Fukushima’s Dark Secret: Keshe Tech


… by Ian Greenhalgh

VT readers will be well aware of the work of Keshe and his Foundation by now; some may remain skeptical about ‘Free Energy’ due to an education in a model of physics that was falsified by the deliberate omission of the ‘aether’ from all ‘accepted’ theories and models to the extent that anyone who delved into any research of the aether was ridiculed and sidelined, academics steered well clear in fear of ruining their careers – even those with tenure.

Today we received news which reminds us that Keshe’s work and the technology derived from it is about much more than just ‘free energy’ and has implications and possibilities that could be truly world transforming.

Readers will no doubt be aware of the poisoning of the ocean by the still leaking Fukushima-Daichi nuclear reactor; this is a very worrying situation not just for the people of Japan or the Pacific Rim but in global terms.

Therefore, news that Keshe’s GANS technology is being used by Tepco to clean and purify the radioactively contaminated water is very welcome indeed.

The basics of Keshe’s GANS water process


Whistleblower Reveals Hard Evidence: Keshe foundation Tech Being Used to Clean Fukushima Contamination in Japan. Government and Industry in Japan Suppressing this Truth!


In the latest Keshe Foundation Workshop (March 24.2016) evidence is presently by a Fukushima whistleblower/insider that Keshe tech has and is being used to clean radioactivity out of Fukushima. Keshe stated, two years ago, that he contacted government/industry in Japan and offered his tech to help with the clean-up.

Photographs and testimony is given by a Fukushima insider/whistleblower that Keshe GANS tech is/was being used …THIS VALIDATES KESHE TECH.

Keshe tech is being used to purify the radioactively contaminated water in Fukushima. Keshe told us years ago that his tech was being used, but the companies and government in Japan refused to acknowledge or give Keshe any credit.

They also fired the person who was the go between Keshe foundation and the companies doing the clean up – Tepco and other companies. Here is the link to the workshop: Found Here

The whistleblower was shown initial tests of Keshe tech in Fukushima and was told not to speak about it… but he is now speaking out because of the injustice.

Radioactive contamination of seawater from Fukushima

Initially, mice were tested with “CO2 gans” in their daily diet (contaminated mice)…THEY ALL RECOVERED, THEY ALL DID NOT DIE. The mice were given contaminated water….some with CO2 gans in the water, others without it…. the GANS MICE RECOVERED, the mice that were not given GANS died. The water was highly contaminated and put on the mouse food, absorbed into the food.

This is just a small part of the revelations of the whistleblower.

THIS VALIDATES KESHE TECH and shows people that the tech is being suppressed by Japans government. Why? You and I know why… Keshe tech is changing the world – it will rid the planet of the need for oil, gas or hydro electricity and will remove the control of Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, banks, etc… All of the powers that were are affected by the acceptance of Keshe technology, even religion.

Here is a test conclusion from Fukushima researchers: Radiation kills by damaging and rapidly dividing cells. These cells include blood, GI tract, reproductive and hair cells, and harms their DNA and RNA and surviving cells. THE TEST PROVES THAT CO2 GANS helps strengthen immune response, enabled to recover from radiation poisoning and viruses.

The CO2 GANS can help protect people who are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation in the wake of nuclear disasters, such as the meltdowns at Japan’s Fukushima Daichi plant as well as people suffering from virucidal diseases.


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  1. When a brilliant light appears in the darkest hours, one cannot help but sit down and breathe in its powerful essence; and we become transformed by it.

  2. Well said. Even though the so-called Mainstream Media (MSM) avoids reporting on the damage that is being done by the Fukushima problem in terms of aquatic biology and what this truly means to mankind, the evidence speaks for itself i.e., mass sea-life death washing up on the shores, etc. And though the fuel rods have yet to be accounted for… the incident was a tragedy that occurred and is now no longer an issue of concern. Contrary to that the sequence of events is very telling. Tepco was out of options so turned to Keshe to utilize a process that was ridiculed or otherwise avoided and written-off by academics. The fact that the process is a valid solution to a huge problem does indeed “let’s the cat out of the bag” as you put it. Now… you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Beautiful.

  3. The ancients used to call the Aether the first matter – not tangible nor physical but its closest physical resemblance is water.

    • A rose by any other name. Mainstream physical science call it ‘the vacuum’ or ’empty space’ however they have ascribed physical properties of matter i.e. permittivity and permeability to it. It is not that they do not know about it, their theory of the complex intrinsic impedance, which forms the basis of transmission theory show how extensively they know about it. Who knows why they dismiss it, maybe it is conscious and sentient and that’s why they prefer to leave it alone.

      ‘it is that which remains when all else is removed’. – a typical eastern outlook.

  4. Since it’s Holi 🙂 Confirmed by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad-gita 7.4

    bhumir apo’nalo vayu
    kham mano buddhir eva ca
    ahankara itayam me
    bhinna prakrtir astadha

    Earth, water, fire, air, ETHER, mind, intelligence and false ego — all together these eight constitute My separated material energies.

  5. Keshe himself said on a radio show with Mike Harris that free energy perse doesnt realy exist. Still his inventions could leap us forwards a lot in terms of technolgy, energy etc..

    • That is his opinion because his technology cannot achieve overunity. The magrav unit has to be plugged into a power outlet.

  6. Good news thanks for this article, very important info from somebody who seems to have innovation and great integrity, the surpression of tech like this must stop !

  7. Unbelievable were we are right now in history: a major disaster that effect us all, perpetrated by the usual suspects, is cleaned up by Dr. Keshe’s new technology and the Japanese government, probably blackmailed is silent about it.

    The way I see it, this cat is out of the bag!


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