The United States of America is a Satanist Country


by Katherine Frisk

Putin_crop_featureSome time ago, Putin described the US as being Satanist. In Who’s ‘godless’ now? Russia says it’s U.S., Putin is quoted as saying: 

“Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

Most people in the West did not take him seriously. Also note that being “godless” in the eyes of Russians, does not only apply to Christians. Russia has an enviable tolerance for all religions, and both Islam and Buddhism are neither maligned nor persecuted. Putin opened the new Mosque in Moscow last year and the head of the Russian armed forces is a Buddhist. He was not talking of only Christian values.

Religious tolerance also means respect for other people’s belief system, and that does not include Puzzy Riots on altars, chopping down crucifixes in church yards, blowing up ancient Buddhist statues or chopping off the heads of Shiite Muslims because they refuse to join the murderous Wahhabi Sunni faction.

So before we laugh at Putin and his statement, Agnostic, Atheist or whatever you may be, please understand that the point I am trying to get across is that you do not have to be religious at all, you do not even have to take sides, but if you look at the social, economic and political outcome of those who follow Satanism, covertly or openly, the fruits of this psychological mindset becomes evident.

If you are not religious, then at least ask yourself some serious questions about the society that you want to live in and recognize that Satanists take themselves very seriously and are just as fanatical about getting converts as some religious orders are. The more converts they manage to sway to their cause, the more they can move a whole society into believing that their social, economic and political dog-eat-dog world view is the correct one.

To sum it up, lying and propaganda is considered an art form in order to achieve the desired results. 9/11 comes to mind. Truth is anathema.

Murdering everyone and anyone who gets in the way is just all in a day’s work. Michael Hastings, Breitbart, JFK, Martin Luther King. Another example is Madeleine Albright who thought that it was “worth it,” when half a million children died due to sanctions on Iraq. What is that? There is no respect for life.

Many of these people as part of their initiation in order to  be accepted into these societies are expected murder someone in cold blood, which could explain a lot of “missing persons” in the US and cases that have never been solved. Sometimes they are even expected to  sacrifice babies in rituals.

Child abuse and pedophilia is part and parcel of the Satanist culture. In real terms one of the few exposures was the Franklin Scandal where young boys were shipped into the White House for sex parties under the Bush administration.

Homosexuality is promoted as the norm in society not the exception. Opposing it as the “norm”does not mean that you are homophobic. Rather this is a far cry from Gay rights and tolerance for consenting adults.

Here are some more recent examples of Satanism in American society:  Satan_Statue_mattanderson5

When Obama was running for President the first time, the rallying cry was “Yes we can!” In reverse speech this comes out as “Thank You Satan!” Ok, let’s just put that one down to a freaky anomaly.

How about pro-abortion rallies where the demonstrators, not in reverse speech but in forward speech are chanting “Hail Satan?” I guess we could just put that one down to a fashion statement? Gone are the days of teaching family planning, birth control and responsibility. For them life is meaningless, and murdering your own child is no more and no less than part of ablution. Flush the unwanted down the sewer.

The Ten Commandments that were once proudly displayed in public places, are now being removed. Other than the religious angle to these commandments what do they say? Basically, do not lie, cheat, steal, murder, take your neighbour’s possessions and do leave your neighbour’s wife alone. Nothing too difficult really for any society to understand or to use as a template for a harmonious political framework.

What do we see today along with the Ten Commandments disappearing all over the place? Blatant false reporting in the media that sells itself off as an accurate source of information. Goldman Sachs et al. cheating and robbing the world blind with Libor Rate Rigging, currency rate rigging, gold price manipulation, and high frequency trading.

Whistleblowers in many categories, instead of being praised for exposing corruption, are either suicided or sentenced to long jail terms under rigged evidence. Color Revolutions in order to replace the leaders in other countries with bought and paid for puppets who will make it easier to covet their possessions. Human trafficking where women and children are sold off into the sex slave trade.

What replaces the Ten Commandments? Why a statue of Satan of course erected in cities across the USA.

Satanism is no longer some fringe cult. Satanism has become part and parcel of American culture, fashion and politics.

Recently Justice Scalia died from a heart attack. Not only did he die under very suspicious circumstances that suggest that he was either murdered or that his death was faked, and he now lives somewhere like Patagonia under an alias, but the venue where his death took place and the subsequent reports in the media suggest that the Justice department is now being run by Satanists. Here are some photographs of the lodge where he died. Not exactly your House & Home decorator’s guide is it?





