Agent Orange benefit screening process scrutinized in Congress

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  1. Ah yes, I remember my AO test in 1980 at Elmandorf AFB in Anchorage. We didn’t have a VA back then so we were seen at their clinic. Ya gotta love military clinic – ” well, you made it here into the clinic – didn’t you? — Yep,- well then there is nothing wrong with you – right? – Wrong – so they showed us a map where AO was sprayed in country and it showed they sprayed way North of Saigon. None in the Delta – Parrots Peak or just NW of Saigon — imagine that – I told them I have re-occurring urinary tract infections and they said – have my wife checked for that problem in Palmer- LOL and so after an exam they said they’d be intouch -Never heard back. click ahead – Ft Myers,Fl. 2011 at their clinic for a colonoscopy and cystocopy after telling a doctor about my problems and lifelong UTIs. Colonosopy and Cystocopy – Docs all said — All Clear see you in 10 years. Went back for CT scan in 2014 and all of the sudden — I’m in big trouble. I’ve been living overseas and the Docs understood this and even after telling them that I need to take care of any problems awhile I’m here ….. I’d say the Docs Lied like Hell – from 1980 to 2014 – they continueously Lied — Just like the Commanders and Chiefs — Have Lied. I live a long way from America and I’ll take my chances with these 3rd world Drs. and let Nature take its course. The VA has killed alot of Veterans and I wonder if the orders came from the Pentagon.

  2. We can continue the reparations of Agent Orange damage under investigations of Glyphosate contamination and its associated destructive health effects.

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