Britain up in arms over US dictatorial decrees over Brexit



by Katherine Frisk

At the bottom of all the controversy of the Brexit is the following:

International “free trade” agreements such as the TTIP and the TTP which will override the National Sovereignty of any country who signs them, the Constitution of any country, their Constitutional law courts and any laws that any government may or may not make regarding health regulations, minimum wage regulations or environmental requirements. Far from being Capitalism with checks and balances restricting monopolies, it is a form of Corporate Fascist hegemonic colonialism and Corporate Empire building, eliminating all competition in the interests of monopolies.


Agri-business lobbies the most with Monsanto GMO being a major player

The European Union is currently negotiating the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership with the USA.

If the TTIP goes ahead, companies like Monsanto, a leader in genetically modified seed products will flood the European Union, where in many countries it is currently banned, and farmers will be forced to use their products.

Any organic food competitors can and will be sued in private “free trade”corporate courts should either the farmers or government regulations attempt to override these “free trade”agreements especially if such actions cut into not only their current corporate profit margins, but their projected profit margins.

Corporations can sue governments for any loss of income due to laws demanding rehabilitation for damage done to the environment. Fracking for shale oil is a prime example.

Also keep in mind that although many tax havens around the world have been severely curtailed in the last two years, the USA (Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming) has become the world’s leader in tax havens and not subject to the open policy laws that US itself has imposed on countries like Switzerland.

Most of these corporations who are part of the Corporate Fascist New World Order have already set up trusts and shell companies and vehicles to funnel all profits into these tax havens and will not be liable under “free trade” TPP and TTIP agreements to pay any tax at all to any country in which they operate.

Should the UK opt out of the EU, they will in turn opt out of any and all TTIP agreements. No doubt Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be sure to follow as will all Common Wealth countries.

The UK, Canada and Australia have also joined the Asian International Infrastructure Bank  and intend being part of the new Silk Road project that will link Beijing and Vladivostok with Lisbon by fast rail. The question really is, would it be more economically  viable to align with the Silk Road or with the USA Corporate Vampire Squid?

The USA has not joined the AIIB.


Infowars graphic

Central to the EU and the TTIP is Goldman Sachs.

Goldman was a major contributor to bribes paid to congressmen (legal in the USA and called “donations to political figures) in order to get the TPP fast tracked, while ex Goldman Sachs “missionaries,”still loyal and answerable to the Goldman Sachs “we rule the world”credo, have been placed in positions of influence throughout the globe and are the hand that guides the policies of all central banks.

The Federal Reserve Bank, which consists of one-quarter Goldman Sachs representatives, does not make a move without Goldman Sachs approval.

Mario Draghi of the EU is answerable to Goldman Sachs and it was Goldman who was largely responsible for the destruction of the Greek economy.

The head of the Bank Of England is now an ex Goldman who threatened the UK with a devaluation of the British pound by as much as 20% should the UK leave the EU.

“Next time there’s a financial meltdown, your money could be rescuing Goldman Sachs. Yes, thanks to a new deal struck by Mark Carney, the former Goldman man now running the Bank of England, the US investment bank could end up enjoying the next round of British taxpayer bailout money. (The Independent, 20 August 2015)”

Goldman Sachs is a major contributor to the Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and Bill Clinton warned that if the UK leaves the EU, there will be trouble in Northern Ireland. What kind of trouble? A covert proxy civil war using Roman Catholics against Protestants and funded by the CIA, as they have done in Syria with ISIS?

Last but certainly not least, Goldman Sachs is an advisor to the Vatican Bank and the Pope.

If Goldman Sachs “rules the world” and according to Roman Catholicism, the Pope owns the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls, does Goldman tell the Pope what to do or does the Pope tell Goldman what to do?

What we have here is a repeat of 2,000 years ago. Caiaphas the High priest (Pope), the Herod Kings (King of Brussels), the money lenders of the temple (Goldman Sachs)  and the Roman legion (The US military industrial complex) all complicit in a Corporate Fascist international takeover that has been replicated on the model of the  Vatican City, the City Of London and Washington D.C. The TPP and the TTIP are their brainchild.


Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. 

Now keep the following in mind. The current King of Brussels (the pedophile capital of the world and the capital of the EU parliament) is a descendant of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor (800 A.D. – 1806), an Empire that once controlled the whole of central Europe and came under the authority of the Pope. Pope Leo III crowned the first Emperor Charlemagne who was believed to hold supreme power inherited from the emperors of Rome.

If the UK breaks away from the EU:

They will be doing what Scotland did when they told Rome to shove it and refused to hand over William Wallace in the 13th century and as a result were the first country on earth to be excommunicated by the Pope;

What Henry VIII did when he did not wait for the Pope to excommunicate him and excommunicated the Pope instead by instituting the independent Anglican Church separate from Roman autonomy;

And Queen Elizabeth 1 who told the Pope in no uncertain terms that the Gaelic countries converted to Christianity long before Rome did when Joseph of Arimathea traveled to Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland in the 1st century A.D and therefore none of them were answerable to a Pope who 1,000 years later under the not so Innocent III (1161 – 1216), wrote Papal Bulls that gave him the right to own the earth and everything on it and declare himself Christ’s sole representative on earth.

