Khazarian Mafia’s system of Cartels


by  Preston James

image002In 2014, the Chairman, Director and Senior Editor of Veterans Today disclosed publicly for the very first time that there is no naturally occurring terrorism — it is only violence and wars engineered by the World’s largest organized crime syndicate.

Thus, we now are aware that the so-called problem of terrorism is really a problem of organized crime that is initiated and deployed by the world’s largest organized crime syndicate.

Never before in history has an organized crime syndicate become so large with global reach, and never before so powerful and evil, specializing in the frequent mass-murder of innocent people solely to enhance its power and riches.

It was Gordon Duff, Chairman of Veterans Today, who first publicly discussed this sinister reality at the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism during his Keynote Speech in December of 2014.

Soon after this, VT’s Financial Editor and Talk show host (“Short End of the Stick”) Mike Harris pointed out for the first time that this largest global organized crime syndicate is best identified as the Khazarian Mafia (KM). This name is appropriate, because its origins go back in history to the period 700-1200 AD in the nation of Khazaria, which is approximately the same area as Ukraine.

Mike Harris uncovered a sinister history related to this Khazarian Mafia — one of committing genocide against Armenians in 1915, and mass-murdering over 100 million innocent Russian civilians in the Bolshevik Revolution. The KM also mass-murdered at least that many Chinese during the Khazarian Mafia directed Maoist takeover in China in 1945.

Mike Harris also uncovered the longstanding blood feud of the Khazarian Mafia (aka the Bolsheviks, or Zionists) against  the Russian people for destroying Khazaria in 1240 AD.

It is clear that the Khazarian Mafia has also had a longstanding blood feud against America the Constitutional Republic for breaking away from their City of London establishment that the KM had infiltrated and hijacked via the Rothschild banksters.

This KM blood feud against America has been conducted with the usual methods involving infiltration of key institutions, followed by their hijacking. This has been done within each of the largest US Corporations, which are further consolidated into several larger corporations that cooperate together against consumers and buyers of their products and services.

The application of several key KM processes have resulted in the hijacking and consolidation of most American institutions and large corporations.

These key processes, infiltration, hijacking and consolidation of major institutions, corporations and even most governments, has been repeated over and over in many nations around the world. This has resulted in the stealing of huge amounts of wealth from people and resulting in a worldwide KM hierarchy of control, best described in America as the Establishment Hierarchy.

In essence, these cooperating corporations function as a cartel or an illegal monopoly. This makes it quite easy for the KM to control entire industries and sectors of society, because they ensure that the leaders of the corporations have been initiated into their hierarchy of control and have a personally vested interest in following KM wishes and directives.

This same process has been enacted in every sector of American society after 1913, and we discover that every major institution of government and private industry, as well as most large church systems have been infiltrated and completely hijacked to be under the spell and control of the top leadership of the KM’s hierarchy.


Here is a brief list of the various interlocked Cartels that the Khazarian Mafia has created that control America and have been placed under the control of the Establishment Hierarchy, (and not necessarily in the order of importance).

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?
End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

Each of these Cartels is organized into a large system best referred to as the Hierarchy, and the several wrinkled-up old men in wheelchairs that control it are called the “Select Few” by insiders.

