Blackwater head trips to Turkey


Erik PrinceErik Prince, the chairman of the American Black Water company, also known as paid killers, visited Turkey under media silence.

According to the 7 Sabah website quoting Dursun Ali Bulut (Gazzette national journalist) the Turkish government tried to conceal the media reflection of this trip and thus sent a number of MIT officials to the airport in secret to greet him. Immediately after entering Ankara, Prince held meetings with senior Turkish officials, including intelligence and security services managers and mayors.

According to some analysts, this action takes place because of increasing concerns of Erdogan and the Turkish government about possible riots and potential tensions in the country.Blackwater is actually a security contractor firm attached to American armed forces special teams who in exchange for large sums of money make security or carrying out acts of sabotage.

Now in all countries that are at war, or where chaos and anarchy reigns, this company’s footprint can be seen. We operate everywhere in the world as requested by allies and government friends of America and Israel; as soon as they demand we leave no opponent alive, said Blackwater spokeswoman in his personal page a while ago.

They say after the Turkish government recent secret agreements with Israel, the AK Party government has been advised to use Black Water security capability to make terrorist groups in Turkey. Analysts believe the group known as Asadullah, that has recently showed in Kurdish areas is a state-sponsored group working in line with this strategy to crush all the opponents.

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  1. How can it be lawful a company that recruits hired murderers gives them heavy weapons only available for military use and billing millions of dollars? Can anyone believe it is lawful that? Who gives them the contracts and permits? who pays them, under what laws and rules operate,? is unheard incredible inconceivable that happen in USA ..

    • of course its NOT a lawful company. they do things the military are not allowed to do and are paid 5-10x the amount, from the same “bank account” (aka national deficit). they are terrorists and traitors, so are they who hired them. they changed name and moved HQ to Dubai to avoid prosecution. “news media” is complicit, these are the “contractors” (HIT MEN!) they screamed about being killed, who stirred up hornets nests and ran for green zones leaving regular military to be targetted. they get the best body armor that regular military are not allowed, even if its their own families who bought and send it to them!

  2.  Turkey & Israel “ONLY PARTNERS IN CRIME & BUSINESS”

     No Wonder, why President Erdogan called his Israeli Counterpart
    Which took him few days after Ankra Bombing, for the 1st time
    in 3-years since they discontinued their relationship.

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