But why should anyone be surprised by this? In recent years there have been many exposures on the nature of Bohemian Grove. A yearly gathering of the top US politicians, bankers and leaders in industry, an all boys club where gay prostitutes are flown in for entertainment and the highlight of the proceedings is a midnight ceremony in front of the pagan god Moloch with chanting and the required human sacrifice burnt as an offering.

If this is where the leaders and captains of industry and the Presidents of the USA hang out for fun, surely it is blatantly obvious what “religion” is worshiped in the White House, the Congress and the Senate? What pagan God runs Wall Street? We are not in Kansas anymore Toto! So how do you feel about that? How do you feel about voting these people into power year in and year out to govern your country? And what is more, mess around with every other country on the planet, because they can… and they are.

Click to enlarge
Jewelry of the Rich & Famous – click to enlarge

I recently got a wake up call. Many people pass the above off as Hollywood fantasy or a “conspiracy theory.” I have a friend who watches the most ghastly murder movies. Horror. For him, anything like Quentin Tarantino for example is comedy.

I do not watch that stuff. a) I have no desire to make it “normative”in my universe. b) There is too much real stuff going on right in front of me to regard this genre as entertainment. But… I happened to mention a mass grave found near Kiev full of bodies that had been dumped missing their organs that quite obviously have been removed to sell to the illegal organ trade business, and suddenly I am accused of promoting fear and terror?

On the contrary, I and many others are exposing these criminals for who they are; he on the other hand is drowning himself in their culture. The trouble is, this criminality IS coming to a venue near you soon if you do not wake up and do something about it. And it is real, it is not Hollywood! Yo Quentin, want to put your talents to good use for a change?

You want to be an Atheist or an Agnostic, that is fine by me. I am not trying to convert anyone to anything here. What I am trying to achieve is to make people aware of the real cultural base note that steers the USA, and that they want to export it all over the world. Do not expect these people to stand up for human rights anywhere in the world. Human rights are counterproductive to their objectives, and they regard everyone not in their accepted social and political circles to be mere collateral. In fact “collateral damage” is how they fob off any and all human rights atrocities committed by them.

Truth, honesty, justice for all, compassion, social responsibility, human rights, a Bill of Rights, a Constitution all run counter to their programme.

In order to achieve their aims they are corrupting societies across the globe: Breakdown the family unit, breakdown national pride, destroy the educational system with common core, promote sexual promiscuity, deviance, pedophilia, abortion, a drug culture. Co-opt and corrupt political leaders with bribes. Set hybrid wars and color revolutions in place in all countries that are not towing the line. Undermine and discredit the values, morals and teachings of all religions and where possible turn believers into murderous intolerant fanatics who go on genocide missions.

Moloch_downloadMoloch. One of Hillary Clinton’s  emails, you know the ones … it reads: 

“With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch…”

How can you be surprised by this when after Qadhafi was raped, sodomized and murdered with a sword up the anus that her response was “We came we saw, he died.” Caligula had much the same mentality.

Who or what is Moloch? Moloch was another name for what we know in Biblical texts as Baal worship. Matt Barber describes it:

“Ritualistic Baal worship, in sum, looked a little like this: Adults would gather around the altar of Baal. Infants would then be burned alive as a sacrificial offering to the deity. Amid horrific screams and the stench of charred human flesh, congregants – men and women alike – would engage in bisexual orgies. The ritual of convenience was intended to produce economic prosperity by prompting Baal to bring rain for the fertility of “mother earth.”

The natural consequences of such behavior – pregnancy and childbirth – and the associated financial burdens of “unplanned parenthood” were easily offset. One could either choose to engage in homosexual conduct or – with child sacrifice available on demand – could simply take part in another fertility ceremony to “terminate” the unwanted child.

Modern liberalism deviates little from its ancient predecessor. While its macabre rituals have been sanitized with flowery and euphemistic terms of art, its core tenets and practices remain eerily similar.”


Rudy Giuliani the Mayor Of New York City

But that was long ago right? How many of you saw Rosemary’s Baby? A Clockwork Orange? Eyes Wide Shut? How many abortions are committed daily throughout the world? Have you been reading the news lately? The exposure of pedophile rings in the UK and Jimmy Saville. Roman Catholic Priests all over the world sued for sexual child abuse.

