Brussels Bombings Expose Deep Flaws in Belgian Intelligence

The lucky lightly wounded


…by  Sputnik News,  Moscow

The airport terminal
The airport terminal

[ Editor’s Note: Belgium is the perfect place for terrorists to hide and operate. It is a small country with a limited law enforcement capacity. It is also the center for all kinds of international criminal activity from drug smuggling, human smuggling, huge international espionage due to the EU being there, and then being Grand Central for pedophile scandals.

Add in language barriers, people coming and going in large numbers, and most law enforcement assets are already taxed to the max. In “the biz” it is called “hiding in plain sight”, the soft underbelly that irregular operators look for.

Below you will read how quickly mistakes can be found after the fact, the one more layer of analysis management could have picked up on the front end, but would have made the accounting people in the budget department unhappy for the extra funding required.

Remember back a month or so ago when Europol boss Rob Wainwright threw out the number that up to 5000 jihadi terrorists estimated were “already” in Europe. This was his indirect input into Merkel’s open border refugee program — letting masses of people in without any pretense of security clearances on them. You throw security out the window when you do that.

Everyone in the Intel business would have told you on day one that their counter intelligence defenses would be overwhelmed by the deluge, but Intel chiefs are shy about telling heads of state they are deemed a national security threat due to their irresponsible policies, where their failures will be laid off on the Intel people.

Something new on the table that few have considered is the EU idiots who did the Turkey refugee deal, where we hear that the 90-day no visa requirement will be a part of it. That will open the door to a flood of very unhappy Kurdish people flooding into the EU, who may not want to go back after 90 days, with another terrorist threat woven into what is already there.

A 130,000 that Germany let in during 2015 have disappeared, not even showing up to enjoy their free housing locations. And Erdogan would love to get rid of a few million Turkish Kurds to have more blackmail leverage over the EU

There are no words to describe the insanity of all this. It is the total absence of any definition of leadership. As some anonymous ancient personage once said, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”  Jim W. Dean ]


Hi-tech analysis is still subject to human error through loading
Hi-tech analysis is still subject to human error through loading

– First published  …  March 22, 2016

Paris bomber leader
Salah Abdeslam Paris bomber leader

The bombings at Brussels international airport and the metro came just four days after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, one of the perpetrators of the November 13 Paris attacks, amid heightened security threat in the Belgian capital.

Intelligence agencies in Europe faced heavy criticism after it was disclosed that Abdeslam, from Belgium, was known to the law enforcement services yet managed to buy detonators in France using his driving license as proof of identity. The ringleader, Abdelhamid Abaaoud was able to return from Syria several times via the migrant route of Greece without being detected.

Many of the Paris attackers came from — or had links with — the poor district of Molenbeek, in Brussels, which was also targeted by intelligence agencies following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015.

The mayor of Molenbeek — dubbed a “terrorists’ den” because of the sheer number of jihadists living there — in November admitted receiving a list of 80 suspected Islamic militants living in the area. It included Abaaoud, who was killed outside Paris, as well as Salah Abdeslam and his brother Brahim, who blew himself up.

Belgium has been heavily criticized in the French media, since the Paris attacks, with Le Monde newspaper calling it a “clearing house for jihadism” that risks becoming a “nation without a state.”

Broad Terrorist Network

Dr. Shiraz Maher
Dr. Shiraz Maher

Dr. Shiraz Maher, Senior Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR) at King’s College London, told Sputnik in a statement that:

“It is very likely that this attack will have been planned and prepared well in advance of last week’s arrest of Salah Abdesalam, one of the central figures in the Paris attacks from last November.

“It therefore points to the existence of a broad and sophisticated terrorist network in Belgium, that extends beyond the one which attacked France last year.

“Our research shows that, per capita, Belgium has the highest number of foreign fighters in Syria of any European country. More than twice as many have gone from there as from France, and more than four times as many as from Britain,” Dr. Maher said in the statement to Sputnik.  

Intelligence Failures

The technical tools have to have human minds that can keep up them
The technical tools have to have human minds that can keep up with them

Belgian state broadcaster RTBF — which has seen a copy of a police overview committee report says it had found one “glaring example” of intelligence failings which showed that “even before the Paris attacks, a nom de guerre used by one of the terrorists featured in several (police) databases in Belgium, but not in the central database.”

