Prince dies from flu?

Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)











by Katherine Frisk

Just over five feet tall, remarkably good-looking, incredibly talented, at the age of 57 Prince dies from flu?

There is a certain kind of spider in Africa, if it bites you, you get flu-like symptoms and you are dead within a week. Not so much in South Africa, but more further north. At first nobody takes the symptoms seriously because they mimic flu with high fever and a headache, which is easily treated.

But it is lethal, and more often than not by the time the real cause is found it is too late. I had a friend whose 12-year-old son died this way, after returning from a bush camp up near the Botswana border.

The same goes for certain kinds of tick bites — also if undetected, you can be dead within a week. In extreme cases, the organs of the body collapse, and the patient gets internal bleeding. Blood comes out the ears, nose and eyes.

If Prince was bitten by one of these spiders or one of these ticks and had flu symptoms, he would have died within a week. Some stories say he died from a drug overdose. Amazing how many ‘troublesome” people who do not tow the line in the entertainment industry die from a “drug overdose.”


Died 22 January 2008 (aged 28)

Heath Ledger comes to mind, as do so many others.

He blew the whistle on pedophile human trafficking going on through orphanages in his last movie. He never got to finish The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Another great talent lost, or rather wasted.

Prince dying from an overdose of drugs sounds fishy to me. And the dying in an elevator? As fishy as Michael Jackson.

I would like to see if a proper autopsy is done, no doubt it will not be.

When concerts start being cancelled and performers start getting ill, especially performers who normally live reclusive lifestyles and are suddenly out in the open and in public, something is always very suspect.

Died in an elevator? This AFTER being treated in a hospital?

What did Prince say in the months before he died? What has he written in his first book yet to be published and is scheduled for a 2017 ? And will it ever be published as he wrote it?

What was his last interview? What beans was he going to spill?

Michael Jackson, in some of the last footage taken of him during a rehearsal before he died, warned:

“You are running out of time.”

In a previous interview shortly before that he said:

“Read your history, they are lying to you.” Or words to that effect.

Prince once gave an interview and talked about Chemtrails. One of the few celebrities brave enough to do so. This alone was enough to get him killed.

Will we ever know the truth about a man called Prince and what he really had to say to the world?


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  1. I met my husband in ’83 when Prince, Jackson and Bowie were bigger than big. Wow, that decade was one for the books!! Following these performers and especially listening to their interviews showed a side to these men that one would never imagine given their 180degree turn when you saw them live on stage.
    Three gentle, intelligent, gifted men. I never believed for a nano-second, still to this day, that Jackson ever molested children. All one had to do was listen to the man to see that he himself was a child who loved people. They tore that man apart limb from limb. Bowie had the class to tell journalists “up yours” in the manner of a gentleman, that he was not going to answer such stupid questions.
    Now Prince, he was a gem. A mild mannered man, sincere and soft spoken, visibly embarrassed when someone like Halle Berry over complimented him on stage, spiritual as was Jackson and honest about his work ethic, abilities and concern for his fellow man. All these performers left an impact on my life and all three have been denigrated and slandered. And look what we have today, make me puke already. Lady Gag Gag, Beyonce and Jay Z, plus Miley the slut. A great era that once was is now gone but not forgotten.

    • Prince became a Jehovah’s witness. Here are some more for you. Dylan, genius, one minute saying there is no god, the next he disappears off the radar and we find out later he is a born again Christian and was working on a mission. George Harrison, wrote one of the most brilliant songs, “My sweet lord.” The Beatles break up and he disappears too. Cat Stevens, loved all his work. He also vanishes, we find out later he became a Muslim. All great talent that finally decided not to play their game, and all converted to one religion or another, In retrospect their lives are the big message and stands in contrast to what you so rightly called the garbage we have been left with.

  2. Interesting point. The same goes for county and western singers who seem to live forever. And classical musicians and opera singers. The question with Rock Stars is two fold. Do they stage their own deaths after accumulating enough work so that the royalties will set them up for the rest of their lives ? Or do the record companies bump them off because they have got them so tied up in legalities and “own them”to the point where they are more valuable dead than alive? Rock Stars living outside of the US seem to have a better survival rate. But all round it is a dirty business and talent is used and abused and Prince’s life is one example of that. As are so many others. The same goes for Michael Jackson. Those who give a finger to the system and try to leave it or challenge it often end up dead. Two ladies who managed to make it and get out alive are Diana Ross and Tina Turner, both moved to Europe.

  3. There are ways of treating it, some of it is covered in the comments on Orage and I’s blog but there are even simpler methods; no milk products, sugar and I suspect but cannot prove, yet, wheat. Also tell your local witch doctor euphemistically referred to as a PCP on insurance forms you are not interested in what the pharmaceutical company’s told him to prescribe. You want Clarithromycin. Prince is in a better place anyway, this world in its current condition is not worthy of of an artist of his magnitude. I’m absolutely certain he has more important things to do on the other side than entertaining replicants, genetic defects, cretins and the cowards that sanction all this…

    • Whether he “died”or as Katherine Keith has suggested, he has removed himself from society and now lives in a better place, I am sure he is free and happier than in this morass of a dogs breakfast, that these swine have created.

