Vladimir Putin Morally and Intellectually Humiliates Mass Murderer Madeleine Albright

"All right, Mrs. Mass Murderer. Show me what you've got. Can you think?"
“All right, Mrs. psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown. Show me what you’ve got. Can you think?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Madeleine Albright has morally and politically stripped herself naked. She has recently declared that Vladimir Putin “is smart, but a truly evil man.”[1] Albright proves that she is not all that bright by adding: “a KGB officer, who wants to keep everything under control and believes that everyone conspires against Russia.”[2]

Let us see if Albright’s promiscuous reasoning stands to rational scrutiny. In 1996, the Jewish lady and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations was being interviewed on 60 Minutes. She was asked to comment on the U.S. sanctions in Iraq, which literally ended up squeezing at least 500,000 children to death.[3] The interviewer asked: “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

Without batting an eye, Albright responded: “we think the price is worth it.” In other words, Albright was willing to damn everything, including sending children into a hellish existence in Iraq, in order to accomplish her diabolical plan. Practical reason in the political realm here is of no use because it does not support Albright’s perversion.

There is more: “Albright wrote later that Saddam Hussein, not the sanctions, was to blame.” When Albright realized that her own satanic weltanschauung wouldn’t be supported by any rational person, she later declared: “I had fallen into a trap and said something I did not mean.” Fallen into a trap? A reasonable question which demands a reasonable answer is a trap?

You see, since practical reason is against irrational ideas, and since Albright was obviously siding with immoral behavior, she had to say that she fell into a trap.

Putin is destroying ISIS and is still resisting the New World Order in Syria. He is still against NATO’s expansionist ideology. For that reason, Albright thinks that he is evil. In fact, Albright says,

“I am very proud of the NATO expansion. Then we managed to use the power of Western Europe and help the Balkan states. The United States saw its role as an indispensable nation which should do good all over the world.”[4]

So, killing at least 500,000 children is a good thing; promoting Zionist expansionism all over the world, including in distant places like China,[5] is great. But attacking ISIS in Syria is really evil. What kind of world is this woman living in? Shouldn’t she start getting her head examined?

[1] Quoted in Damien Sharkov, “Putin Is a ‘Smart But Truly Evil Man,’ Says Madeleine Albright,” Newsweek, April 20, 2016.

[2] Ibid.

[3] John Pilger, “Squeezed to death,” Guardian, March 4, 2000.

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[5] For a recent development, see “Pentagon to Deploy Fleet of Underwater Robots in South China Sea,” Sputnik News, April 4, 2016.


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  1. Actually, it’s watering down Madeleine Albright’s patent evil to recommend mental plumbing for a devil such as she. For devotees of the cult of Satan, mental illness is the least of their maladies. Their disease is of the heart and the conscience. Normally, we are inclined to cut a little slack – even empathize with the mentally-ill and feel sorry for the poor things. Feigning mental illness and/or ignorance is a time-honored con-tool of Albright’s devil ilk. It is akin to the practice in the USA when a nice clean-cut white person commits an act of mass-murder, the first public dialogue is about his/her mental defects. Needless to say, any mooooozlem committing exactly the same, is, by default, pure evil through and through. Apparently, Arabs’ don’t seem capable of “mental disturbance.” Thus, it would be pointless for Madeleine Albright’s head to be examined. We do know evil when we encounter it and Madeleine Albright is the quintessence of evil. Who can fathom the fallout if anyone – let alone a foreign minister – publicly forms the words suggesting that the lives of half a million jewish children systematically murdered as being “worth it,” no matter what the nobility of the cause?

  2. Briefly and succinctly, Alexis reveals the agenda of another puppet of Judaism, Madeleine Albright, cohort of the Bush Crime Family. ” We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

  3. In the Western Political sphere atleast 70% would certainly agree with Albright whole heartedly, although they would tell that never in such a direct way but a lot of Sweeteners imbedded into the the reply. Keeping your posture is everything, your main asset, sweet talking of monstrous barbarous acts is the core of modern political science, which long ago officially abolished any moral or ethics (although the term ethics is wrong because it allows for anything in fact, in it’s current definition). Just make a little tour of the EU’s affiliated Thinktanks (horrible stupidity combined with total disregard for morals and ethics) to get some taste of it….the US ones atleast show some minimal form of intelligence remaining.

    • Moses and eHello
      If one reads the Bible carefully, within the Holy ghost. And Jesus states to Nicodemus, John3/3. Must be born again to get to Heavon. I am a message believer, going back to the first Messenger, St Paul. Jesus has a bride as he is the Bridegroom. The Bride or saint’s,Who have left the foolish virgin denominations mat 25. As the Bride is making herself ready for the rapture. And the Revelation
      18, come out of her my people.

      Now the Jews, original name are Israelites. They we’re gentile, as Abram was. We’re scattered by god,and they finished up in Europe, America. The Hollywood type of Jew,God hates. And people jump on the bandwagon not knowing their history. OOnly 144000, will make paradise, Moses elais.Rev 6. The nicolaitans are the first Church, Rev 2. Who we’re
      out voted by the Jesus so called people,Paul in Ephesus. Message believing Jewish Christians. When they left them to go home disgust at the nicolaitens, which god hated. The NEW Bishop, Augustine Hippo.said that now that they have left the church which was not theirs. We can kill them, and call them Heretics. So as you may know Sir, 68 million of my Brother and sister saints, we’re killed in the name of The lord Jesus Christ. Awful but true. Go to the Anti-nicene Fathers for the ultimate truth. And to, ….williambranham.org/visions, bless you.