How many in the banking industry have gone flying off the 33rd floor and splattered onto the pavement below?

How many people were burnt to death in Odessa in 2014 and what about the pregnant woman who was raped and then strangled with a telephone cord? What about Napalm and depleted Uranium? How many people go missing in the USA today most never to be seen again? What kind of music do you listen to and what kind of movies do you watch? What kind of computer games do you play? What is the common theme in all of it?

Stand back and take a good hard look at the society you live in and your part in it. Which wolf do you feed with your time and your money?

I am not asking you to rush out and convert to anything. If you want to remain Agnostic or even Atheist that is your choice. But what I am asking is this: What kind of world do you want to live in?

A replica of the 50-foot arch that stood at the entrance to the temple of Baal is going be erected in April 2016 in Times Square in New York City. In ancient times, child sacrifice and bisexual orgies were common practices at the altars. Is anything much different in New York today?


My friend, this is not a movie.


Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian

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  1. Another well written, superb article that hits very hard and is very, very accurate. Highest commendations for this fine work.

  2. Only one issue with the thesis here. Those pro-abortion demonstrators were plants to make abortion look like the work of evil. It isnt. Their are hundreds of woman in Fallujia bearing children with radiation poisoning attributes that include limb and brain abnormalities that even the doctors say create a great risk for the mothers life or the child’s development. Its a tough choice but its a choice still. The responsible parties are making something even more dangerous. They have to, its their job.

    • You could be right about the video. I agree with you about the women of Fallujia. Abortion has it’s place and this is one of them and a horrific manifestation of exactly what I am talking about . The Satanist mindset using deplete uranium as a weapon of war. Horrific! This is very different to women not being taught responsibility, birth control and family planning and instead taught that you can get an abortion at the drop of a hat!

  3. When writers put out articles like this it makes my blood boil. The headlines says that ALL people in America are satanists and that is a lie. I seriously take offense in being called a satanist. When writers educate themselves, they will find there are many Americans that still believe in God and Jesus- whether they have a religion or are spiritual. But making a statement that the whole of America is a satanic realm is just plain idiotic.
    Yes, there is a swing away from religion, but many of those people are finding spiritualism instead which brings them closer to God than any book infiltrated by man.
    I suspect a Christian would surely see the White house has turned it’s back on God the way they do differently than what any Christian would do. One must look first at himself before setting judgement on others.

    • How many wars and revolutions have Americans been responsible for in the last 100 years? You can start with Rockefeller and Morgan funding Lenin and Trotsky in 1917 and work your way down through WW2, Vietnam, almost every South American country, to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine. How many of those who planned these wars, revolutions, fascist dictatorships, holocausts and color revolutions attend or attended Bohemian Grove? How many as neut Gingrich stated on MSM have had the “initiation?” And initiation into what I might ask? How many are involved in drug dealing cocaine and heroin? How many in money laundering? How many in child sex abuse? How many in outright murder for which they have been allowed to walk free? How many of the top politicians, industry leaders, bankers and policy makers do not have blood on their hands? How many have lied? Most of them if not all.

  4. Firstly Genesis 1 speaks of no such thing and all human beings are created within the 7 days. Secondly as the Jews keep telling us, only they are descended from Adam created after the 7 days, so only they are bound by whatever curses they may or may not imagine. No where in the New Testament does Jesus say anything about Adam and the only time he mentions Satan is when he calls Peter Satan. The Lord’s prayer does not refer to Adam or his creator it refers to the Elohim of Genesis 1, not the Jehovah of Genesis 2. It is very doubtful whether Jesus would agree with your theology. He was killed because he challenged the Levite Priests of the Temple and specifically the money lenders. He did not worship the Herd Kings as gods nor did he acknowledge the authority of the Romans and the Roman Emperor as a god.

  5. Another post worth the wait. Thank you Ms Frisk. These are much needed for the reason that clarity is dying within us all as a result of the assault upon the consciousness’ of the worlds peoples.
    I would caution that much of the most outrageous elements serve as distraction. One, very recent outrage was that, in which a Saudi cleric stated with a straight face that it is just fine to eat ones wife if the need arises.
    I hold to the view that the creator is the root of all, and that in the fullness of time everything will return to that great being: God, if you require a name, though that being has no name. This is part of the old christian Gnostic beliefs spoken by Jesus (the word).
    Being fully aware that my particular “faith” might be faulty, I am unfazed because there is too, a knowing what is the right road. I found it late and so am loaded with bad karma, but once found, one has no excuse to do other than what is right or moral. I think your articles do an important service to your readership, in that you inspire challenge and debate.

