Can someone tell Obama and Merkel to just shut up?

"We are just machines responding to what we were programmed to do. Blame our bosses. You know who they are."
“In a sense, you can say that we are just machines responding to what we were programmed to do. Blame our bosses. You know who they are.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Obama went to Germany just to tell the European continent, according to the Washington Post, “to reject the isolationist and nationalist impulses that are taking hold on the continent and pressed Europe to remain open to refugees fleeing war and poverty.”[1] Obama said:

“We have to uphold our values not just when it is easy, but when it’s hard.”[2]

When was the last time that Merkel and much of the leaders in Europe tell Netanyahu to do the same? Didn’t Netanyahu completely reject call to accept some Syrian refugees?[3] Didn’t Israel’s High Court of Justice return a 17-year-old Syrian girl who sought asylum?[4] Why don’t CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and other Zionist media talk about this?

Well, the logic here is pretty simple: the New World Order and its agents want to kill two birds with one Zionist stone. They want to create panic in Europe, most specifically in Germany. We have already seen sex and blood in Europe largely because of the crisis. Merkel, who is a complete puppet of the regime, simply does not have the guts to say enough is enough.

Moreover, Israel has a history of literally liquidating Palestinians like birds and insects and no virtually no serious politician has even asked the international community to put Israel on a regular diet. In fact, Israel is asking the U.S. to provide more money. But now we are being told that Europe has to lay aside its so-called prejudice, ignore the law, and then accept an essentially diabolical ideology, which has the potential to create revolution virtually all over the continent.

There is another deeper issue here. If Europe is xenophobic for not allowing thousands upon thousands of refugees, then Israel, by that logic, is xenophobic, racist, genocidal, pestilential, infanticidal, and ultimately Talmudic. In fact, Netanyahu tells us that Israeli laws are based on the Talmud.[5]

So, why isn’t all Europe up in arms revolting against the Israeli regime? Why is an entire continent being driven by a racist and genocidal ideology? Where are the leaders of the West? Why don’t they stand up in unison and say, “No, we ain’t gonna take this anymore”?

More importantly, why don’t people like Alex Jones address the Israeli dimension in all this? Why do they keep beating the so-called refugees as if they were the real problem? Does Jones mean to tell us that he doesn’t know that Israel plays a huge role on this? If he doesn’t, then he needs to start refunding millions of dollars to his well-meaning listeners. If he does know and still does not address the real issue, then Alex Jones is really evil.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled, Kevin MacDonald’s Abject Failure: A Philosophical and Moral Critique of Evolutionary Psychology, Sociobiology, and White Identity. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.
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  1. 2 stooges plotting face saving measures and patting one another on the back. Honor among thieves.

  2. Also I found on Wikispooks a great phrase that might best describe what is the term international community as it is used today (other than what average person thinks it is), international community might mean the “reflection of the historical seniority of its constituent elites” and of course it has all to do with Anglosphere and NATO.

  3. /commentisfree/2006/aug/24/whatthehellistheinternati

    you type this after the guardian dot com. it is a really simple superb way of explaining that there is no such thing as international community, there is no moral necessity or some mutual spontaneous reaction that would prop the countries or nations to act to isolate other or anything like that. What I feel is that the original intention to use international community was something to do with human rights but what it later came on to become was something else, and there were always the same western cathedra that used this term for their promotion. If Europe cannot agree and respect human rights with the Geneva accord and also in touch with the EU constitution, the EU or any other community are irrelevant and are not sharing values in any sense. All EU leaders are individuals on this I guess, and there are some examples that stood out against ruthless Israeli regime.

  4. Close to the mark but stop calling them by another name. It is not Israel, they have been dong this long before they stole Palestine. It’s just the Jews, as per The Protocols, setting the wheels in motion aiming for the final takeover. When it happens, all non-Jews, Goy, really become the cattle they have allowed themselves to become and hence deserve what is coming. They will be slaughtered in large number. But not in some fictional camps, a simple bullet to the head as is the method the Jews have adopted when they have control of a nations army. i.e during the terrifying reign of the Bolsheviks. It will be like the Russian revolution all over again. Women and kids raped, pregnant women having their babies cut out of them, the streets flowing red with blood, crushed skulls filling churches etc. There is only one way out. A massive worldwide revolution. I wont even say what must be done after that but I think we all know………………………………it’s either us or them.

  5. In response to ‘Ramirez’,

    the thing is, if all those things you mentioned happen, it’s the indigenous people that get arrested because they are ‘intolerant racist extremist thugs’, or words to that effect.

    And therein lies the problem, disagree and you need to be removed

  6. Exactly right finding answers is not easy but once Health services break down,,as they inevitably will do, once welfare bills go through the roof which they inevitably will do and once race war riots break out which they inevitably will do, then and probably only then(.short of a miracle) is there a chance of something happening, however expecting any kind of leadership is a pretty forlorn hope to say the least.

    Stockholme syndrome is amping up though, all you can do atm is get organised in your own area and stick together.

  7. the New World Order is israel and israel is the New World Order… the same monster ….Where are the leaders of the West? … needing a way through an encirclement must reach out beyond it

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