Grim Reaper In The Sky / Drone Assassinations With No Accountability


Grim ReaperSooner or later we will all have to come to grips with the collateral psychic damage we have wrought in the Middle East with our Drone assassinations on both innocent victims as well as the perpetrators themselves ~ for chaos reins on both sides when accountability ends: Allen L Roland, PhD


“If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.” ~ Paulo Coelho


Post-Traumatic Stress is a byproduct of combat duty for both the hunted and the hunter ~ but nowhere is that more visible and intense then in Drone warfare when terror arrives unexpectedly from the sky.

At that point, Drone warfare becomes intimidation


“Sometimes I am so sad that my heart wants to explode,” an Afghan man says, speaking directly into the camera. “When your body is intact, your mind is different. You are content. But the moment you are wounded, your soul gets damaged. When your leg is torn off and your gait slows, it also burdens your spirit.” The speaker is an unnamed victim of a February 2010 drone strike in Uruzgan, Afghanistan, but he could just as easily be an Iraqi, a Pakistani, a Somali, a Yemeni ~ or for that matter a wounded American combat soldier.

But what about the psychic damage and suicidal feelings of the Drone operators and personnel ~ ” When we are in our darkest places and we have a lot to worry about and we feel guilty about our past actions, it’s really tough to describe what that feeling is like,” says Daniel, a whistleblower who took part in drone operations and whose last name is not revealed in National Bird. Speaking of the suicidal feelings that sometimes plagued him while he was involved in killing halfway across the planet, he adds, “Having the image in your head of taking another life is not a good feeling.”

As Pratap Chatterjee explains in Truth Out ~ If recent history is any guide, these drones do not just kill terrorists; in their target areas, they also create anxiety, upset, and a desire for revenge in a larger population and so have proven a powerful weapon in spreading terror movements across the Greater Middle East ” ~ or create blow back in terms of fanatical retaliation and revenge. See Article ~

In addition to those they kill, Washington’s terror drones turn out to wound (in ways both physical and psychological) their own operators and the populations who live under their constant surveillance and this is clearly seen in Gavin Hood’s excellent film Eye in the Sky.

See three minute preview ~

Washington’s use of invasion, bombings, and murder by drone as its principle weapon against terrorists is mindless. It shows a government devoid of all intelligence, focused on killing alone. Even a fool understands that violence creates terrorists” writes Paul Craig Roberts

This anguished poem is by an unnamed Afghan woman whose home was destroyed by a drone is an example:

May God destroy your tank and your drone,
you who’ve destroyed my village, my home.

Allen L Roland, PhD

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  1. “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” – Lenin

    Not only does the collateral damage of drone warfare create 10 terrorists for every terrorist killed, but the MIC sells drones to any nation with the wherewithal (or loans) to buy drones. There are a few exceptions, but those disfavored nations (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea) have developed their own drones. It’s just a matter of time until the US / Israel reap what they have sown. In the not too distant future some enterprising terrorist group – or nation – will attach explosives and detonators to a few dozen cheap UAVs. Israel already produces such “kamikaze” drones, but homemade versions made with commercially available UAVs could be produced for much less cost. If used to launch short distance, low level swarm attacks against targets belonging to the US or US allies there would be little time to mount effective defenses. Such “kamikaze” drones would also be very useful for staging false flag attacks. I expect the warmongers and their supporting cast of “think tank” pundits will then declare that “no one could have foreseen” these entirely predictable results.

  2. QUIT!
    Just stop killing. Stop it!
    Why still doing a job that brings yourself on the brink of suicide and a lot of innocent people death.. Since we all know by now that most administrations (Europe, USA, Israel etc.) are a total fail – including most of their generalissimos. You can not stay in the killing business any more pretending that you serve anybody else than the NEO. We do never know HOW the decission was met to declare somebody a terrorist. You do NOT know whom you have there on the wrong end of your barrel. Not one soldier can nowadays pretent, “he wouldn´t have known”! We all are in this together! THIS is humanity! WE ALL killed these people. It is enough. We ALL know that! NO EXCUSES ANY MORE!
    Two whole generations we had to swallow the US propaganda in Germany that we all are guilty of every killed Jewish person in the Third Reich – no matter when we were born.. With this argument used, what do you think about 50 to 100 million killed indigene people in the Americas ofer the last 300 centuries? We all are in this together! THIS is humanity! WE ALL killed these people. It is enough. We ALL know that! NO EXCUSES ANY MORE!

  3. We can only wish for the prowess the Palestians, Kurds, Iraqi’s, Aghgani’s….demonstrate in the face of war and its hellish onslought on peace and stability caused by invasion. These people are the example we should learn from, not the John Wayne cowboy crap indoctrinated in to every tv radio and movie theatre since the inception of CBS.

  4. Unfortunately, you’re probably right, Foci ~ if you’re a truth teller and live on the edge , as I do, you’re a marked man and already guarding your back and wary of the skies 😉

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