  4. Some other coincidences:
    1. On Instagram his last picture was captioned: “JUST WHEN U THOUGHT U WERE SAFE…” which has now been removed. A few people caught screenshots though.
    2. His lyrics from Let’s go Crazy: “Dearly beloved
    We are gathered here today
    2 get through this thing called life

    are we gonna let de-elevator bring us down”.
    And then he was found dead in an elevator (so we’re told).
    3. Prince’s death on the Queen’s birthday could symbolically make him a child sacrifice. (90-57=what popular number?)

    But in the end there was a giant rainbow over his home. I hope he outsmarts them as much in the afterlife as he did in this life.

  5. Great article and 100% correct imo. The recording industry moguls held a very big grudge against Prince. He is the only artist that was ever able to legally break his contract and get away with it at the time. He beat the best entertainment lawyers, all Ivy League educated. How did he do what was considered impossible? How did he break a contract in which the fine print prevented him from ever making much from all his creative work? He asked his attorney if there was some way out of this contract and the answer was a definite NO WAY, not possible, it is far too tight. Prince was a very intelligent man and he took some time off and studied the contract meticulously. He figured out a way out of it, something no one had ever even considered. He changed his legal name from a written name to a symbol and this was approved by a judge and made legal. This change allowed him to perform outside the contract and get all his money. The attorneys trying to enforce the contract were astounded and befuddled. How could this young man do the impossible and come up with the only hole in the supposedly air tight contract? But he did and I believe the music industry moguls sacrificed him to their god Lucifer as payback for that and for his public chemtrail remarks. they are known to do these sacrifices quite often.

    • Thanks for explaining the name change. Was a very smart move. He also wrote songs for many other people, a lot of them owe their success to his talents, and again, he used other names on the labels, so very few people knew that he wrote it.

    • This I did not know, Doc! Thank you for that! When I saw that particular clip of Prince, he certainly came over as a very intelligent being! But then they got him in the end, it seems that for now they always get away with it. This has to stop too!

      What I do know is that this music industry is rotten to the core and I don’t want any part of it: I do not buy, do not listen, do not watch any of it in my house!

      And agree with most of the comments here and Katherine, I am so close of walking away from this all and just spend time on my many hobbies and just let the chips fall where they may fall!


    • I am suspect of that. But not for the reasons that you give. Every time there is some major celebration in the UK the USA tops it with another story to capture the headlines and take the American’s publics attention away from anything that is going on in Britain. No matter what you may or may not think of the British royal family, the US media never misses a chance. One blatant example was when William and Kate got married, they just HAD to capture the long dead Osama Bin Laden the same day, and WiIliam and Kate canceled their honeymoon. Now a “Prince” in the US dies, and this is plastered all over US media. Also keep in mind that the UK wants to break away from the EU in Brexit. This means that the UK will not have to abide with the TTIP agreements signed between the US and the EU, which is reason enough to get out. Watch the press, the UK in the US media is going to come under a lot of pressure in the coming weeks, any excuse will do, until when and if they do not do a Brexit. So be aware of this game going on at the same time.

  6. I agree with you Katherine.! I will be the first to comment and say that I believe they killed him. It is the time of Beltane which is weeks of Pagan worship and sacrificing leading up to May 1. It also was the “Queen’s” birthday who we know worships ISIS.

    Yes he spoke out about Chemtrails and the illuminati. He knew a lot. He was very spiritual and not into drugs. Even if he had taken pain pills he wouldn’t have let opiates take over his life. You can’t dance and sing like that on opiates.

    This was done strategically during satanic ritual dates and on the birthday of the queen. They also took out “Chyna” a very famous wrestler on the same day. I had no sooner commented on one of Preston James articles about the M.O. of the satanists, how they will cause an earthquake to take many lives, then go to plan B and C which includes the death of a celebrity, when I heard the horrible news.!!!!

    The earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador were first, then Prince and Chyna, and they will now make lots of money in addition to the blood and sadness that they feed off of.

    I had referenced how they tried an earthquake in S.F. but didn’t get any results so murdered Robin Williams who lived in the area.

    I am sickened by this, but I did see a rainbow pointing straight up to heaven out of his recording studio…. and know he is now with MJ and Whitney, which Whitney was also a victim…. but that’s a whole nother story…

    • I have been watching the earthquakes. Japan … again. I am seriously getting tired of it. Surely somebody has the gall, gumption and the strength to put these madmen out of business? And yes, April is certainly a sacrificial time of year!

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