happen. This usually leads to changes in the building codes, if only for cosmetic reasons. Did this happen in the case of WTC7 or did someone say ‘its safe, we know what did it, move on, nothing to see here’?

  8. Thanks for the interview with Dr Gage. There will be no peace until the truth about 911 is known. I was very impressed by Dr Barrett’s point that we have a moral and legal duty to present the overwhelming and clear cut evidence of controlled demolition and treason before the courts and to not shy away from informing any and all who’ll listen about that evidence.

    One problem is the recent article here by Ian Greenhalgh attacking the thermite evidence and Christopher Bollyn in particular for presenting it in his lectures and books, which evidence is also the subject of a chapter in Beyond Misinformation. Differences of opinion on the exact mechanisms are one thing and to be expected, but to undermine the efforts of Bollyn and Architects & Engineers, particularly with ad hominems and such inept usage regarding the nature of scientific and legal evidence, too closely resembles the tactics of disinformation operatives to be ignored.

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