Qatar’s ex-Foreign Minister reveals: Qatar and Saudi Arabia start and escalate the Civil War in Syria



In a recent interview with Financial Times, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former Foreign Minister of Qatar, talked about the country’s crucial role in escalating the Syrian Civil War. Despite the legal burden and great importance of the interview, there was not a sufficient feedback from Arabic or western media.

The only exception is an article published in “Anha” News Agency, in which Trad Alomari, writer of the article, asked US, Saudi and Qatar authorities to confirm or deny the alleged interventions.

“What happened in Syria was not a revolution, but an international dispute between world powers.” Al Thani told the Financial Times. He also stressed on US role in paving Qatar and Saudi’s road to Syria adding “I will tell you the untold, when we started to interfere in the Syrian political scene, we were sure that Qatar will soon take the leadership, and that was partly due to Saudis’ reluctance of a clear interference in the country. But the game changed when Saudi monarchy decided on a direct intervention and asked us to take a back seat. This had led to a competition between us and them.”

The unprecedented confessions brought a different perspective to the story, spoiling the old tale told and retold by Saudi and US authorities. Claims suggesting that it is a revolution, Bashar Assad is killing his own people, Iran is the main reason for instability in the region, Syrian Opposition is truthful, or “high commissioners’ are determined in reaching a political solution in Geneva.

It is noteworthy that the statements will have legal or even criminal aftermaths for Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United States, and Syrian government can file a legal claim asking for trillions of dollars as a ransom for reconstruction.


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  1. Various articles published by veteranstoday establish that there is no “civil war” in Syria. Rather, Syria is under attack by elements of the proxy army of the CIA/MOSSAD. Also to be considered is the plan in the Pentagon revealed on 21 Sept 2001, “7 countries in 5 years.” Viewed within the context stated by the alias, Ben Gurion, repeated subsequently by Israeli leaders, that all Arab nations will be overtaken, occupied and renamed “Israel”, the long-term plan of Judaism is apparent.
    Germany´s Merkel continues to enable ISIS/ISIL to drive Arabs from their homelands, offering housing and accommodations in all EU/NATO nations to the Arab Moslems. She also plans to establish a German addition to the US/NATO airbase at Incirlik exclusively for the German airforce. An initial 65 million Euro cost is estimated, which will exceed 100 million when graft is considered. For details see_ “hintergruende/deutschland/peter-orzechowski/plan-b-krieg-um-syrien-mit-nato-und-bundeswehr” under the homepage of_ GoogleÜbersetzer translates reasonably well.

    • The average German was suckered into the propaganda that the alias, BHObama, is a Negro and has advanced the USA. They are unaware that he has disregarded the USConstitution, advanced the New World Order, and has accelerated and enlarged the treason initiated by the Bush family. Since chancellor Merkel met with him last June at the G7 meeting at Castle Ulmau in the Bavarian Alps, she has mimicked him in the EU. Merkel assumed the role of dictator of the EU, mandating acceptance in the EU of the millions of Arab Moslems that ISIS/ISIL is driving from their homelands. Merkel meets with Obama this week in Germany and German newspapers are filled with puke-evoking propaganda and pictures. Insiders suggest that they are working on Obama´s “Plan B” for continuing aggression against Pres. Assad of Syria.

  2. Their’s oil in them there sand dunes of Qatar and it be needin a way to get to Asia. Syria is the straightest route but Assad/Russia have other plans.

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