Breaking, Exclusive: Brussels Mastermind Captured by Syrian Kurds, Implicates Erdogan



… by Nahed Al Husaini, VT Damascus Bureau Chief

Every hundredth refugee a terrorist, every third terrorist an ISIS suicide bomber, ready to die at Turkish command

Damascus VT/ Kurdish Popular Forces serving in Syria today captured a senior Turkish intelligence official who has, under “enhanced interrogation” implicated President Erdogan. VT was given access to recorded confessions which detailed the role of the MIT in the Brussels explosions along with plans for more attacks across Europe.

The “suspect” has confessed his role in planning the Brussels attack in coordination with ISIS at Raqqah.

Intelligence that led to the capture was supplied by a Russian signal intercept.  We are told that no Russians were involved in the capture but that a Spetsnaz team may have been available for support.

Turkish intelligence runs an operational planning center in an underground complex in Raqqah, according to our unwilling informant.  The center, built under an athletic facility, contains stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons including sarin gas, swine flu and tons of materials for producing mustard and chlorine gas.

The US hit the center in October 2014  in coordination with a Syrian “Tiger” unit which led to the capture of Qatari, Saudi and Turkish officers in one of less than a half dozen highly secret joint operations.

The interrogation notes we received thus far from European Department for Security and information (DESI) Secretary General DR Haissam Bou Said indicted that Turkish intelligence MIT was behind the horrific twin suicide bombings and that Turkish terror cells across Europe had been planted years ago in coordination with an organized crime infrastructure long involved in human trafficking, narcotics and working with Israeli and Saudi groups staging false flag terror attacks.

Erdogan, according to our source, has been channeling MIT trained terror cells hidden within the carefully orchestrated influx of refugees, directing them to “berths” within the Turkish crime communities long established in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Sources in the US intelligence community note that the Turkish organized crime centered in Munich has, for over a decade, is “ground zero” for the expected onslaught of terror attacks expected to hit the US on the eve of the upcoming presidential election.



  1. A Syrian “Tiger” unit and in October 2014? How come US supplying ISIS on one hand and with the other capturing ISIS mercenary´s foreign intelligence officers? Perhaps under cover working with Assad was just a test to size up the quality of Syrian Army. Sometimes an apparent contradiction hides an unspeakable truth. The Israeli General Shahak surely didn´t need to go through “enhanced interrogation” to spill the beans in a detailed power point like presentation, so detailed that Iraquí interrogators were astounded by the generous tips provided and the general´s overly verbosity and communicative spirit on Israel´s masterminding the Syrian war and whose capture seems to be a more verosímil story.

  2. You can be sure that any European state who picks up this story will sense the sulfur breath right out of Erdogans hell. Hopefully he will spend his last days in a Jurassic park / war museum as the last homo sapiens with dragon blood.

  3. OF COURSE Iits turkey, and izrahell, and saudiland,
    but nothing “msm” will ever tell the frickin truth.

  4. Nice scoop!! But it’s OK, you see. Erdogan and his MIT demons are performing a useful function in bringing terror to Europe, helping to unite it, in furtherance of the Zionist pan-Europe operation. This gives Erdogan a seat with the ‘big boys’, like Soros, and the owners of google. Nice company.

    • How long is it going to take for some international body politic to charge Erdogan with numerous crimes against humanity. Why is that known criminals like Hillary and Blair are waltzing about town with nary a care in the world??

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