Are the CIA and Pentagon fighting a proxy civil war in Syria?



… by  Ian Greenhalgh

In recent fighting around Aleppo, we have seen a CIA-backed militia engaged against a Pentagon-backed militia.

You really can’t make this up, we are seeing a narrative play out that sounds like it was lifted from the pages of Catch 22 or 1984 but is sadly all too real.

Orwell’s words, written in 1948, sound almost prophetic today; of course, Orwell was an insider, he worked for British Intelligence; therefore he knew how the ‘game’ was played:

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.”

“The object is not victory…. but to keep the very structure of society intact.”

Col. Laurence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff of Bush’s Secretary of Defense Colin Powell was  interviewed on the subject by Baltimore’s on-line Real News.  Citing his 30 plus years in the military he  says he’s never seen such ineptitude.  He underlines the in-fighting between the CIA and the Pentagon, and the ignorance of both as to what’s happening on the ground in Syria:

“On Monday the CIA may arm group A, while on Tuesday the Pentagon arms group B.  By Wednesday, replete with weapons, they’re fighting each other.  We have no way of knowing how our weapons are being used.  Meanwhile, ISIS gets a free pass.”

While I am in general agreement with Col. Wilkerson, I feel he doesn’t go far enough in emphasising the existence of different factions with competing agendas within that overgrown military-intelligence complex he describes. Rather than being the product of ineptitude and duplication of roles within that complex, the fighting between CIA and Pentagon backed militias is an actual civil war by proxy.

But why are two factions within the US military-intelligence complex fighting a civil war? The answer is to be found in an article I co-wrote with Gordon Duff last week:

A tale of two traitors and the terrorists they created

In that article I used a quote from Mike Harris as it succinctly describes the situation:

“One thing people need to realise; the US government is not a monolith, it is very fragmented, there are competing interests within the US government. Some of them really believe in the constitution, some of them believe in what our official foreign policy is but others don’t. Others think they’re smarter, other have their own agendas, others see ways of profiting from this conflict, from this turmoil and one thing I hope everyone realises is that there are certain people and certain interest groups that profit from human suffering and those are the ones that we are targeting, that have to be dealt with.”

Mike also explained how this bifurication of the US government has affected the military-industrial complex:

“Something that people need to be aware of; it is not confirmed that either Obama or the Joint Chiefs of Staff are in command of the commanders on the ground that are supporting these Syria and Iraq efforts right now. It is highly likely that we have commanders that are reporting to an alternate chain of command right now; that are not following their constitutional mandates; that have broken ranks essentially.”

We are seeing, on the ground in Syria today, confirmation of the scenario Mike warned us about; the playing out of the consequences of the infiltration and bifurication of the US government. The conflict between CIA and Pentagon backed militias is a civil war by proxy between these two factions of the US government. As Orwell warned us, constant war, with it’s huge profits for those who finance the war is part of the agenda of those who seek to control the world.

Furthermore, if this war can be fought out by proxy armies of mercenaries and psychopathic criminals, the dregs that were scraped from the prisons of Iraq by Petraeus and the Jihadis for hire recruited by Saudi oil money; then it is far easier to sell to the public. No more problems with anti-war protesters upset by the flow of brave young boys in body bags; no need to sell the need to conscript the nation’s youth and send them off to die in a far flung foreign field.

Two leaders forging a closer relationship on the old principle of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’?

The fly in the ointment with this cosy little money-making war scam is that Russia came along and bombed the hell out of any and all of the militias and ‘Islamic terrorists’ they could locate that were engaged in fighting the legal and popular Syrian government. This, in effect, is Russia aligning itself with one of the factions fighting out the proxy US civil war and we can further see the effects of this in the shifting political alignment of the Obama administration from a close alliance with Israel and Saudi Arabia to a new, less antagonistic and more co-operative relationship with both Russia and Iran.

It remains to be seen who prevails in this US civil war by proxy, the conflict has more battlefields than Syria; it is also being fought out in the political sphere with the current US Presidential Election being another. Whenever there is conflict, it is the mass of poor people who suffer the adverse effects while the rich few profit; therefore, for the good of the masses, I hope that this civil war can be brought to a conclusion sooner, rather than later.



Assistant Managing Editor
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Can Russia and Iran incentivize the White House, because they know who’s who and what’s what? These two nations can be far better advisers than anyone he has been saddled with, and VT’s has been giving those same lessons to any of them who’ll listen and act to lance those boils.

  2. maybe if their pet military mercenaries (posing as “rebels” and “terrorists”) figured out whats what, theyed use all their weapons against “regular forces” from the USA, or go take it up in turkey instead (where there’s now much more to won-looted). if they continue mindlessly wiping each other out I guess that’s ok too, they’ll keep recruiting willing dumb-butts the world is probably much better off without anyway.

  3. Former USAF colonel, Fletcher Prouty revealed the “disconnect” between the leadership of the USMilitary and the CIA in his first edition of “The Secret Team – – ”, 1973. Prouty revealed that by 1955 the CIA had become the largest peacetime operational force in the USA.(p. 297) However, neither the congress nor the president knew this, due to the secrecy that the CIA had maintained. Late 1960, Prouty reported about 605 units in the USMilitary to be cover units for the CIA.(p.303) A Russian shoot-down of a C-118 in the late 1950s, inside Russia, revealed that the CIA and the USAF have used the USAF base near Adana, Turkey, for secretive “black flights” for about sixty years. That Incirlik USAF base has been one transfer point for ISIS-ISIL supplies – always – is not news.
    The current POTUS occupant appears to exercise more influence on the current “CIA organization”, than former USPresidents. Also, considering the MH 370 event and the US Naval base on Diego Garcia, the GHWBush/Saudi sheiks appear to have morphed the former CIA into the Carlyle Group. Overviewing the complex mixture of power-monger organizations, how do uniformed, military leaders of the various, “armies” know which orders to follow ? Obviously, the 160,000 Swiss bank accounts reported by Scott Bennett in “My Story”, several of which fund ISIS-ISIL mercenaries, are serviced well by Swiss bankers. Which bankers continue to hold NAZI trillions in US dollars.

  4. cuddle up to this…….1.55“ turning on each other not that unusual in such a complex situation, co-ordination bad, jealousies rampant” …a “complex” situation purposely created……. distract, destabilize, moving massive stockpiles of weapons that sell when there is a need… create that need to arm, re-arm, replace, keep it all churning while the plunder and pillaging, human trafficking and all the spoils of war pay off on the other end, layers upon layers…shielded, un and under-reported by complicit criminal media campaigns maligning the good and an annoyance to peace …

    “It remains to be seen who prevails in this US civil war”…. do they care who prevails? or simply serving the many purposes for the few…“it is also being fought out in the political sphere with the current US Presidential Election being another”

    “Co-ordination bad, jealousies rampant”…..says it all…they need to grow up and grow some because this is sheer BS

    • “Co-ordination bad, jealousies rampant”

      Which is the obvious result of a culture of lies and half truths.

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