  1. The Money Cartel aka the Federal Reserve System, a fraudulent illegal unConstitutional system that prints fake money debt-notes instead of real Gold or Silver Certificates. This is the epitome of RICO crime and fraud. Of course there is no statute of limitations on fraud, and all assets illegally asset stripped can be clawed back some day using the US military, if necessary.
  2. The Energy Cartel aka the Petro Cartel which has provided the linchpin of the US Petro Dollar.
  3. The Knowledge Cartel aka the US Educational system including public schools, private and public universities. Rigid controls have been imposed which prevent free thought and investigation or teaching about certain forbidden subjects like the Federal Reserve System or all the secretly run illegal, unConstitutional practices of the Establishment Hierarchy.
  4. The Military and Intel Cartel which has served as the World’s policemen and used American Soldiers as disposable cannon-fodder. This itself is one of the most sinister crimes against America and is a well-planned attempt to destroy Goyim men and prevent them from defending America from the KM’s “final solution” and final revenge for ever leaving England which is the mass-murder of 90% of all Americans, a repeat of what they did in Russian in 1917 and China in 1945.
  5. The Judiciary, Corrections and Police Cartel which is used to run interference and cover-ups for the Establishment Hierarchy. It is staffed by mostly Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and ex-Jag Officers who serve the Establishment Hierarchy no matter what.
  6. The Big Medicine Cartel. Controls all medical schools, all medical, dental and nursing degrees, the CDC, the FDC and all USG health policies. Like all other Establishment Hierarchy Cartels it serves the Hierarchy’s needs and serves up limited truth about all health problems and is oriented to making people sick in order to gain maximum profits and control of the masses by weakening them and asset stripping them.
  7. The Big Pharma Cartel. This cartel has been designed to work closely with the Big Medicine Cartel in a symbiotic arrangement where each feeds the other and increases business for each other. This is a sinister result of what good be an asset to Americans that has turned bad, becoming a tool to gain major profits at the expense of the health and financial well-being of Americans.
  8. The Agricultural Cartel. This cartel has been created by infiltrating and hijacking corporations that buy, broker and process grains and produce. It is associated with the banks in various financing schemes designed to result in the loss of family farms to become part of large corporate farms.
  9. The Major Mass Media Cartel. This is best described as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). It uses an American Intel proprietary to vet every single story carried by the six networks which actually function as a virtual and illegal Monopoly. This KM proprietary is a major Investment House that claims to be on the Vanguard of progressive investments.
  10. The Entertainment Cartel. This is based on the sophisticated mind-kontrol served up by Hollywood and the Television networks and movie theaters. It controls the culture, values and mores of the American group mind and and keeps the massed sedated and satiated. When folks experience frequent “shoot em up” action scenario’s sitting in front of large screen TVs and in movie theaters and frequently see the impossible, this satiates their expectations and exhausts their motivation to actually change society for the better. Many have become so “programmed” mentally by the TV and movies that they have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality and easily accept their mind-kontrolled state.
  11. The Bread and Circuses Cartel. This is Big Sports designed to keep the masses appeased so they don’t have time to become concerned about how the Establishment is ripping them off at every level nor any inclination to be motivated to stop them from doing so. Much of the violence and filth in America can be directly attributed to this powerful mind-kontrol system which operates by the power of 60 HZ conditioned susceptibility, hypnosis for many. Hollywood superstars are paid big money because what they do is important to the Establishment Hierarchy, in terms of mind-kontrolling the American masses and much of the world.
  12. The Religious Cartel. Sad to say that the KM has infiltrated and hijacked almost every major religion in the World, including the Vatican and Catholicism, Lutheranism and all the rest. The illegal, unConstitutional 501-3C tax exempt status regulation for churches has kept them in line and restricted them from getting involved in politics or preaching much truth related to evil in the highest echelons of their own governments, local, state and federal.
  13. jfk-illuminati-assassination (2)The Secret Society Cartel. The KM has established a worldwide network of secret occult-based societies which form the secret associations that control almost every major US Institution from the top echelons. This network is closely associated with Intel groups and actually has been secretly deputized as agents of national security which gives them immunity from any prosecution. This Cartel uses various occult groups in its network such as satanic cults like the Process to do its dirty work, often assassinations, gang-stalking, secret break-ins and other crimes for the Intel Agencies who want distance and deniability. There are cases where certain occult members who have embarked on missions to assassinate targeted individuals who have been clipped by a well-trained intended target and these incidents never get into the light of day for what really happened. As more and more Americans are becoming armed under the new concealed carry “shall issue” laws, it is not so easy anymore for these occult groups to assassinate targeted individuals without getting clipped in the process.
  14. The Government and Politics Cartel. This involves a coordinated system that controls all government in America, local, state and federal. Various manipulations are used to bring conformity to the wishes and edicts of the Establishment Hierarchy such as political favors, bribery, human compromise and even harassment, threats and assassinations often disguised as medical illnesses.
  15. The Arms Cartel. This is one of the biggest money makers for the wealthy KM families that own large blocks of stock in these defense contractors, especially those with no-bid contracts which are also involved in kidnapping and sex-slavery. War is extreme profitable for the FRS Banks and these KM investor Families. And that is why the Hierarchy pulls so many strings to hire mercenaries to conduct Gladio-style, inside-job false-flag attacks in order to start illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars. Because the Russian Republic has checkmated this war-making process in the Mideast, it is likely that the KM is planning on transforming America into a large GAZA II war-zone and eventually into the World’s largest open-aired prison camp while they complete their goal to depopulate America by 90%.
  16. The Narcotics Cartel. This is the most lucrative KM Cartel in America of all, next to the Money Cartel, which is the “head of the snake”. Retired DEA officials have privately spoken out and claimed that most of the large Wall Street banks would go under in a month unless they could launder the vast fortunes obtained from the Establishments with their international drug trafficking, especially into America. The richest, top Establishment Hierarchy (KM) families who are in the upper crust dress with the most expensive clothes, live in big mansions, and attend charity events and give token amounts from their vast tax exempt charitable foundations pretending to be caring folks, when they are actually the most two-faced and evil of all, and directly gain from the enormous drug cartel profits which they hid in these tax exempt foundations and draw money out as long term loans and “operating expenses”. This vast illegal drug income is split with the Intel agencies, who use it for black ops money and personal gain.