The report found that the intelligence services had the Abdeslam brothers on their agenda as far back July 10/11, 2014 when an “informant” told a police officer the willingness of Abdelhamid Abaaoud to recruit young people to carry out an attack.

The information led to the identification of the Abdeslam brothers. However, a separate intelligence “agenda” stated that the brothers were only known about in late January 2015 — suggesting different branches of different agencies were not sharing intelligence.

The report said many of the intelligence failures were “technological” which meant that “certain IT problems were not resolved” and criticized a lack of “qualified personnel.”

Open Borders

There was further criticism of the lack of border controls within Europe — under the Schengen agreement — which allowed Abaaoud and his fellow attackers to travel several times between France and Belgium in the run-up to the attacks and — in Abdeslam’s case — following the attacks.

Three suspects
Three suspects


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  1. Jim, WTFO? I thought that the Paris bombing was a false flag, now you are saying this guy is one of the ones who “did it”. So who is really doing the bombing? Jihadis, mercs, intel assets, shadowy gov’t types, what?

    • No I did not say that at all. We are hours into this happening and this is some of the information coming out. I my lead in I pose there may be several possible parties involved, with a variety of motives. The Belgians are on the spot here with an arsenal just walking it’s way inside. That might have quite an effect on air travel in Europe, especially if we see one or two more of these where people just roll carts in and blow airports up.

  2. Dual Purpose?

    A Kalashnikov was found? How as people ducked inside did one of those Rifles get past Air Port Security?

    Second: Kalashnikov named to demonize #Russia?

    Just thinking….
    P.S. They are now hiring Crisis Actors for San Diego. Craigslist. Medical experience for use in “Cut Suits” WANTED.
    Those are the ones we EMT type train on that Squirt Blood! and can be repaired for the next training Op.

    • Interesting point. I would guess the answer is the same as the answer to the questions asked about attacks inside the green zone in Kabul. In other words, inside help.

      And about San Diego. I shudder to think. Having been born and raised there, lived most of my life there, I could list a dozen ways in which San Diego is a security nightmare. There are some obvious ways, and some not so obvious ways. As one example of the latter – the teeming masses of the homeless would provide excellent cover. There are entire communities of them living down in the big storm drains. Then there is the proximity of the border, sea access along miles and miles of coastline, the *incredible* proliferation of potential targets, the extensive underworld, the incredible density of the road network, the ubiquity of off-road vehicles, the list goes on and on.

    • Zaguero first off I would like to give you my condolences for living in San Diego. I hope you recovered?

      What ever is going on I am sure that it is to push for more fascism and control of the masses. Each attack is used to strip more rights of the people. Just as…

      While I listen to Americans whine about Mexicans or War Refugees I constantly remind them of their silence when the US armed the Cartels in Mexico, banks laundered (B)illions in Cartel monies as 1000’s were killed as well as El Chapo’s “MAN CAVE” with Fast & Furious weapons. Then we have the immoral wars that has left the Middle East looking like the War Refugee’s of WWII era as millions fled those bombed out shells of cities. (Insert Allied Flag waving here.)

      The Shadow Government of Oliver North’s days are alive and well today. Guns to Libya, Syria the War Crimes on behalf of those arms. As well as the violation of the Lugar-Obama Bill (2008) It’s all treason and fascism. Everything that was claimed WWII was fought for. SIKE!

    • I should also add Zaguero: While the lies of WMDs, yellowcake uranium, babies in incubators, al Qaeda as well as lies of Assad’s gassings of his own Alawite followers to Iran’s non-existent nuclear bombs or Russia invading the Ukraine.

      Personally as a firefighter I find it now difficult to feel sorrow here as the US, Israel and Saudi’s bomb hospitals, weddings, funerals and ems/emt workers as well as schools. Yet only #americanlivesmatter. It is only supposed to be “SHOCKING” when someone fights back from the illegal wars and occupations when that anger is directed towards those who financed it all. Right?

      Indian proverb of Walking in my moccasins would apply to those (IF IT REALLY HAPPENED) to want to get even. Sampson between to 2 pillars.

    • Okay, well, whatever. I wasn’t meaning to get into all that. I was just pointing out the vulnerabilities. I think that madman Marcinko established that during his time with Red Cell. The 32nd Street Naval Station in particular is just horribly vulnerable. A half-blind grandmother in a rowboat could infiltrate that facility unseen.

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