Debating Maxi-the-Zionist on Israel’s domination of USA

Click on the image to watch The Debate at Press TV
Click on the image to watch The Debate at Press TV
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Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, an author and Middle East expert in Madison, and Maxine Dovere, a journalist and political commentator in New York, to discuss the influence of the Israel lobby in the United States.

Barrett says all major corridors of power in the United States are completely under the domination of a “genocidal” foreign entity called Israel.

He also noted that the economic and political elite of the Jewish Zionist community has a “death-grip”on power in the US.

“There is a total domination of money, the political system, the economic system, the educational system and of course the media, all of this is being strangled by the Zionist death-grip on the United States,” he states.

The expert further argues that the United States is being destroyed by Israel, adding that it has cost Washington literally trillions of dollars.

“Since 9/11, the inside job or neoconservative coup d’état that was designed to launch America on an endless war against Israel’s enemies by demonizing Muslims and extending the genocide in occupied Palestine to a worldwide genocide of Muslims, the United States has spent all of its capital, its ideological capital, its humanitarian capital, it has destroyed its reputation and it has spent more literally as much as two or three trillion dollars just since 2001 in this endless war against Muslims on behalf of Israel.”

Dovere, for her part, believes that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is simply a mirror and a voice for the opinions of the American people and it does not wield any influence in the United States.


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  1. As Dr. Barrett mentions, the one candidate not on his/her knees to AIPAC is Sanders – wonder if Sanders feels that being Jewish provides him cover from the anti-Zionist slurs that would be used on any goyim Republicrat candidate that skipped the convention?

    • As a J e w i s h s o c i a l i s t , S a n d e r s is kosher with the S h i n B e t h / S h a b a k and therefore exempt from A I P A C meetings. They have already expressed their disapproval of A I P A C .
      The number one agent of the S h a b a k was ( n a t i o n a l ) s o c i a l i s t S h i m o n P e r e s , who gained presidency after they assassinated Y i t z h a k R a b i n .

  2. To paraphrase an old saying…

    Q. How do you tell if a Zionist is lying?

    A. His/her lips are moving.

    Happy the point came up that Israel is not an ally of the US – but why would they want to be an ally of a country that they hate?

  3. Kerry is right, the Republicans ARE an embarrassment. But Kerry is also an embarrassment. Though a guy who lay naked in a coffin masturbating while recounting his sexual history to the Skull and Bones Club is probably incapable of embarrassment.

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