Benjamin Netanyahu Continues to Morally Fall Apart

Yes, there is a Palestinian massacre, and I'm honored to be a part of that transformation."
Yes, there is a Palestinian massacre, and I’m honored to be one of the people to bring that about.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


If you are a Zionist and still think that Benjamin Netanyahu is a person who acts on the basis of practical reason, then think again. Russia Today has published a graphic video showing how an Israeli soldier “finishes off” a “wounded Palestinian” who is alleged to be a stabber.[1]

Israel won’t release the name of the Israeli soldier, and they have told the New York Times to conceal the name as well.[2]

But how did Netanyahu respond to that incident? Did he apologize or even suggest that he was willing to work with the authorities to sort out this difficult situation?

Well, he quickly responded by saying that the killing “does not represent the values of the IDF.” Fasten your seat belt here because Netanyahu is not finished. Days later, the same mad man declared:

“The soldiers of the IDF, our children, maintain high ethical values while courageously fighting against bloodthirsty murderers under difficult operational conditions. We must all support the IDF Chief-of-Staff, the IDF, and our soldiers, who safeguard our security.”[3]

If you want a rational explanation, then I suggest that you contact Benjamin Netanyahu himself or one of his representatives. This man is really dangerous to himself and to society because he is willing to move heaven and earth to propound his essentially Talmudic ideology, which is irrational and which basically says that the Goyim are beasts.

There is enough evidence which indicates that the IDF soldier was guilty as charged. “Before the shooting, voices can be heard asking in Hebrew, ‘Is the dog alive?’

“The Israeli soldier who shot dead a wounded Palestinian attacker was recorded shaking hands with a far-right Jewish activist while the victim’s body was removed from the scene.

“The new video – released by B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – shows the soldier behind his commander as the two walk away from the body of Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif, who was shot on Thursday.

“The soldier then shakes hands and pats on the back far-right activist Baruch Marzel, the former leader of the outlawed Kach party, which has been labeled a terrorist group by the US, EU and Israel…

“Army Radio reported on Sunday that the military investigation found that the soldier told a friend that the ‘terrorist needs to die’ for stabbing a soldier. Despite efforts to calm him down, the soldier shot al-Sharif.”[4]


Netanyahu moves on to say that any criticism of the incident is “outrageous.” Obviously this is not practical reason. It is something else, and one has to go beyond political categories to explain Netanyahu’s perversion. One has to go to Rabbinic Judaism, which is essentially a diabolical system that continues to keep Israelis from responding to practical reason. The chief proponents of this system are the rabbis:

“Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said Saturday night that many non-Jews should be forbidden from living in the Land of Israel according to Jewish law. In a recording of Yosef’s weekly Saturday night lecture obtained by Channel 10, the rabbi can be heard saying, ‘According to Jewish law, it’s forbidden for a non-Jew to live in the Land of Israel – unless he has accepted the seven Noachide laws.’

“If he’s not willing to accept one of them, [which is] not to commit suicide, if he’s not willing to accept this, you send him to Saudi Arabia.’”[5]

If he is not willing to go to Saudi Arabia, then you have to eliminate him. Yitzhak adds that once that non-Jewish person is eliminated, Israeli soldiers don’t have “to be concerned by the scrutiny of the High Court or the army chief of staff on the matter.”[6] Obviously because Yitzhak thinks that Rabbinic Judaism is above the moral law.

We certainly have a problem here. As one former IDF soldier and whistleblower pointed out back in 2014, Israel is in a crisis, and America needs to look at itself in the mirror and says that it has contributed to this disaster:

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  1. Mammon may equip him to move earth.. he has zero access to Heaven get that one clear…he sits in the lowlands with thieves, mass murderers and plunderers, plotting mischief, death and destruction … their god is their belly and the “chosen” a charade he knows like the back of his hand

  2. For what it’s worth, polls in Israel show a very large percentage (>70%) of Israelis want the medic to go free without punishment or censure, and some have even suggested giving him a medal. The Palestinian who made the video has received numerous death threats, threats to burn down his house, and more threats to kill his family. It’s a good thing that Israel has “the world’s most moral army” or they might start finishing off wounded and disarmed Palestinians…oh, wait…they already did. Better make that “the world’s most moral army according to the Talmud.”

  3. They can shove their Noahides for we care more about civil laws and common decency. They couldn’t keep any laws they were given without flouting them before sunrise come.

    These people never had morals to begin with other than to make them as they go along with the tide of expediency. I reckon it is the illegitimate state of Israel that is literally falling apart, its inner rot and amoral diseases starts to manifest for all with eyes to see to take note..

    If sufficient and irrefutable evidence were to be presented to show that the victims of the holocaust were not actually Jews then the oft repeated reason and core corner-stone that served as the basis for founding this rabid nation among nations would collapse, the oft repeated reason being that this state would serve as a safe haven from furious people who wanted to get even and to teach a lesson to these tribal rascals and criminals.

    But it will happen sooner than many people realize, and the Jews will be taken to task, again, as they never seem to learn without hard-knocks.

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