Israeli, Saudi role in 9/11 covered up by US

SECOND IN A PACKAGE OF NINE PHOTOS.-- Hijacked United Airlines Flight 175, which departed from Boston en route for Los Angeles, is shown in a flight path for the South Tower of the World Trade Towers Sept, 11, 2001. The North Tower burns after American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the tower at 8:45 a.m. (AP Photo/Aurora, Robert Clark)
Watch the interview at Press TV
Watch the interview at Press TV

Will the push to declassify the secret 28 pages, and the JASTA bill allowing 9/11 family members to sue foreign governments, lead to re-opening 9/11? Will the 9/11 perps rat each other out? Will truth and justice finally prevail?

Such are the questions raised by this week’s amazing developments; for more information about how you can help see and  Meanwhile, here are my two latest Press TV interviews. 


Israeli, Saudi role in 9/11 covered up by US: Analyst

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, a political analyst and a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, in Wisconsin, to discuss recent developments regarding Saudi Arabia’s role in the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York that killed about 3,000 people.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: You yourself have been part of the movement to get the truth about 9/11 out and those responsible held accountable. What do you make of these current events?

Barrett: Well, this is a very exciting moment because many of us in the 9/11 truth movement have been pushing to try to get mainstream media attention to get the politicians interested in this issue for more than a decade. And now suddenly we have a media feeding frenzy, since the premier mainstream TV investigative journalism show 60 Minutes covered the 28 pages scandal last week.

There is mainstream media feeding frenzy and there is a huge push to declassify these 28 pages and what is really important about this is that not only it is going to reveal that Saudi Arabia had a role in the 9/11 attacks, but perhaps more importantly that the Saudis who had [did have]  the role were close friends of the Bush administration working with American agencies and that the Saudis were not the only foreign government involved and the Israelis played a much bigger role than the Saudis did.

I certainly hope that all of that will come out once we use the 28 pages issue to pry open the larger 9/11 can of worms.

Press TV: Well, I would like to pick on that point a bit further as far as the Saudi role when it comes to the 9/11 attacks; how imperative is it that that gets disclosed and discussed?

Barrett: Well, it is critically important because the thing is many of these other issues lack documentary proof in the form of official US government documents.

We know that they blew up the World Trade Center and it was a controlled demolition. It was certainly not a collapse based on fire but we do not have a US government document that says that. We do, however, have these 28 pages that detail the fact that there was a very close Saudi relationship to these alleged 9/11 hijackers and that that was then classified and covered up by the Bush administration and by the 9/11 commission which of course was a cover-up commission.

So we have documentary proof of a cover-up and that is critically important in getting legal action, getting laws passed, getting investigations and getting action in court. And once serious investigations of 9/11 begin and there are courtroom proceedings with discovery, witnesses who can be brought in and grilled under oath the whole thing could very well just explode and it would be the biggest scandal ever to hit the United States.

Press TV: Why do you think President Barack Obama is so insistent upon not letting this through?

Barrett: Well, I think when he came into office he kind of had a deal with the elements of the previous administration which was that he was not going to hang them for their war crimes. You know, that has been essentially the understanding I think and so he is still covering up for the crimes of the Bush administration and I’m sure he knows and everybody else who is paying attention knows that if this 28 pages issue really is picked up and is declassified and the public sees that in fact these alleged 19 hijackers were backed not only by foreign governments but by parts of the US government.

This is going to lead to questions about why President Bush was smoking cigars with Bandar Bush in the White House right after 9/11 celebrating.

So it is just a gigantic powder keg of political dynamite waiting to explode and I can’t wait till it explodes because the United States is in terrible shape right now and we need the kind of shock treatment that the 9/11 truth would bring us.

Watch the interview at Press TV
Watch the interview at Press TV

US President Barack Obama must be in a “backroom deal” with the Bush administration officials to cover up the truth through opposition to declassification of 28 pages of a 2002 congressional report, which could implicate not only Saudi Arabia but “perhaps” the US government and the Israeli regime, says Kevin Barrett, an author and political commentator.

The US president has chosen to “cut that backroom deal and say we are not going to prosecute the crimes of the Bush administration in the post-9/11 era,” Barrett said in an interview with Press TV Tuesday, as congressional efforts were still underway for a bill that could allow US citizens to sue the Saudi government for its involvement in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

However, Barrett noted that the redacted pages of Joint Inquiry would “completely overturn” the official narrative about the terrorist attacks as it could also show “US support” for the hijackers and “if more truth comes out” it could even implicate Israel.

