Russia Insider Tanks… as Gordon Duff predicted


by Katherine Frisk

Guliana teamed up with the hard Left?
Giuliani teamed up with the hard Left?

[ Editor’s Note: Alternative media infiltration had to happen. It was growing, too independent, attacking and sometimes destroying major media psyops, and was a long term threat to you know who.

We got a double dose of this during the Libyan war when there were the Leftist website platforms standing shoulder to shoulder with Rudy Giuliani, Israel and the American NeoCons with Gaddafi. So we had to ask ourselves, “What’s up wid dat?”

Our top source in Libya, at ex-pat with a pro-Gaddafi family in country filled us in about an information ministry defector who went over to the Brits and brought the files on who all was on board the Gaddafi media gravy train — a who’s who of Lefty blogs and websites and a mix of others.

The man knew how to wear a uniform
The man knew how to wear a uniform

The money getting shoveled out was a big surprise, like $500 for a website post, $2000 for an established print or magazine placement for a pro-Gaddafi piece. And then there was the $10,000 per week for credible journalists who could come to Tripoli and pour out the propaganda for Mr. G.

We lived and learned and began doing background checks on everyone around us, past associations, and where their money came from. We got lots of surprises.

So when Russia Insider came along, we were already in the groove in terms of knowing what to look for. As Gordon does so love to say, “Welcome to how the world really works”Jim W. Dean ]


Russia InsiderIn February, Senior Editor of Veterans Today Gordon Duff exposed Russia Insider as a counterfeit stealth website.

As I said once before, I do not always agree with Gordon. This was one time I did not agree with him, but I shelved the information… in case. It turns out, he was right.

I have known Saker since early 2014, since before the rumblings of Maidan turned into a coup and a devastating civil war. Both Saker and I were some of the first people who supported Russia Insider when it started.

There has been so little honest coverage of the devastation in Donbass that I was relieved to see more Independent Media coming on board. Other than Jim Dean and Gordon Duff on Veterans Today, few Independent Western Media media outlets were prepared to cover the genocide that has been exacted by Kiev against the people of Donetsk and Luhansk.



This week Saker wrote what is, quite frankly, a heart breaking editorial. One of betrayal and dismay. I feel much the same way. I will quote these brief extracts:

The scandal at Russia Insider (Saker message)

It is with great sadness that I have to address the crisis at Russia Insider. I am heartbroken at seeing people whom I consider as respected friends now in an open conflict. I have waited as long as I could before addressing this issue because I wanted to speak to all the parties involved and ask for the opinion and assessment of a few trusted friends. However, since I have been a strong supporter of Russia Insider from Day 1 I cannot remain silent any longer…

…while it is absolutely evident that Peter Lavelle and a few others have raised the alarm because they felt that people have been mislead and lied to, and that the public needed to be warned, I have come to the conclusion that some individuals are trying to personally benefit from the possible collapse of Russia Insider and that they have put a great deal of effort into fanning the flames of this conflict. There are folks out there who want to take Russia Insider down and create conflicts between former friends. I don’t want our community to inadvertently assist these individuals.

Everyone involved in Independent Media should be hypertensive to covert infiltration and subversive tactics. One of the things I have always admired about Saker is that he is a man of integrity, trust and honesty. He is also a practicing Orthodox Christian and takes his faith seriously.

He actually practices it on many levels. His editorial was more than polite out of respect for some of the friends he has at Russia Insider, and let me stress, who have also been lied to and betrayed.

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today

Gordon Duff’s analysis, on the other hand, showed something far worse, something that I did not want to hear only three months ago and instead lived in hope that he was wrong.

You can read the full article HERE.

These are the highlights: 

Eaters of the Dead Among Us

We work with a Russian group that does quality research and video work. Today they sent me an email asking me why a pro-Russian group called “Russia Insider” was publishing wild and inaccurate propaganda against both Russia and Syria. 

We had looked at this organization when it began, it was a stealth website intended to buy into the alternative media market using “counterfeit currency, ripped off and borrowed analysis, bad writing and activist sounding “soft soap.”

They were another in a long line of vehicles, most online but not all, intended to resemble journals or think tanks or, for the worst of them, cutting edge analysis and even conspiracy theory.

All have the same thing in common, a return to zero degrees magnetic north, no matter which way then seem to go, when they are needed or tasked, the handlers and the talking points return them to the Israel lobby and Kagan family neocon program.

Stratfor is one of these, as is the Institute for the Study of War. There are more, so many more.

Look at every name involved and follow them to where they publish, who their associates are and, of course, how they really make a living, since selling self-published books won’t pay rent in a trailer park.

What would I do? I don’t listen to anyone. If the weather says rain, I go outside and check. If you allow people into your life, to direct your energies, play on your fears, you are already a slave.


Katherine Frisk

I would like to say something here to Gordon Duff’s detractors who send me copious emails denouncing him.

a) I do not always agree with Gordon. Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong. In this instance I was dead wrong when I disagreed with Gordon.

b) I trust Gordon more than anyone else in Independent Media. Ok? So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

c) In 2014, I sifted a lot of people out. The war in Eastern Ukraine was the measuring rod. Those who went out of their way to expose it for what it was, versus those who didn’t. Many did not make the grade.

d) I am honoured to work with these guys. A punk from the bottom of Africa trying to make sense of the world. And I end up on Veterans Today. I am blessed.

e) Gordon and I will still have our private bun fights, and they are private. On certain issues we will still agree to disagree.

