Hillary nails America to the Israeli cross at AIPAC

No surprise is seeing Hillary do the knee pad bit, but the loyalty challenge on Israel was a new low in presidential campaign history
No surprise is seeing Hillary do the knee pad bit, but the loyalty challenge on Israel was a new low in presidential campaign history
No surprise in seeing Hillary do the knee pad bit

Hillary Clinton Pledges Allegiance to Israel at AIPAC

… from  Press TV,  Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Yes, you can tell from the title why I saved this one for Easter Day. I simply did not want to pass on the analogy, where once again with each presidential election we see a stream of candidates debase our country in their contest to grovel for the vote of the estimated 2% Jewish population in the US, and kneel down to the little terrorist country in the Mideast, who has been and remains a major threat to US national security.

Our military and intelligence community have betrayed us to similar extent, but in a different way. The evidence supporting what I just said is widely known — the archives are full of the supporting records — but they let it slide as “just politics, and none of our (meaning theirs and our) business.

What the community really means is it wants to continue getting a paycheck, advancement and our applause for defending the country. They have to hide their knowing all about this, but doing nothing, because then fewer people would say “Thank you for protecting our country”.

Some might say I am being grossly unfair to them here, but the measurement is not mine, but the legal one that I use. We have statutes here for something called criminal negligence, felonies, where you do something or “allowed” it to happen when you did or should have known it was seriously wrong. A lot of people have gone to jail  or been court-martialed  for this offense.

My favorite example is that of child abuse. If you know of a child that is being abused and don’t report it, you can be charged at the same level of the abuser, with a class A felony. And this includes the low self-esteemed mother in an abusive relationship with the male abuser. The law cuts her no slack for her inadequacies.

But no one in the Intel community except for VT has told Americans about how the real deal on Pollard was his spying for the Soviets when Israel was just the handler, passing on nuclear First Strike Codes that strengthened the USSR’s capability to initiate a first strike nuclear war. You can add to that how we lost an entire generation of East European spies — 1100 to 1200 rounded up — tortured and most of them executed.

I give those in the top positions that fought against Pollard’s release credit for that effort, but I chastise them for not leveling with the American people about what really happened, and about Israel’s role… as that might have fixed our ongoing problem with Israel and their lobby here.

They would say that the public’s awareness of Israeli espionage would destroy public trust in government to such a degree as to be in itself a threat to our national security, which is of course is just a cheap cover, and bull pucky.

They want to hide that our own security people have been criminally negligent in not providing the citizens with critical information to fix an ongoing National Security threat.

So these folks have their reason for copping out. They want political power. They are a few years from retirement and nice big six figure consulting contracts in defense… $5,000-per-month expense accounts, etc. They want to be bought off because they see it as their right — to follow those who have gone before them and been lauded for it by their peers and the sheepeople.

So on this Easter Day, think of your country nailed to the cross and the words “God forgive them, for they know not what they do.” In the situation I have described, they DO know what they have done. So why don’t we Americans treat them as such? Why don’t we see that not doing so undermines our children ever doing anything about it because they have no examples to follow in this regard, and we have allowed them to be brainwashed from birth?

VT readers know a lot about this, and you are here because you care. But we have much work to do on getting our spotlight working better, and for publicly challenging those who have morally been criminally negligent in defense of our country, and to all of us individually. If we honor those who have done this to us, that makes us aiders and abettors, and we have just nailed ourselves, and yes our families, to the cross.

They will never resist. They will never even think of resisting. They will think that only a fool would even dream of doing something so stupid. And who do you think might have that as the big goal in their lives… the Israeli lobby crowd maybe, and their many grave-diggers among us? Jim W. Dean ]



US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in a speech to an influential Zionist lobby group in Washington that Iran still posed a threat to Israel and needed to be closely watched.

Speaking on Monday to the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Clinton also criticized her Republican rival Donald Trump for having a “neutral” stance on Israel.

She said American leaders needed to show loyalty to Israel and “anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business being our president.”

“This is a serious danger and demands a serious response,” Clinton said, declaring that sanctions must be placed against the country. “We must work closely with Israel and other partners to cut off the flow of money and other arms from Iran to Hezbollah” she added.

Many of the US presidential candidates, in particular Clinton, receive large campaign funding from wealthy Jewish donors who have strong ties to the far-right wing in Israel, experts say.

“Clinton is heavily favored by the Israel lobby because she is quite clear about her intention to pursue the war policies of several presidential predecessors,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

“She is getting very, very strong backing from the Israeli lobby and is getting more money from the defense industry than any other candidate in this race,” Dankof told Press TV earlier this month.