US government ‘terrified’

Obama, who has voiced opposition to the declassification and the bill, is “afraid of the repercussions,” Barrett said, calling his position “outrageous,” particularly given he emphasized on it Tuesday before leaving for Saudi Arabia without any knowledge of what the pages have to offer.

“He hasn’t even bothered to read those top secret 28 pages,” said Dr. Barrett, who has a Ph.D in Arab and Islamic studies and is one of America’s best-known critics of the so-called war on terror, adding that Obama “has so little interest in the actual facts of 9/11.”

See “Obama hasn’t even READ the 28 pages – Jersey Girls horrified”

Riyadh has also taken the upper hand by threatening to sell up to $750 billion in US assets if the truth emerges.

“Obama is part of the cover-up team. He probably doesn’t really want that to happen and indeed many people of the United States in positions of power and authority are terrified of the possibilities for destabilizing the American system if the truth of 9/11 comes out.”


  1. And I will NEVER forget watching that scenario on TV as it “was happening” – and immediately thinking ‘there’s something not right with the entire view/occurance’…

    Then the collapsing: straight down! ‘that’s demo!’ I thought…

    Then that putrid clip of Bush being advised… the whole thing stank of set up –

  2. Another neat overview by Professor Barrett !
    I wonder if the 28 pages hint that the George H. W. Bush/Saudi Carlyle Group arranged for the israeli MOSSAD to demolish the WTC? Providing the Silverstein associates with an over four (4) billion payout, in addition to removal of the condemned buildings paid off the Israelis. The payoff for the GHWBush-Saudi Carlyle Group was the excuse to attack Sadaam Hussein and acquire control of Iraqi oil. The destruction also initiated the expansion of genocide of Palextinians to the entire “7 countries in 5 years” plan. The historical, comprehensive deception of George H. W. Bush is described in, “The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed,” (August 1992) by former OSS general Russell S. Bowen.

  3. ‘The 28’ are just some pointless distraction from the real perpetrators, who are obviously aware of the growing crowd around the world who now understand the truth of 9/11. This is what the US/Zionist do best (kind of), they lie, they get to the point first and install the ‘programming’ and trigger words into the minds of citizens so they direct their attention one direction and away from another.

    All we can do, is hope that this debacle reignites awareness and momentum in the 9/11 truth movement, forget about what are in these pages.

    • gogh; You may be partly right at least – let’s also hope there may be a good trigger in it to truly awaken not only more sheeple – but many of those ‘fence sitters’ in the WH, military, senate, congress etc; if there are any salvagble/ uncorrupted left…

  4. President Obama opposes Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11. However, he supports American suing Iran for the Marines’ barrack attacks in Lebanon. Why Iran, but not the Saudis?

    • Probably oil contracts Ann.

      This will all come out in the wash as they say.

      Now is no time to be losing our nerve !

      We can do this together, always remember it.

  5. Best to remain hopeful, but I am pretty sure those pages will have been edited to some extent, as what is in place to stop it ? Then of course we know they can cheat Clinton into power and that will really slam the door shut. Did she really get nearly 60% of the vote in NY ? This just shows how utterly rotten the system is ! That said you have to at least keep pushing for it as it remains the crime of the century by far and has been the catalyst for a more aware public.

  6. Bush’s America is right up there in a psychopath asylum academy with Caligula’s and Nero’s Rome.

  7. If USA’s legislature would process Bush administration war crimes with belonging mayhem ideologists from the Neocon movement, USA would resurrect on the world stage and there would be a chance for creating world stability and credible alliances and partnerships. There would be a genuine effort to solve middle east chaos and to precipitate two state solution for Israel/Palestine. There could be no cases for Israel’s “territorial fragility”. There are at least dozen or more countries in this world that enjoy “territorial fragility” and none of them decided to knock down the Manhattan Twin Towers because of that. However this prosecution of US officials is/was only so far possible in a Hollywood movie, in reality there is a cover grip on the humanity coming from this totally anti-human rights anglo-atlantic alliance and their child the UN.

  8. Thanks Dr. Barrett for reminding us all of how the current and past administrations are really on continuous cabal. Would it be a stretch to include the entire PNAC crowd in a samba like perp, walk right into Federal Prison?

  9. people were catching on to how badly the District of Criminals had sabotaged our economy, how much dope they import for gang war police state too. “oh hey lets blow up some buildings, we have the Patriot Act ready and waiting” aka premeditated, of course! just make NORAD stand down “nobody saw nuthin”, let lucky larry PULL WTC-7 and collect double billions on his terrorist insurance for what he’d invested a few million on.. but wait theres more! media complicity brainwashing people to think backyard BBQ’s vaporize and collapse, bush seeing the first plane hit when he was reading about his pet goat..

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