There is some good news with all this bad news

BRICS7Recently the KM has been completely checkmated for the very first time, and this has been accomplished in Syria by Putin and the Russian Federation with its use of superior state of the art air power at its ally Syria’s request.

Not only that, numerous new economic, trade and monetary coalitions have developed, which in time will sink the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency, maybe sooner than later.

Thus we see the BRICS Development Bank emerging, followed by the Chinese AIIB System and the Chinese version of the Swift money-wire system.

Already most of the world’s governments (except the USA and Israel) have either signed up for BRICS or sent letters of intent. Private trade deals have been negotiated between China, Russia and other nations, which are for the first time conducting trade without the use of the US Petro Dollar. Even Saudi Arabia is beginning to negotiate with the Chinese about mutual new trade deals without using the US Petro Dollar.

The die is set, and no matter how much the Federal Reserve System and its partner in crime the US Department of the Treasury monetize the US foreign debt by buying it back with newly issued but worthless debt-notes, it is only a matter of time that the whole FRS system is going to collapse under its own massive Ponzi scheme of financial fraud and fake money.



I am often asked the question of how can we stop this insidious monster the KM and its Establishment Hierarchy that has hijacked almost every American institution using the extreme power of its debt-note counterfeit money-magick. They have done this by buying or bribing almost every single USG official and US Federal Judge including five of the now eight Supreme Court Justices?

8e32d-blasphemies (2)This is a difficult question to be sure. The best way is for the spontaneous emergence of a large scale mass populist awareness all over America at every level. This is in process now thanks to the increasingly negative economic situation and the alternative news on the Worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press.

As more and more Americans find out about the KM, the Establishment Hierarchy and the Select Few that run it, more and more Americans will become motivated to dissent, protest and work hard to change this at every level instead of wasting most of their free time on TV entertainment and bread and circuses.

Abject secrecy is necessary for the KM’s survival and power. Up until recently, any presentation of such realities to one’s family or friends usually resulted in the accusation that such was conspiracy theory or crackpot Internet stuff.

Lately with all the USG lies exposed even in the CMMM, especially when USG economic statistics are reported that everyone knows are clearly lies, folks are catching on and beginning to listen to such talk and believing it for the first time.

The best way would probably be for a patriotic faction of the US Military High Command to wake up and stage a coup d’état and cut the head off of the snake by arresting all of the top Hierarchy members for Treason, Sedition and RICO crimes against America, especially the Select Few.

The problem is that the Hierarchy’s control over all American Institutions has reached the point that we are probably going to have to see the Hierarchy and the KM destroyed by the geopolitical and geo-economic manipulations of Russia, China and its new economic allies all around the world.


As this new reordering of monetary systems and trading nations emerges, the death of the US Petro Dollar is imminent, and when that happens the power of the KM and its Establishment Hierarchy and system of interlocked Cartels will collapse.

In fact, every single one of the KM Cartels listed above is being exposed and many are being checkmated by dissident Americans from all walks of life, including retired Intel, government officials and many of the now well-informed public.

In addition, the Russian Federation, China and their new associations with BRICS nations and AIIB participants are seeding the complete disempowerment and destruction of the KM and the Establishment Hierarchy. The KM knows its end seems imminent, and had built Malaysia and China into economic powerhouses to later parasitize as their new hosts after they have reduced the USA to rubble and dead bodies.

But the Chinese have very long memories and their leaders have connected the dots and are hip to this and working closely with Putin and the Russian Federation to prevent this. In the not too distant future, there will likely be no place to hide for the KM and their Establishment Hierarchy.

Stay tuned, because in a future article, an attempt will be made to explain why the KM members are so two-faced and so remarkably inhuman and evil. We need to find out why they are able to order individual murders and mass-murders of innocent civilians in war at the drop of a hat with absolutely no remorse.

We need to learn why they enacted extreme rules of engagement with We The People, while never expecting that someday the same rules of engagement could be directed back at them systematically at all levels.