On Sunday, activists gathered outside the building where the annual AIPAC conference was being held to protest America’s financial support for Israel.

The US government is pressured to serve Israel’s interests due to the influence of the powerful Zionist lobby in the United States. The pro-Israel pressure groups actively work to steer US foreign policy in favor of Israel.



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  1. The U.S needs their own Putin, someone who can bluff their way into the inner sanctum, and then drive the knife in deep.

  2. Either Hillary or Bernie would lead a very pro-Israel administration, leading to WW3, fought by America against Islam on behalf of Israel.

  3. @ Carnaptious

    Your self-righteous attitude stinks to high heaven.

    You know that the election system is fraudulent. You know that the machines are programmed to mis-tabulate the actual votes. You know that the “every vote counts’ mantra is a bald-face lie.

    Yet even knowing that the system is rigged, you go ahead and vote anyway. By so doing you are participating in the fraud. In legal terms, you are “an accessory after the fact.”

    Now please dismount from your quasi-legal high horse.

    Non-violent non-participation is a legitimate political act.

    • This isn’t about self righteousness. I’ve been able to vote for 40 years, sometimes I didn’t vote, sometimes I did. Yes, the whole damn system is corrupt, and participating at all in such a rigged system is basically a waste of time. But simply not voting conveys nothing, and the fact is that legally speaking, not speaking has been taken to mean consent. I find that doctrine appalling, and yet more evidence, if any were needed, that the whole thing is rigged.

      I never said that non-violent non-participation wasn’t a legitimate political act. It is. It’s one I’ve chosen myself as often as not. But non-violent, non-participation changes nothing, and allows those who do participate to decide – subject to rigged voting machines, and a dozen other mechanisms whereby the “elite” select their next puppet.

      I may decide, given the wretched slate of two party candidates, and the third party candidates who are unelectable, not to vote again this year. All I was trying to do is point out that indeed there is precedent for the powers that shouldn’t be to assume that my silence equals consent to their dirty game. So please hold your insults for someone who means you harm. That is not who I am.

  4. It’s not just hillary,,ALL OF THE PRES.CANDIDATES said the same thing,really,i read trumps speach,also…so don’t just blame clinton–Cruz is bad,also.geeesh.

  5. A total collapse of the US economy would IMMEDIATLY crash all other Western Economies as well with disastrous consequences for the lower 30% of society which would be hunted down by Police-Homeland-Security-Military and put into labour camps, all the while the money messiahs would have the stage to ‘rescue’ it, resulting in overt Oligarchic interlocked Command-economies (something they already are to a very far extend, but under cover and veiled), a huge step towards their dreamed for New World Order. NO ! you must cut the head with a single stroke by putting the top 5% into jail and or on the gallows AND something valid must fill the void – very difficult – but far from impossible, and of course you need 60-70% on your side to keep the risks of another full blown and finally senseless bloody civil war at minimum.

  6. The first image of “Eastern” is described in the Cain – Abel story at the Genesis. There for the first time the Aries appeared as the “right” sacrifice.
    We are used to see Cain and Abel as the two childs of Adam and Eve but this is totally…wrong.
    They are the fruits (child) of recognition. The child of the first recognition is the birth of the subject (Ego) symbolized by Cain. The second born subject is described as Abel …..means there is not just one point of view inside the human…..there is a dialog…a possible discrepance.

    The fight of this two “brother” subjects ended in this story with the killing of the second subject (Abel) by the first one (Cain).

    Its about sacrifice ….Abel sacrificed an Aries…this is the “right” god wanted sacrifice. Aries in this Mythology means not the Lamb, but the astrological Aries…the “first” sign in the Zodiac.

    It is the big mistake of Judaism and the two movements (Christianity, Islam) who followed the idea of Cain as a bloodline.

    The Genesis describes the creation of the Human….not the Homo Sapiens. There is no bloodline from the human toward the Ego.

    What is described as Eve is not a woman….it is an inside dialog “partner” ..without that Humanity would be a bit boring.

    Hillary is a typical Israel “firster” like Cain (or Mc Cain) She killed here second born dialog partner already …..gave half of her soul (America) to her Zionist masters.