  6. been on those grounds and inside that owl over 30 years ago, it REEKS of evil and its amazing no one has napalmed it back to hell where it belongs. I’m not “religious” only for not following ANY “oragnized” (sodomized!) religion. all good values HAVE been decimated, everything corrupted, people worship money etc. horror movies = flying ketchup = comedy, I can relate. the problem is evil having no issues about being ruthless (kill prophets for profits), there IS a point where the plowshares DO need re-forging into swords, as told by some nice hippy-guy some 2000+ years ago, and evil does NOT want us to remember any of his words.

    • Well one thing is for sure, they hate that hippy – guy! They want us to see him as passive, but he was anything but! He was not a pushover. And I still think that he outsmarted them all and survived the cross and had children and lived a very peaceful life somewhere else afterwards.

    • Amelius I am going to take a flying guess, hopefully CO will be back with either a confirmation or the right answer. The Cremation of Care ceremony has been going since 1881 and the Owl since 1929. In the ceremony they shed their conscience, all empathy for others and any guilt over abuse of power. “Care ” is killed and then cremated in front of the Owl. It is a very large owl. As many members are also members of Skull & Bones, at a thumb suck and wild guess, that owl contains approx, 134 skulls. This year should be 135. Which in numerology is 1+3+5 = 9. 2016 should be 1+3+6 = 10= 1. So if I am not wrong in my calculations, 2016 is the end of a cycle. The last cycle would have begun in 2008 being 127 1 + 2 + 7 = 10= 1. 2008 being the start of the economic melt down and most probably 2016 being the completion. Who knows what insanity they have planned for the next cycle.

    • no skulls seen inside the thing, it has a door in the back, a long table built into its forward wall for audio amps etc, a ladder up to the top for speaker placement. near the door outside was the steel mesh basket for the concrete bonfire pit in front of the owl. I had many friends who worked at the grove setting up and taking down all the props-decorations, cleaning etc before and after the two annual sessions they hold. during them there were always “poodle lines” charter busses in the huge lot across from small bed-n-breakfast motels (for young male ho’s!) on Bohemian Highway that dumps into Railroad avenue, where the Grove’s main gate is. directly across the Russian River is Northwood lodge and golf course. across the road from that (hwy 116) is a couple small street goat trails up to some pretty high elevation. I know that a small plane with a good pilot could negotiate the Vietnam-ish coastal ranges that have been known to block police radios pretty well down in the canyons (all common knowledge common sense stuff I’m no strategist nor suggesting, the place IS vulnerable! they had proposed major clear-cutting of centuries old redwood forest for “security reasons” a few years back too). it IS the place where they agreed to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki btw. Northwood lodge DOES look to have been built about the time of JFK saying “oh hell no” to the proposed operation Northwood false flag against Castro.

    • as to that hippy-guy, GWB sure fooled a lot of Christians when he said he believed in Jesus, what he didnt say is that he is luciferian, who do believe in and HATE Jesus! most people don’t know they had to do “interventions” on GW to run him as a rigged election candidate, he was an alcoholic powderhead homosexual who’s pilot license got revoked for refusing drug test. no way he landed onto the carrier for “mission accomplished” media garbage.

    • It still amazes me that these same destructive, irresponsible and immature people not only control every facet of the USA but have been in control of the global economy and every war since 1945. My favourite scene in the Men Who Stare At Goats is when they lace the breakfast with LSD. This has possibilities with many variations. And on the subject of owls, Harry Potter’s owl, now there was talent! Save the trees CO. Think outside the box.

  7. Maybe one day you will get to live in the kind of society that you wish for. Where everyone lies, cheats, steals, kills and has no respect for the boundaries of others. And there are no laws in place to protect the rights of others against such behaviour. I hope you enjoy it.

  8. You can’t or will not read. Quote: “If you are not religious, then at least ask yourself some serious questions about the society that you want to live in and recognize that Satanists take themselves very seriously and are just as fanatical about getting converts as some religious orders are. The more converts they manage to sway to their cause, the more they can move a whole society into believing that their social, economic and political dog-eat-dog world view is the correct one….. You want to be an Atheist or an Agnostic, that is fine by me. I am not trying to convert anyone to anything here. What I am trying to achieve is to make people aware of the real cultural base note that steers the USA, and that they want to export it all over the world. Do not expect these people to stand up for human rights anywhere in the world. Human rights are counterproductive to their objectives, and they regard everyone not in their accepted social and political circles to be mere collateral. In fact “collateral damage” is how they fob off any and all human rights atrocities committed by them.Truth, honesty, justice for all, compassion, social responsibility, human rights, a Bill of Rights, a Constitution all run counter to their programme.”

