Panama Papers and Biased Reporting – Who Benefits?


by Katherine Frisk

The Panama Papers thanks to Wikileaks hit the headlines over the first weekend of April 2016.

Who are they?

They expose an extensive list of Mossack Fonseca clients in the top earning bracket internationally, who have been avoiding the tax man and who have taken up to $32 trillion out of circulation in the global economy.

Blatantly obvious was the reporting from various media outlets, which took the opportunity to bash their most hated politicians. It was notable that the Western media showed the faces of Xi Ping, Putin and Jacob Zuma, none of whom were directly implicated, but all of whom had family members or friends who were implicated.

Note that the leaders of three of the BRICS Countries – with gold-backed economies – were prominently splashed across the front pages of most newspapers!

Unlike the Candyman, Porky Poroshenko from Kiev Ukraine, who escaped relatively unscathed in the first round of reports that hit the news stands. One wonders how much drug money, human trafficking money and illegal organ trafficking money is hidden under piles of chocolate invoices in off shore accounts?

But what was unsaid in the reports was of more importance than what was said — and the unsaid is what people should be paying attention to.


Tom Cruise stars in Mena. (Release Jan. 2017)

The connection with the Nazis, the CIA and Mexican drug lords

Jürgen Mossack’s father served in the Nazi Party Wafen SS. When they arrived in the 1960’s, old man Mossack offered to spy on communists in Cuba for the CIA, which is not surprising, considering that the CIA was founded by Nazi supporters Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles.

In 2005, it was discovered that Jürgen was listed as the director of a company controlled by Rafael Caro Quintero, the Mexican drug lord and cofounder of the Guadalajara Cartel who was convicted in Mexico in 1985 for the brutal murder of U.S. DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena.

Again this is not surprising, keeping in mind the involvement of the CIA in cocaine trafficking from South American countries that has continued over almost a 60-year period. Mena, Arkansas, being one famous case.

None other than Tom Cruise is playing the role of renegade drug pilot Adler ‘Barry’ Seal, in the upcoming film, Mena, to be released in January 2017, a film which tells the true story of CIA-sanctioned cocaine import/weapons export smuggling between Central America and Arkansas in the 1980s.

Should Hillary Clinton win the elections in 2016, Mena could set the tone for a disastrous Presidency, as central to this story – as with JFK – Barry Seal was brutally assassinated after he uncovered evidence of the Clinton and Bush families involvement in CIA drug trafficking that was also connected to the Iran/Contra scandal.

Solution: Slap pictures on the front pages of Putin, Zuma and Xi Ping in the Panama Papers affair.



From Panama to Nevada to “I own the weather” and a lot of other things besides – Rothschild.

Mossack also had a branch in Reno. With the implementation of FACTA, the old safe havens for stashing money away, Switzerland, Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands, the US has now become the centre for disappearing hot money from the tax man up to and including drug money laundering.

Almost $32 trillion, if some reports are correct.

Now that Mossack has been flushed, so to speak, “offshore” bank accounts are now moving in droves to Nevada, Wyoming, and South Dakota — members of the same nation that has been condemning Swiss Banks.

The US is now the de facto tax haven; or as Peter A. Cotorceanu, a lawyer at Anaford AG, a Zurich law firm, remarked,

“That ‘giant sucking sound’ you hear? It is the sound of money rushing to the USA.” (gold-backed or fiat dollar-backed?)

But more important, with the take down of Mossack in Panama and the flood of clients to the US, Rothschild has now replaced them as a service provider with trust accounts and untraceable numbers hidden behind shell companies, moving the fortunes of wealthy foreign clients to Reno, Nevada, in close proximity to a number of Casinos.

Solution: Slap pictures on the front pages of Putin, Zuma and Xi Ping in the Panama Papers affair.


All that is missing is a hammer and sickle – there is no difference between Corporate Fascism and Communism

Billionaires and Philanthropists

What interests me more than anything else, is the disclosure of the names of over 29 billionaires and who exactly is on that list.

I think that it will be far more interesting than a handful of politicians, all of whom are leaders of countries who are members of the BRICS (gold-Backed) coalition and who so far, have not been directly implicated.

No doubt most if not all of the 29 are non tax paying “philanthropists,” with their names and wealth well buried in untraceable trust accounts that have now found new homes in Reno thanks to Rothschild. (gold-backed or fiat dollar-backed?)

Names such as Buffet, Gates, Koch, Bain, Bush, Adelson, Carlyle, Morgan and Rockefeller come to mind.

So far according to an interactive map created by Brian Kilmartin there are at least 441 clients, 3,072 companies, 211 beneficiaries and 3,467 U.S.-based shareholders of the Panamanian law firm. But we still have no names unlike other international personalities who even though they have not been personally involved have been named and shamed widely.

