John McCain: F-35 program has been a ‘scandal’


WASHINGTON — The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s record on cost, schedule and performance has been a scandal and a tragedy, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told senior Pentagon officials Tuesday during a withering critique of the most expensive weapons program in U.S. military history.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said during an oversight hearing held by the committee that the aircraft’s development schedule has stretched to 15 years, deliveries of the F-35 have been delayed, and costs have skyrocketed.

“It’s been a scandal and the cost overruns have been disgraceful,” McCain said. “And it’s a textbook example of why this Committee has placed such a high priority on reforming the broken defense acquisition system.”

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall and Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, the F-35 program manager, said the they are “making solid progress” with the F-35 and are confident of overcoming the challenges.

“The F-35 is no longer a program that keeps me up at night,” Kendall said.

The Pentagon plans to spend close to $400 billion to buy nearly 2,500 F-35s for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. The budget request for fiscal year 2017 includes $8.3 billion to purchase 63 aircraft.

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  1. What’s the problem, did McCain not make enough money out of it?
    Or is he just embarrassed by Americas impotence in the face of Russia.

  2. John “HANOI BITCH” mccain. What ever caused you to change your tune on the F-35 is between you and whoever you kneel down to.
    But on that we agree.
    As a (68-69) I give myself permission to speak to you with hatred in my hear
    I say this. Your traitorous mouth should forever be superglued shut until…
    1. You admit why North Vietnam refers to you as SONG BIRD mccain
    2. You Speak the truth as to your father’s role in the Israili attack on the USS LIBERTY.
    Until then you should be silenced. For you it may not be a bad deal as every time you squawk you embarass yourself and this great nation.

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