  9. I get the horrible feeling that they are trying to get all forms of sexual deviance excepted by the public. Once that is done they then will try to legalize pedophilia and everything else. You would think the UK government would step in and block the channel 4 show. Not so long ago they were talking of standards among young people and what they could do to improve them. I will be writing to my MP to get his opinion, I will keep you informed but it may take a few weeks.

    • Exactly. First they start lowering the age of consent and where sex under age is no longer considered rape. Always slow increments. Then they get the kids showing naked selfies on their cell phones and they put cameras in all the toilets. Then they get rid of male female toilets and make unisex toilets. Then some genius sex therapist says incest is ok with a little help from the music industry and Miley Cyrus and the next thing it is ok to have sex with your three year old!

    • BPA plastics as “food liners” being estrogen mimickers to cause gender confusions is a part of whats going on. RBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) in beef and dairy products hyper-feminizing women and causing breast-rot (cancer!) by age 35 a part of it too, it is DELIBERATE POISONING! sure the cows grow fast, produce more milk etc. they get slaughtered before they reach an age theyed be riddled with tumors so EAT UP! now add the “political” and “media” attacks on normal gender role stability, there is no mistaking their bio-weapon psyop warfare. I know I’m victim of it, no gender confusion but a definite arrested development case.. a lot of people much younger than I am DO seem older. it is a perception thing that does try to hold us in a “child state”, looking UP to “authority” and gullible (lucky me wont buy into it!). “approved radio” only playing censorship approved “rock” from 30+ years ago to keep us mentally slumbering “children” is part of it too.

    • Yes I find all this extremely disturbing and the fact that nowhere near enough people realise the path the world is on. Hardly anyone seems to recognise Albert Pikes letter to Mazzini which was in a London Museum, or they say it was a copy(not sure what difference that makes even if true). Then of course we have all these Baal statues. Terrible.

      I have recently been listening to Eric Jon Phelps author of Vatican Assasins he seems to think that basically this year is when their hideous ‘plan’ is going to truly happen. What can one do though if too many are not awake to the true horror of where this is all headed ?

  10. Thank you Katherine for your excellent artikel. I am always pleased when another article from you appears.

  11. Good Morning Katherine, British TV has hit a new low, in yesterday`s Sun newspaper it was revealed that a new dating show will be aired later this year on channel 4. This show will have contestants getting naked to find love, the show it says will be crammed full of slow motion full frontal body shots. The singletons will then choose the physique they are most drawn to for a date on which they will find out if their initial attraction to the nude body was a good indicator of love.
    Katherine I`m no prude but something is not right with the way things are going, only the other week we had news items highlighting the worrying trend of children sex texting, what is this type of program going to tell these children when they find out about it, (and they will). The fabric of society is truly being eroded away, we are now told to judge physique and not the attraction of personality, the ability to look deeply and see beyond the the flesh.

    • Quite simply, what this is doing is to break down natural barriers that we have in society to protect our privacy and more important, self respect. So, society is being brainwashed that there is no such thing as privacy and self respect is being prudish. One of the first things they do in interrogation techniques is strip the person naked so that they feel completely exposed. The second thing they do is subject them to public sex. Take a look at some of the photographs that came out of Gitmo. Is there really any difference? The only difference is that they have got a bunch of fools who will do anything for money and to become famous so they subject themselves to the same kind of treatment under the auspices of “entertainment.” The long term effects on children it that they will grow up believing that there is no such thing as privacy, which will make them more easy to brainwash and control, they will lose any self respect and believe that self respect is reliant on what others think of them and label them and rather than discovering themselves and being self empowered. They will equate “love” with how big their biceps are or their breasts. Which also means learning not to respect others or the privacy of others, ie. what we used to call bad manners. Jerry Springer achieved the same results.