Tertullian (AD 155–222) wrote in Adversus Judaeos that Britain had already received and accepted the Gospel in his lifetime, writing, “all the limits of the Spains, and the diverse nations of the Gauls, and the haunts of the Britons – inaccessible to the Romans, but subjugated to Christ.”


“We have ways and means of persuading people to see things our way David. … hint ISIS”

A Brexit which will result in the UK no longer being bound by the TTIP  has a long history behind it in the interests of Nation State Sovereignty, the Magna Carta, and their own Constitution that goes back more than 1,000 years.

Some of those who are opposed to remaining in the EU and Obama’s threatening directives to the contrary had this to say:

100 members of the British Parliament wrote a letter  telling Obama to stay out of British politics:

“It has long been the established practice not to interfere in the domestic political affairs of our allies and we hope that this will continue.

While the U.S. administration may have a view on the desirability or otherwise of Britain’s continued membership of the EU, any explicit intervention in the debate is likely to be extremely controversial and potentially damaging.

We hope that you will persuade President Obama from becoming embroiled in what is a highly delicate, sensitive and important issue for the British people.”

Katie Hopkins, columnist for MailOnline wrote:

“I think overall the sense here and certainly the sense that I am getting from people is there is really a question about interference.

Why have we got an American coming over here to the UK to tell us how to vote on the EU, why is he splashed across the front of our newspapers telling us that he has a right to have a say because American blood was spilt helping defend us in WWII and why have we got him telling us that it is good for us to stay as a part of Europe because it is good for lawmaking, it is good for our financial systems and it is good for our sovereignty – whereas in fact we have given away our sovereignty: we don’t have controls over our own laws here in the UK.

And we certainly don’t have any control over our borders. I think, people like me who want to vote to get out of Europe – we don’t actually want Obama over here. I’d rather see someone like Donald Trump come over because at least he has a firm line on immigration.”


Here are some Tweets from the British and their feelings on Obama’s interference in British politics

The NHS, National Health Service which is funded by tax payers money is now being sold out to private corporate insurance companies one of which involves Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.


Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian

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  1. They will most probably get an “ISIS” bombing and the votes will be rigged. And Goldman Sachs will devalue the pound and the Catholics and the Protestants will be at each others throats again with ine of Soros “Color Revolutions”pre packaged and ready to roll out. Or another engineered “youth revolution” creating chaos throughout the UK and damage to property. Like they had a few years ago.

  2. Funny that the zion infested land of the Brits would complain about the haranguing from zion infested America’s Rothschild puppet. After all, what was the War of 1812? What is the putrid BAR association? Who are the goddamned Pilgrim Society and the Virginia Corp? I would like to see Britain cease to exist – since they exist only as a shell for zion – just as I would Israel. Same for that other great shell entity of zion: Amerika. The cancer needs trimmed.

    • As time goes by, the only defense the US has for itself is Rothschild. And that may well be the case. But Americans cannot keep deferring their own crimes which are abundant and from which they have benefited, from Jacob Shiff of the Fed funding Japan to declare war against Russia and China , to Rockefeller supporting Trotsky and Lenin, to the corporate funding of Hitler and the total destruction of Eastern Europe, or the CIA drug dealing Nazi Bush controlled devastation in South America, or the most recent Libya, Syria and Ukraine genocide. Never mind Africa. Seems to me Rothschild, even though complicit is a scape goat for USA Mafia crimes in war, illegal arms trade, drug trade, human trafficking, money laundering etc. So blame the Rothschilds all you like. But how about Americans look at themselves for a change and the Rockefellers? How about instead of blaming the British for all their criminality, they actually look at their own Bonnie and Clydes? How about Americans taking responsibility for 75 years of global genocide?

    • Yes great point, the Rockefellers are utterly brutal fascists, that said I still think Rothchilds have more influence. Eustace Mullins has great research on all of this, what a brilliant bloke he was, ditto Ezra pound. Everyone should know of there efforts.

  3. Well I be a moron then ! I guess what you are saying is that the vote will be rigged ? It may well be so, but the mindset is correct and the example is correct. It is time each country in Europe broke away. Call me a dreamer but I am staying positive and I believe that the majority will vote no, just as I said though, the vote will most likely be rigged. The veiled threats from Obummer who is not even American are good for a laugh mind.

  4. ‘Back of the queue’, eh?

    Well let’s hope we’re still at the back the next time a phoney threat comes along and they need troops for their phoney war.
    Think you can rely on the French, Germans, Italians etc?

    Yeah, right!