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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
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  1. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    – H.L. Mencken

  2. Yes, I am a new reader of Veterans Today, so there are, I am sure, many articles I have not read. No offense meant.
    It is great to find a source, (Vets. today,) which is actually revealing what is going on within our illegally elected respective governments.
    From my short time reading your site, it appears to be far more accurate, neutrally biased reporting, which is intellectually refreshing.
    As I read I find there is a lot of stuff I have not come across previously, especially the Khazarian plot, so my ignorance may be excused as I strive to get my head around the depths of the pooh in which this world is wallowing in.
    As a Christian, and believing our world has a far shorter life expectancy than most want to accept, any future thoughts one may express need be read in that context.
    It is staggering to realize the respect one had for Israel has been much misguided, to learn that we, as Christians, have been completely hoodwinked by what one thought was Israel.
    Thus, we see from my first post, that all Israel is NOT Israel.
    We know the baddies are running out of time, so keep up the good work and get the truth out to the masses!
    Thanks for the updates!

  3. There IS an alien agenda! After the consortium of SSG and Shadow military and DNA retrieval program for hybridization and exploitation of humans is finished, the participants in this most heinous and dark agenda will be exposed of by the reptillians. That is what they don’t get!

    Preston James has many excellent articles regarding the “hierarchy” and everyone should reread…

    The draco-reptillians are a very ancient parasitic species. No one knows for sure (yet) if Lucifer co-opted them or found them already willingly deviant and thriving on bloodlust. They have only managed to emerge to a very dark and dismal level of the LOWER astral plane or as I sometimes refer to it as neg.4D. This is also where demons exist and crave to inhabit a human body. Although they are different in a physical sense, they both answer to Satan and do “its” bidding. They are more powerful than humans in many ways. You have to look to a higher source for protection and keep on a spiritual path of your own enlightenment. This is they only way…

  4. It is interesting to read how readers are so accurately describing the coming chaos, with the exposure of the Wall St. Jews as those driving the plot for a New World Order.
    We know, all Israel is NOT Israel, (Rom.9:6,) there are only 144,000 Jews to be saved, (Rev.7:4-8) after the very elect of the Gentile church are caught away, (1Thes.4:15-16) but there appears to be no recognition amongst your writers, of BIG MOTHER, the vatican, who is pulling the strings of all players.
    Putin, Yeltsin, Bush, many world leaders, go to the vatican to get their instructions. They obviously know who is the boss, as they all kiss his ring, and we need understand that the New World Leader will be the beast.
    American people have, sadly, been sold out, by your religious leaders, politicians, economists, for greed, lust for power, world domination, while your bankers, who have illegally purloined control of your money system, those who control your Treasury, (not your government), to plunge you all ever further into debt.
    America is kept at war by the billionaires who control the arms industries, America’s economy is founded on the sale of weapons of war, which has kept her in horrific debt to those who also sell the weapons they make to those you are fighting against.
    When or, will, the citizens realize that your nation’s greatest enemies are those who control your corporations, your assets, and have killed millions of your, and your supposed enemy’s citizens!

    • Much of what you say is true. But several VT columnists including myself have reported on the Vatican’s key role in the Globalist NWO system. You must not have read many VT articles lately.

  5. The one thing they fear and did not expect is for the truth to come out.
    Truth will prevail. The military, army, , etc. work for the American people and NOT the government OR the President. We the people, any one of us, just have to give the order for them to defend us against enemies domestic and foreign here on our shores. The PEOPLE hold the power and this is the secret they never wanted us to know. The constitution is ABOVE the government and the PEOPLE are ABOVE the constitution, which is just a government services contract that they are supposed to be protecting our RIGHTS. They have failed to do so and are in breach of contract. The contract with the alleged “government” services corporation called UNITED STATES, INC., aka Federal Reserve Board, aka IMF, etc. has been cancelled, now boys of the red, white and blue- I hereby order you to do what needs to be done to protect the people of America and under the land jurisdiction you have my authority to act in our defense as these pirates have come in from the sea and invaded us.

  6. Preston: how much of their MO originates from fourth dimensional, reptile dominated intelligence? And what is their greatest fear and adversary?

    • Probably a lot. Their greatest fear is exposure. Without abject secrecy they are easily overpowered. That is shy they work so hard to provide addictions, bread and circuses and lost of societal chaos and conflict, all in order to keep us distracted.

  7. Amen to that, Jack. And if we have to abide by the fair play doctrine, scribble out the intentions in Swahili in chalk on the bottom of an anchor and drop it in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That’s about as “fair” as they “play.”