    • Lets hope that garbage gets what it deserves, complete failure and terrible number of viewers, there is an even worse looking show on Murdochs Sky 1, I have only saw a brief trailer for ‘it’ and was absolutely horrified. It is called ‘Childhoods End’ as I say it was probably only 20 seconds or so long, but it had a winged Satan shadow. I can not believe they can get away with it ! It is as if they basically know they can. My hope is that it is the total opposite and they are finished but only going down in a utterly deprived, insane manner.

      But yes, all very disturbing.

  12. A former satanic high priest who converted to Christianity said that when he was a satanic high priest, they had many satanic ritual sacrifices – at least 80 to his recollection – of innocent newborns in abortion clinics, often with satanist abortion doctors facilitating the ritual abortions. Hillary Clinton is a satanic witch and Bill is a satanic warlock. A Secret Service agent, who happens to be a Christian, wrote of his time in the White House under the Clintons that they decorated the White House Christmas tree with ornaments depicting phallic symbols, which is common in witchcraft. A former Illuminati satanist by the name (likely a pseudonym) of Doc Marquis who is now a Christian has stated that Hillary Clinton is a 6th degree satanic witch who has participated in satanic witch meetings at a castle in Belgium where they routinely conduct child sacrifice. He states that she is more evil than Bill because she is higher in rank than he is in the satanic order.

  13. BTW Donkey, when last did you fall pregnant? Lose a child? Have an abortion? Seems to me far too many men have got far too much to say on this issue, usually men who lead promiscuous lives and walk away leaving women either to bring up a child on their own with no support or to have a abortion. Those kind of men support abortion because then they do not have to be responsible for their own actions.

  14. a) Your own dogma closes your mind to solutions to problems. As regards abortion I suggested that they teach family planning, birth control and responsibility, then abortion would never be an issue in the first place, only when absolutely nessessary due to health issues with both the mother and the child. I really do not see how your accusations are valid.

    b) Homosexuality is not the norm in societies, it is the exception. And in case you cannot read, I fully support Gay rights and tolerance for consenting adults. What I do not support is having homosexuality and transvestites shoved down the throats of children and young adults where they are brainwashed that the whole of society should function this way and that this is the norm. Nobody wants to demonize anybody, but it would be rather a nice change if the next time they had a “Gay Parade” they made child sex abuse an issue worth fighting against. Put their money where their mouth is.

  15. They just rescued yet another newborn still with umbilical cord from a dumpster, in Everett, Wa..For some life is sacred ,some are ok with murder and mayhem, for others the grey area between.

    • Perhaps if they had taught family planning, birth control, being a responsible parent and respect for life from high school instead of spending all that time and money advertising abortion, abortion clinics and drugs, sex and rock n roll, this tragedy would never have happened. I hope that baby finds a loving family.

  16. Thank you Catherine for this timeless moral admonition that resonates with all the good things in all cultures.
    May God Bless You and Keep You From Harm !

    • Thank you Aziz. Psalm 23 which BTW I think was originally an Egyptian text as is the ten commandments, not a Babylonian one as is the story of Esther. As discussed in a previous chat line, the “god”who told Abram to sacrifice Isaac, is not the same “Lord”who told Abraham to sacrifice a ram instead. The former appears to be a Moloch figure of eastern origin associated with Saturn, the later a priest of Zadok of western Egyptian origin associated with Jupiter. The Valley of death here could refer to Gehenna, In the Hebrew Bible, Gehenna was initially where apostate Israelites and followers of various Ba’als and other Canaanite gods, including Moloch (or Molech), sacrificed their children by fire (2 Chr. 28:3, 33:6). Thereafter it was deemed to be cursed (Jer. 7:31, 19:2-6)

    • This would be in the southern Kingdom of Judea (Judah) not the Northern Kingdom of Israel. (Joseph)
      In Psalm 23 I think we are referring to the “Lord” who told Abraham not to sacrifice Isaac at Gehenna.

      The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

    • Kath!.. “annointed with oil” frankenscence.. I dont know if you’d ever seen the story that such stuff was a marijuana hashish oil absorbed into the forehead to stimulate the pineal gland and frontal lobe, for the purpose of hopefully aiding enlightenment. go figger why it’s a prohibited substance while fluoride poison that attacks the same part of the brain is approved by these satanists in power. founding fathers grew the stuff, but “Christians” today are alienated of such concepts (mushroom treatment!). not saying I condone abusing the stuff, it seems to me it is a detail being deliberately manipulated.