  4. This Madelin Albright, this satanist zionist rag may be the mother of Hillary. We all know the child always wnts to progress and out do the parent. Well Hellary may have already surpassed Albright as murderer in chief. Now imagine her as President. There will be a nation of dancing Israelies, and blood will color the sky

  5. the US is full of shit because of people like YOU, MRS NOT SO BRIGHT. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  6. Where’s the outrage from our political class, military leaders, and clergy over such stupefyingly evil and depraved indifference to human life being committed in our name? Albright, evil as she is, merely let the cat out of the bag. As Rabbi Yaacov Perrin put it in ’94, a million Arab lives aren’t worth a Jewish fingernail, but neither are the lives of Europeans or Americans for that matter.

    Ground Zero was about more than buildings and factually a ritualistic, ceremonial live cremation of thousands of Americans, in which Odigo forewarned ethnic Jews and Israelis to stay away, and symbolically represents the cremation of America itself and everything it once stood for, as we’ve witnessed to our horror ever since.

    Conservatism, Inc. has shown itself to be not only no opposition, but itself almost totally indifferent to such stupefyingly evil and depraved indifference to the mass murder of God’s innocent children, ready to incinerate entire peoples over the death of one Israeli, and analyzing the results generally in economic terms that proves that, in essence, they’re materialistic Leftists themselves for whom Christian ethics are meaningless, who grovel at the feet of their Zionist overlords like the emasculated cowards they are.

    • Edward, communism, materialism, and scientistic rationalism are inimical to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and to perennial metaphysical teaching in general. Go your own way if you like, but you’re the one with a ring through your nose being led into a blind alley of meaningless.

    • Edward, I categorized our foreign policy as the one, long and sustained war crime of depraved indifference to human life, of the mass murder of innocents abroad; called attention to the occult ritualism of 911; and lastly, called out the hypocricy of Conservatism, Inc. Your reply from nowhere, therefore, strongly suggests you’re a troll with no interest but undermining those points.

    • ”The Edda is based on knowledge and awareness and saved a memory of around 200thousend years.”

      Okay, prove it. Show how the spiritual/metaphysical concepts of the Edda are true and not based on any kind of belief or faith.

      “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”
      ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:21

    • ”God made them a leader above subjects and not equals.”

      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
      ~ Galatians 3:28

      “See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.”
      ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:15

      If people act in direct opposition to a faith system, it’s illogical to blame the faith.

      When humans marched on the hel-way, she spreaded fear and desperation, when she was moving. In our days we would describe her as the ice-border, 2 miles high above the ground.

      Spiritual/metaphysical explanations for physical phenomena are not evidence of the spiritual/metaphysical. As you said, Ed, ”… we are on the last stage of degeneration, materialism, nothing is inspirited.” If people cannot sense gods anymore, their existence is still based on belief or faith.

    • ”Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

      “Thus it may be known that the leader of armies is the arbiter of the people’s fate, the man on whom it depends whether the nation shall be in peace or in peril.”
      ~ Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”

      Of course, if you think people can beat the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” just by asking nicely, good luck with that…

      We are not equal and we will never be.

      Yeah, the New World Order sociopaths agree with you. How is this not internalizing the ideology of our oppressors?

      ”… any faith stops the growing and means a standstill.”

      Not really. Even concepts such as unalienable human rights are based on faith. If I asked you to show me the empirical evidence or repeatable experimentation which shows people always possess those rights and that it is logical for everyone to put their lives on the line to defend them, even for strangers, you would come up empty.

      Yet here we have Christian Russians and Muslim Iranians cooperating to do just that alongside Syrians…

    • ”Responsibility for the own action is the main value, but a human can act in a responsible way without Jesus or Mohammed.”

      However, a responsible human still needs God or Allah. Again, why else would rational people oppose the NWO? Its man-gods have their own definition of what it means to be “responsible,” and their “heavens” and “hells” are very real.

      ”You know and i know what ‘injustice’ or crime is, without any education.”

      Laws that are not enforced do little to stop crime, and since human enforcement is imperfect at best, and Orwellian at worst, it stands to reason there is a justice system higher than humans.

      ”And at the moment Russians, Persians, Chinese and whoever are partners to bring balance to the force.”

      “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”
      ~ President Vladimir Putin, 2014

    • ”God, Allah or whoever are terms of no relevance, it is only the reflection…”

      Humans cannot confer a power or authority that they themselves do not possess. Furthermore, humans that choose to reject that power would be just as justified in doing so as they are also human. Again, you are only lending credence to the NWO’s world view; its darker “reflections” would be equally valid.

      ”Abrahamitic religions contradict the nature. They take us out of evolution.”

      Being taken “out of struggle, out of cut-throat competition, and out of ruthless behavior,” as Alexis put it, is wrong? Make up your mind, Ed: Either Abrahamic religions opposing the “boot stamping on a human face—for ever” is right, or getting in the way of “evolution” like that is wrong…

      ”Mr. Putin has to adjust to the faith of his population, a simple political concession.”

      Putin could have easily pushed another faith, like the Satanists calling themselves “Christians” do in the West. Why legitimately stick with Christianity unless it also sides against the NWO?

      ”And the NWO is not rational, the NWO is insane.”

      “… the precautions against defeat had to be serious… War was a sure safeguard of sanity… While wars could be won or lost, no ruling class could be completely irresponsible.”
      ~ ”1984,” George Orwell

  7. .”What kind of world is this woman living in?”…..an old stale-wart of the New World Order with an old worn out title..where the lives of 500,000 innocent children is insignificant and dismissed with the wave of a hand….evil stares her back every time she looks in the mirror

  8. The people in Aghganistan beg for Russia to return. The US has turned it into a more of a hellhole than Russia could have imagined As a result the Aghgan people would like to be save by the Great bear. Iraq is still asking for air support against ISIS. Albright is so 90’s.

  9. Well written Jonas. Spot on. Have her head examined? There are many that would choose a different course of action for her head.

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