US Pulls Military Dependents Out of Turkey

Editor’s note:  With Obama banning Erdogan from the White House, this move is to remove American military families from Erdogan’s grasp.  What is really at risk is NATOs nuclear arsenal in Turkey which is in real danger of falling into the hands of the Islamic radicals now controlling the Turkish government.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Pentagon has ordered dependents of US military personnel in Turkey to leave the country, as Washington issued a new travel advisory for Americans traveling there. The Department of Defense said its evacuation decision was in response to security threats, following deadly bombings in Turkey in which victims also included Americans.

The Department of Defense said that families of US military personnel at the Incirlik air base and several locations, including the provinces of Izmir, Adana and Mugla, are being returned home to the United States.

The move comes out of an “abundance of caution” to security concerns in the region, and not in response to a specific threat, Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook said.

“This decision allows for the deliberate, safe return of family members from these areas due to continued security concerns in the region,” he said.

Most families — 670 of the 770 Defense Department dependents in Turkey — will be affected by the decision,” Cook said, adding that the evacuations will “move quickly.” US military personnel in Ankara and Istanbul will not be evacuated.

Two Americans were among five people killed in a March 19 suicide bombing in Istanbul, which also wounded 36 others.

Turkey has been rocked by several attacks in the past eight months, including a double bombing at a peace rally in Ankara in October that killed 103 people.  The attacks have been claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS) group or Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The US State Department has issued an updated travel advisory for Turkey.

It warns US citizens about the increased threats from terrorist groups and advises Americans to avoid travel to Turkey’s Kurdish southeast, particularly near the border with Syria.

“Foreign and US tourists have been explicitly targeted by international and indigenous terrorist organizations,” the warning reads.

Israel also has called on citizens not to travel to Turkey, advising those already there to leave immediately. Victims of the attacks in Istanbul also included dual-citizenship Israelis.


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  1. Hey People! When the US government “advises” its Citizentry to leave (evacuate!) a country, rest assured that they know something really bad is amiss. And when the waring activities start, they don’t want to be looking at another Benghazi! One can safely bet that turkey will soon see sporatic internal destruction, the likes of Sarajevo, or worse. So Erdokan, “What you wants, IS what you gets”. Best you jump into some combat gear, and expect the coming devistation, which by your stupidity you have failed to forsee. America does not move its people (and pets!) out of anyplace, unless they KNOW what;s coming!

  2. Very interesting, certainly clear as day signs that trouble is coming, let’s hope the best outcome occurs, the removal of this Israeli rabid dog Erdogan. That said does anyone know the size and strength of these nukes ? Or ate they more the cute tactical ones ! Man, what a messed up world hey.

  3. the attacks are retaliations to erDOGan’s terrorism, they just wont come out and say it.
    if New Mexico’s governor bombed Arizona, victims relatives in New Mexico would likely lash out against it any way they could, isn’t that much different a scenario of Syria and turkey.
    tiny detail, I haven’t used a capital T for turkey for a long time because I don’t respect what the country has been doing one bit. same for izrahell and saudiland sending in military mercenaries posing as “rebels” and “terrorists”. District of Criminals.. same thing there. Nazi Axis Terrorist Organization is what NATO has become, similar to “United NAZI-ons” that turns a blind eye to anything its “child” terrorist izrahell does near daily.

  4. to go to a mentally unstable country SET UP A WEAPONS STORE ,put a guard on it,then ORDER THEM TO DESERT THEIR POST. THIS IS NOT MURDER, ITS MURDER SUICIDE. BUT IT GETS WORSE,ITS ALL PREPLANNED !!!!!!!!! THIS IS ANOTHER US.ARMS DROP TO ISIL. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

    • Certainly no argument here.. And from what I’m seeing the US has been swamping “opposition” factions with arms ever since the so-called ceasefire began… right on their masters’ cue, of course. No surprise there.

      I’m sick of this crap beyond words. You know, I would seriously consider becoming an ex-pat… Only problem is it seems all the prospective places to relocate to have *also* been turned to shit by these same Zionist shitlords and their wrecking-ball proxies, the EU and US.

      The chickens are are already coming home to roost, you know. Yet the idiots continue blindly marching backwards, as always. The price for a soul is at an an all-time low… yet the lines of idiots lined up to sell them seem longer than ever.

  5. This has all the hallmarks of an emergency move. Announced on Tuesday, first dependents leave Wednesday with all gone by the weekend, including nearly 300 pets! The military really don’t want to make this kind of move.

    Hope the B-61s are out (for safety checks) on planes starting Sunday?

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