One last thought. Who leaked the Panama Papers to Wikileaks and who stands to benefit?

Don’t answer that question. I have a better idea:

Slap pictures on the front pages of Putin, Zuma and Xi Ping in the Panama Papers affair.


Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian



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  1. I’ve got to agree Katherine, those nations who’ve had it with US Treasury notes{useless} and the Petro dollars are the fly in their ointment and are demonized.

    • worst part being they’re very much the same critters (so called elite CRIMINALS) who’d sabotaged our real working productive economy in the first place to half-fast replace it with destructive, aka police state slavery and death for profits. my comment below might actually help displace them, if people were to maybe see “gold” more like I do. lol try making an automotive piston out of that junk and see how far it’ll carry ya (lmao).

    • They industrialized the worlds population, moved them to cities and off the land. A population boom suited them then, to work on the shop floor and then buy all the rubbish made on the shop floor with what they paid them. Then they took the land away with Corporate farming and GMO. Now they have taken the factories away and replaced most jobs with computers. So now you are sitting with high tech, high unemployment and no land so you cannot even plant your own vegetables and fruit trees to survive. Oh but they have patented all that right? Along with chicken and beef and lamb and fish ! So now you have to pay to plant your own carrots even if you have space to grow them. So what I want to know is what are they going to do with all these people with no land ownership, no farms , no jobs and no money? Lots of goodies made by computers, but nobody with any money to buy the stuff. Lots of GMO, but nobody who can afford to pay to eat it. SO yeah, a piece of gold is not going to get them very far in the long run. Because what are they going to do with all their stuff and nobody to buy or use it?

    • they answered that with their “Georgia Guidestones” of course, and they’re doing it by poisoning. poisoning economies (treason), poisoning the land, the food, the air, the medicine, etc. GMO, glycophate, BPA plastic food container linings (cans etc), the world is a big LAB RAT experiment to them with “supermarket loyalty” and “bank” cards gathering all the data for their BIG SIS (shared information system) cancer “treatment” centers popping up everywhere while any-everything real cure is outlawed. “by deception we do war” sounds “familiar”. they sure try to protect their guidestone “shrine” criminal declaration. we know they’d scream if we erected something similar-opposite, reducing global population .02% by executing wealthy criminals!
      (I’m well aware of their feudalism games to asset strip everyone)

  2. It’s a juicy one Katherine, and that they would not want to rid the US of a debt of their own doing. Fiat of course.

    • I am thinking maybe these guys have gold hidden in thar hills somewhere. Think of all the gold that has disappeared out of Fort Knox, Twin Towers, Iraq, Libya, Kiev. All stolen of course. Here is a wild thumb suck, what they have not stolen they have been buying at very low prices thanks to gold price rigging and GLD certificates in the last 20 or so years that has kept the price down. They have been stashing while the USA and the American people have gone progressively down hill. Many countries in the last two years have been dumping USTreasury notes, most if not almost all these days no longer trade in the dollar as the International currency. What is more trade in oil for at least two years has not been done in the Petro dollar. When the SHTF, these bastards will be sitting pretty. The gold will not be in a reserve account for the American people, it will be in private accounts of the bankers and corporations, which fits very nicely into their planned TPP and TTIP corporate fascist world system and their private courts etc. Americans have been robbed blind by these people. Never mind the rest of the world!

    • heres a funny what if, if people suddenly decided gold is just a near worthless yellow metal that has about “fer crap” structural integrity for doing anything REAL with, their “valuable asse(t)s” would get flushed straight down the toilet. its only been considered valuable because it is so malleable you can work it with your hands (by primatives!), and doesn’t much oxidize or discolor. personally I’d rather make stuff out of steel, aluminum, brass-bronze-copper etc. titanium is a neat rigid alloy, carbon fiber is a great comprimize of weight rigidity flexibility. IF people awakened to a thought like “junk made from gold fails, falls apart, breaks!” about the only real value the stuff would have left is non tarnishing conductor. if there werent FOOD available, a gold coin sure isnt going to buy a chicken. why would anyone trade a working plow for a lump of yellow metal that cannot get a job done? there is actually more gold than people understand, people who find it often have “accidents”. very much like diamonds are just an industrial grade ROCK that “wealthy” hoard the pretty ones to keep the value outrageously inflated.. we’re SUCKERS for believing them (a quality zirc is a prettier stone anyway!). silver with nickel added can be pretty strong, it can be colored yellow too if a person wants by alloying. its been one of my ‘tudes a long time now about the yellowy junk people kill each other for, I hated the “guilty until proven innocent” marching through metal detectors after work (jewelry) over that yellow metal I just didn’t care about.

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