  5. Someone needs to get these threats by Obama down in writing quickly – yesterday, if possible. I mean, notarised.

  6. Also note that it has been Papal policy to dedicate Russia to the Virgin Mary for at least the last century. What this in fact means, is not returning Russia to Christianity, but bringing it under Vatican control. Putin has put a serious spoke in that wheel by not only supporting the return of the Russian Orthodox Church but has encouraged funding from the Russian people to refurbish all Russian Orthodox Churches across the country and restore them to what they were before the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 where most of them were stripped, either torn down, or turned to other uses.

  7. “The poor man wants to be rich,the rich man wants to be king, and the king a”int satisfied until he rules everything” Springsteen put the idea here in easy to understand words anyone can grasp as it infers those at the top are ruthless.

  8. In order to get a better understanding of the acrimony between the Orthodox Eastern Church and Russia in particular and the Roman Catholic western Church with the backing of the Holy Roman Empire you need to go back to 1242 – The Northern Crusades of Pope Gregory IX: Here is a brief quote- Unlike his predecessor who directed his soldiers towards the Holy Land, Pope Gregory IX had a very different idea: he wanted to convert the “pagans” of the North and East of Europe to the “true faith”. In his mind, Orthodox Russia was part of these “pagan lands” and Orthodox Christians were pagans too. His order to the Teutonic Knights (the spiritual successors of the Franks who had pillaged and destroyed Rome) was to either convert or kill all the pagans they would meet (this genocidal order was very similar to the one given by Ante Pavelic to his own forces against the Serbs during WWII: convert, kill or expel). In most history books Pope Gregory IX has earned himself a name by instituting the Papal Inquisition (which has never been abolished, by the way), so it is of no surprise that this gentleman was in no mood to show any mercy to the “Greek schismatics”. This time, however, the Pope’s hordes were met by a formidable defender: Prince Alexander Nevsky. You can read the full article here:

  9. The EU and the TTIP is another version of the same game plan, this time with the power of the US and the military industrial complex behind it. . Catholic or not, in recent years the Irish have realized that they were duped in 2008 with the mortgage crisis and many lost their homes. Now the Irish stooge politicians of the TTIP want to sell off their water resources to the Corporate Vampire Squid. They have also finally taken a stand against the rampant pedophilia that has gone on in Ireland by the Roman Catholic priests and the Magdalene Diaries have exposed many convents as being an excuse for slave labour. If there is a flare up between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland again, it will be a similar stunt as has been pulled in Syria and the Catholics will be used in a civil war. Perhaps it is time both the British and Rome stayed out of Ireland.

  10. The Irish, Welsh , Scottish and English all have a long history going back more than 2,000 years. They were already Christians long before Rome and many in Ireland were Christian even before St. Patrick arrived. Much like the Orthodox church it was Apostolic not under a Papal authority. The clan system is very similar to Joshua’s federation of 12 tribes as opposed to a hierarchy of King and High priest. They were all invaded first by the Normans, then during the time of the Protestant Reformation and the Tudors, Ireland was invaded by the British. Although “religion” was a major theme, the British wanted to keep Ireland out of the hands of the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope, and they have caused great suffering to the Irish people ever since.

  11. Well the “morons”in the EU and the UK are tired of “Color Revolutions”funded by Soros and engineered by the CFR in US interests. They are also tired of the influx of refugees/ISIS insurgents, again Soros foundation funded to be used as an Operation Gladio in order to terrorize the EU into signing TTIP agreements and the total destruction of any European country’s National Sovereignty which is already in tatters. European farmers and businessmen are also tired of the “fake”sanctions set up against Russia due to the coup in Ukraine led by … Soros again, Nuland, Biden and the Kagan mob. These sanctions have been more damaging to Europe than they have to Russia who is now food independent, if anything has become a food exporter and a leader in the Organic food market as opposed to Corporate owned GMO. Many of those over 1 mil. Russian speaking Ukrainians who fled to Russia in 2014 have been given farms and funding and assistance and are now land owners and successful small business development farmers, not feudal serfs of corporate fascist GMO companies like Monsanto and DuPont. Only a “moron”would sign the TTIP and stay in the EU.

  12. This is a worthwhile article, but not necessarily all there is to it. The US derived FATCA is too a mechanism to undermine sovereignty. As I comprehend the situation FATCA aligned with TPP is game over. The mediocrity in Brussels that appears to function as an adjunct to the White House has doubtless signed up to this malicious FATCA initiative, so I was wondering if, just perhaps, by exiting the European Soviet Britain might be at risk (hip hip hooray) of sabotaging TTIP and FATCA.

  13. Typically, President Obama hasn’t the foggiest idea what he’s talking about. He reads a script and without understanding. But at the risk of being accused of interfering in British politics, I strongly urge the great people of England to exit the EU as soon as possible and reclaim your dignity, not to mention your nation’s sovereignty.

    • I hope you are right and the ‘fear porn’ or dodgy voting machines stay out. Thanks for the good vibes, sending the same right back at ya.

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