  7. One only has to nail her on : “She said American leaders needed to show loyalty to Israel and anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business being our president.” that we don’t understand and she (as being fit for president) should tell us the WHOLE story so we can understand the necessity. If done with even a glimpse of truth all would unravel before us of WHAT it is that forces us to unconditionally support the Israel entity. The deeper problem in reality is that language itself starts to vanish because language is the medium of thinking, no language no thinking. IF only we would put and insist on meticolous use of language to precisely describe our thinking and then action, the US and the world could never have come into this quagmire of stinking lies. The ready-made language of TV already has destroyed whole generation’s brains as has Freudian analysis. The world is NOT without reason and therefore there is truth AND NOT drives, sub-conscious symbolism which only complement if properly integrated, but also here cause and effect are turned upside down and whole generations literally wasted. We are actively dumbed down to animals, we applaud it and laud it everyday on the altar (TV) of stupid empty Consumerism and Idol hunting and using Know How to handle Hi-Tech with Stone Age Brains “if it fills my belly – it must be good” stupidity.

  8. Sanders has had at least a handful of primaries stolen from him ( incl. the Iowa caucus ) not many people like this wench. Trump has had some stolen but maybe not as many because I think he has people on this ( and some states are less crooked-less easily hacked & flipped-than others ). Trump breathed life into the Republican primary, besides him every Republican ( besides the Ayn Randian Rand Paul ) was just a clone of Bush/McCain/Romney….If the intelligence services have any concern for this country they can’t let that woman steal the election. And the Republicans shouldn’t deny the nomination to Mr. Trump. I think Trump can win NY, NH, Ohio, Fla., the entire South and Texas and the whole West ( besides Ca. )…Pa. probably also. Gotta love those talking heads prattling on about, ” well, if Trump can’t win Oh…” He was running against the GOV. of Oh-who was only a few points ahead, he won;t be the opponent in Nov.!

  9. Israel and America are lands intentionally divided – from within & without, divided by sworn enemies & alleged ‘friends’ (e.g., Bibi, Rothschilds, Khazarians, Bush/NeoCons & Clinton/NeoLibs). Part of divide-&-conquer and divide-&-rule strategies that continue to this day.

    Due to also Nazi-collaborating Jews’ blackmail about WW2 Nazi collaboration by Rockefellers, Rockefellers delivered South American UN votes to create modern State of Israel. Nazi-collaborating secular Jews signed Transfer Agreement with Nazis to bring mostly-secular Euro Jews to what became Israel – abandoning other Euro Jews to their WW2 fate. AIPAC continues this tradition – and is anti-Israel.

    Rothschilds & Rockefellers used Israel/leaders to create Mideast chaos & conflict – also with Arab & Persian nations/leaders. Part of divide-&-conquer / divide-&-rule strategies that continue to this day.

    The moral depravity of Israelis who murder subdued suspects & massive numbers of Gazan civilians is only exceeded by the moral depravity of those who created & continue divide-&-conquer / divide-&-rule strategies that continue to this day.

    IF Russia, U.S., EU and/or Mid-Easterners (including Israelis) unite to eliminate individuals & AIPAC-like groups who continue this moral depravity, then we can AND will eliminate this moral depravity — soon. Thereafter, well-resourced infrastructure development programs will ensure full employment, adequate standards of living AND: Never Again! Also in America.

  10. Great foreword by mr. Dean. Well Hillary said the tragic obvious which basically confirms that all the US middle east foreign agenda is completely coordinated with Israel. As there is very little hope for USA statesmen, there will be time when Likudniks will not form government(s) in Israel, there will be another generation of people Israelis born after 1970(s) that will be able to boast through this web of deceit that is imposed on them and onto much of the Western world, and also is a too heavy and stinking burden for their young legacy. Netanyahu is far from some kind of fatherly figure to a nation like Israel, the guy is publicly struggling and falling apart. Also far from being a Jew. Soon also Syria will hold elections, which will make them another middle east “democracy” and Israel will be bordering a CSTO joined project, not really the kind of creative chaos the Likudniks were hoping for. What is proclaiming democracy if you have dozen years of Bush, dozen years of Putin, dozen years of Netanyahu, just a word game. Either it is all democracy or nothing is. Probably nothing is.

  11. multiple felon treasonous economic sabotaging profiteer HILLARY
    is NOT an eligible candidate. DC knows it, the media knows it too.
    they are ALL complicit trying to aid a CRIMINAL into high office!
    sorry VT, but you SHOULD do a story about the fact.

  12. They serve multiple masters, yet can’t even meet their constituents half way. Good piece today.

  13. Well, taking the money shot for Israel is what whores do. She wasn’t the first and won’t be last. I know Gordon is favorable to her but I don’t even think she’s a democrat. Setting all scandals aside she’s an angry pig that grovels to AIPAC. It’s sad that this is where we’re at.

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