    • mmmmmmmmmmmm well CO, I am not in favour of smoking it. Seen too many of my friends over the years turn from once intelligent people into some of the thickest two short planks on the planet. The pro smokers will not like that, however, used as an oil rather than a tobacco it appears to have many healing qualities, so as an anointing oil this is very possible.

    • yes, been there done that myself with the cartoon watching couch spud act.. fortunately it doesn’t wholesale wipe out brain cells, it mostly dulls the synapses and the effect goes away after a couple months abstaining. not saying I dont like the stuff but sure agree, abusing it is pretty lame!

  17. Jewish is not equal with Satanism the first has to do with Identity the second a Belief. Believing in an entity which affirms your drives sex, greed, self agrandizment can create considerable force especially if done in groups, a kind of ecstatic charging and affirmation. Our right brain-hemisphere ‘thinks’ symbolic only, it cannot be cheated really (good actors can go very far in that) and is always authentic.

  18. It is the foundation of our self, but also the source of much trouble because of it’s rigidness. As long mankind lived in small groups and all members did more or less the same, this symbolic process entity
    allowed for the union of the group AUTOMATICALLY, they are one Mind, one Spirit. But as soon larger groupings were built in the Neolithical revolution and the ascendency of cities this changed dramatically. It was now the problem how to create unity among thousands with very different concepts of living. Thus rituals and a unifying Belief-system had to be invented, that’s when Baal saw the first light together with other gods and godesses. They allowed to integrate the world and create unity through all strata of society, including the ruling elite which naturally placed themselves nearest to the gods. However in
    reality a larger societal body foremost requires rationality and taming of the drives, a process which is equal to social evolution. This process took thousands of years the results being the monotheistic Religions which put the unifiying entity as far out as the stars or more together with a system of rules which were based mostly on rational grounds.
    The story of the Jews (whatever they really were) amongst others (Asia etc.) retells the story of that transformation from primitive array of gods and godesses to an abstract conception which allows infinite integration and union, that’s what it is all about union, change, integration.

  19. Jesus then postulated the Son of Man (Children of Light, of Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End, the Becoming and the Light) which IS the Son of the human animal species which embarked on the adventurous journey of SOCIAL EVOLUTION a completly new plane of existence only comparable to the integration of single cell organisms to multi-cellular ones (a process which took almost 1 billion years !) in significance. What is the reason d’etre of such an entity ? It is directly immediatly connected with the ultimate processing of god itself, the Becoming ! Thus the reference of John in the Revelations to the ‘Angel’ which stood before him while he was kneeling down before him and the Angel said he shouldn’t kneel down because they both are servants for the same cause. The Son of Man or New Human or whatever we name it, has in fact similarities to god, the ever becoming.
    In the kingdom of god one MUST follow the ten Commandments because otherwise the affected society will disintegrate, it binds one to god unconditionally as Individual(Child of Light) and Society(Son of Man). A Follower of Jesus is not exactly a Believer, but a Knower, he KNOWS that there IS, he acknowledges that this which IS has fanstastic structure, has non random movement (Time Arrow of the Universe), and is eternal by conception because when there was NOTHING there was no time, just
    void, total irrelevance. If there was NOTHING but now it IS there is an a priori UNEXPLAINED between the two states.

  20. THIS IS GOD the first Creator, the ever Being. Why Being, simply if we THINK then GOD thinks also at the least. Furthermore evolution MUST have a substrate to memorize (whether it’s molecules, atoms or anything else) to inscribe and delete, to save, to read, else there cannot be evolution, no way ! The time the Universe had to evolve from a Singularity with NO STRUCTURE to the one it is now is far to short to allow the structure we observe in ourselves and the Universe in general, there MUST have been a Before or in Parallel to structure or prepare to allow for the current type of Universe we live in.
    A society which lives according to the ten Commandments by the very definition MUST do so on the level of individual and group or the social body ! Each of the ten Commandments MUST be represented by the social body as well. Therefore the primacy of Politics MUST be based on them as well or the whole structure is invalid !
    This is the TOTAL opposite of the whole stinking rotten mountain which is called Political Science today ! If Ethos is not the foundation of interaction between social bodies, then it is it’s opposite – Barbarism, the rule of force WHICH ABSOLUTLY ENSURES destrction over a short time period the more technological advanced a society becomes !
    There is a lot of work to be done, if we refuse to do it, we will be removed as simple as that. There are 200 bill. X 200 bill. starsystems out there, GOD is not a fool of course.

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