Lastly my heart goes out to all those who put their faith in Russia Insider, including those who worked for them and invested in their site and were betrayed.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian

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  1. Only an ignoramus unaware of the difference between a hypothesis and theory would use the term “conspiracy theorist” as a slander. I suspect the CIA chose the term on purpose so they could laugh every time a sheeple blurts it out.

  2. Accurate information is always a pleasure to read. The refusal of Gadhaffi to accept the demands of GHWBush and Libya´s use of its share of the oil profits to elevate Libyans was more than the Bush entourage could tolerate. I appreciate the unravelling that Susan Lindauer did in the 1st printing of “Extreme Prejudice,” and the online videos in which she has participated. The years´ long efforts of Sibel Edmonds have provided continuous insight. Chalk up some points for the ladies, Lindauer, Edmonds, Frisk.
    I wonder if a subordinate of the Carlyle Group funded “Russia Insider” ? What do “they” not own or control, other than Veterans Today? Thank you, Gordon, Jim and staff.

  3. As they say, read everyone and then make up your own mind. There are a lot of good people in Independent Media, you might not agree with them 100% of the time, but all in all, the picture starts to make more sense. It is more of a buffet that a set three course meal. One thing I do not hear very often these days from the trolls, is “conspiracy theorist!” This alone tells me we are making some headway.

  4. To Jim W. Dean, didn’t know that the neocons where protecting Khadaffi, then they must have changed their mind for some reason, that I don’t know, because they sent their clown, Bernhard Henry Levy all over Libya to steer the operation to get rid of the colonel. BHL also, admitted that this was done for Israel.
    Mainstream media started to funnel the psyop that Khadaffis airforce where bombing civilians, the fix was in.
    Now, that nation is wrecked, Libyas gold is gone and a Libya is a training camp for terrorists funded by the Cryprojew house of Saud. Mercenaries, so called Jihadis are flown in from Libya to Syria. Funny how fast things can change.

  5. Thanks Amelius. My being wrong or right is not really the issue here as I see it. I feel more of a sense of abject disappointment. After all the suffering that the people of Donbass went through in 2014 and in fact are still going through today, though on a lessor scale, Kiev is still grad rocket shelling them, the last thing they deserved , which was one of the corner stones of the start of Russia Insider, was this sort of betrayal. One of the things that it did, now that I look back on it in retrospect, was shout over all the real voices coming out of Donetsk and Lughansk. One person in particular comes to mind, he got less of a following after Russia Insider came to the fore especially with the English speaking audience. He was there right from the beginning as a totally independent journalist, with his cell phone and on the front lines. He is still there covering as much as he can. Look him up on FB and youtube. Graham Phillips. One of my heroes.

  6. I don’t argue with Gordon Duff on anything, not because I have to much respect for the man, that’s beside the point. I don’t argue with him on anything because I have yet to find an instance where he was wrong. Don’t worry about his detractors Katherine I know who they all are and in almost every instance except one they are low level intell-opps, at least the ones that anybody has ever heard of, pandering to a certain crime family to which Dr. Preston James will be happy to name for you (I have promised not too, not to them but to the one exception, I consider him my friend too). One particularly vicious one has almost single handedly delivered the next election to said crime family with his ceaseless efforts to polarize White against Black and Hispanic, everybody on VT knows who he is and many probably have the misfortune of being on his mailing list. Anyway another great job Katherine, maybe its not a good thing these days but I also consider you my friend.

  7. Thank you, Katherine. Wish you all the best and look forward to reading more of your articles, especially now. I appreciate the Saker for the same reason, showing integrity. Gordon is an intelligence professional, I think he has a good heart but intelligence people are what they are 🙂 A very special breed, often having access to information few others have. As long as the energy of the Kazarian mobsters is challenged all is well with me.

    • I remember the original Saker blog. Him on his own, a voice crying in the wilderness. It was a simple page, which from a marketing perspective had nothing going for it. But from an information perspective was at one time a lone English language voice giving the Russian speaking Ukrainian view. Look at it today. He has come a long way baby! As for the intelligence people, we could all learn a lot from them. Nothing is what is seems and nothing is black and white. The good guys do not stand on one side of the field and the bad guys on the other. They are all mixed up like a fruit salad.

  8. You go Katherine! eating humble pie! Owning up your mistakes, the world would be such a better place if more people do this!

    This is also a fabulous piece for my buddy, who still wants to cling on to the propaganda and with with whom I had a discussion about Veterans Today!


  9. Take the right messages, personalities are not worth focusing in on.

    We hold the power, we are the key.

  10. with hearts in the right place differences don’t matter…..the greater the trust the closer the bond

    • One could also say…. the greater the trust the bigger the bun fight 🙂 I know this sounds a bit nuts, but I trust GD enough to pick out the raisins and throw them at him.

  11. Because of Neurotypicals (normal people) complex emotional system they tend to project their own feelings and beliefs on to others, this often makes them quite blind to the true picture. In our world because we lack almost all emotions we can’t project what we don’t have – so we develop the ability to (micro) read others and accurately predict their behavior. Emotional projection and false beliefs is a major downside of normal peoples operating system.

  12. I read Russia insider once. Just once. I found an article a while back which refuted the Donald cook incident. It wasn’t the fact that idisagreed with their conclusion, rather it was the “evidence” they provided. It was a childish attack which used an over simplified analysis to highlight the “non event”. Now as far as your articles go I’ll I have to say is more please. Keep up the great work Katherine.

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