  8. There are many aspects to the KM Control System, not just in the U.S. but across the globe. This is an excellent expose’ of their strategy, efforts and accomplishments ( the most UN-healthy). The key factor in all this is money creation, access, placement.

    This must be read and incorporated in all our future plans and goals for elimination.


    (Jesus speaking to the fake Jews/Synagogue of Satan over 2000 years ago)

    John 8:43 Why do you not understand my speech? even because you cannot hear my word.

    44 YOU are of your father the DEVIL, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    47He that is of God hears God’s words: you therefore hear them not, because you are not of God.

    • Without a doubt. Some is done by the SSG, and some by foreign govts and some by ET. It’s all part of terra-forming and rolling out the Globalist NWO plan to depopulate the Earth by 90%.

  10. They all have overlap because of the personal associations between the various members of the Hierarchy and the common thread in the higher ranks of membership in sinister secret occult societies.

  11. Yes, Texe Marrs is doing a good job presenting a lot of information related to this problem.

  12. Texe Marrs provides an excellent explantion of just who are these peoples and where did they originate from and are they really the 13th Tribe of Zionist Israel?

  13. Preston this is a very well written and timely article. Bravo.
    My fear is that the KM will infiltrate BRICS and anyother competitive banking system
    When I first read that London sent a letter of intent to join BRICS my heart sank
    The only way to get rid of these criminals is to make it impossible for them to create and control the money supply.
    The legend of vampires has the clue. The vampire has to be invited into the host’s house. The same rule applies here, to BRICS etc. Vigilence is the word of the hour.

  14. @Blackheart. That is very interesting point, as IIRC the number 52 is also part of the unified energy field we all live under. So yes, probably would be a big game changer. Not easy to coordinate such a thing of course but good to know that this info is known and thought about consciously.

    That could be massively influential ! As we want this sorting in a surgical manner not in some crazed out of control mass reveloution.

    Tell you something else, just as I had typed out the first part of my reply my broadband cut and I had to restart my router ! Coincidence theory-tastic !

  15. Do you really think taking out 52 ‘verified’ targets who are key individuals of the KM is too much?!?
    If you actually knew how much suffering, destruction, and death these parasites are responsible for.. you’d think I was being too kind. I sincerely believe their entire power structure would fall apart if they knew they were being targeted for assassination by the countries they’ve exploited and destroyed from within.

    They’ve been at war with the rest of the global population for centuries but most of the population hasn’t even been aware of it.

  16. Excellent!

    You have my deepest, heartfelt, admiration and gratitude for your outstanding journalistic works Dr. James.

    Keep bringing light to Planet Earth and hope to the inhabitants of America.
    Collectively, we will reach critical mass. Collectively, we will overcome the dark, oppressive forces and rise in the unity of Source truth and love.

    Truth is the most powerful sword; love is the strongest armor; and justice is just around the corner.

    Collectively, we’ll get by with a little help from our friends. Earth and it’s benevolent inhabitants will overcome and survive.

    Again, many thanks for your priceless contributions.

  17. “non human”solutions you refer to are here on the sidelines and not even close to being fully tapped, you seeing into another space LC that most refuse to even contemplate and the Adversary counts on the ignorance of that fact

  18. James, if everyone in America was as informed as you and I the KM’s power would end almost immediately, I agree that the KM has taken over the strategic domains that you’ve outlined but I would also add one critical domain. It’s the millions of goyim minions that unknowingly or willingly support the KM agenda. The KM or ‘tribe’ if you prefer simply don’t have the manpower to move their agenda forward without the help of millions of minions help.

    As an example, our senior LEO’s are being flown to and trained in Israel, and those officers are in turn training their subordinates to treat everyone as a potential terrorist, our LEO’s no longer take pride in protecting and serving their communities. In essence, they’re being programmed to serve the ‘tribe’ and enforce their agenda against their own people. If the crypto KM member Hillary gets elected you won’t be able to tell the difference in their actions in 5 years and the Nazi gestapo officers during WW2.

    My solution would be much less politically correct than yours, I think our special forces should be given a new deck of cards reflecting ‘verified’ key targets within the KM. In my opinion, we should “kill them all and let God sort them out”, because these parasites are responsible for the deaths of millions and want to kill billions more with their evil agenda.

    • Yes, without abject secrecy and blatant mind-kontrol, the Hierarchy would collapse like a house of cards. that day is coming sooner than later.

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