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Time to hunt down and capture the World’s Biggest Terrorists

It's now time to cut the head off Khazarian Mafia Snake, the root cause of all terrorism.

HPO issued statement on Hajj rituals for current year

“We are honored to inform Iranians entertaining pilgrimage of the Holy Shrines that the Leader’s delegation to Mecca and HPO have embarked on extensive preparations to hold a glorious ritual as it did in the past years; we see the rituals as unifying, bringing the spirit of fraternity between co-religionists, and abandoning sectarianism and tribalism, and something beyond the immediate national benefit seeking sentiments,”.

The problem with Cold Fusion and How small can a nuclear reaction be?

One of the great secrets of the two world wars is the theft from Germany of countless of billions of dollars worth of intellectual property.

Venezuela’s public sector will only work Mondays and Tuesdays for another two weeks

I have been reporting on the ongoing situation in Venezuela where an economic crisis is having dire effects on all aspects of life for the past several weeks.

At the 100th anniversary of Verdun, Hollande and Merkel appeal to unity

It is always a good thing for the stability and peace of Europe when France and Germany enjoy close relations.

Trump Campaign – San Diego: A Love Fest of Meanness and Ignorance

Jim W. Dean - Brett Redmayne gives us a personal report on Trump's big California rally which turned into quite a show, a sample of how the rest of his campaign will go.

US Blocks Cluster-Bomb Sales To Saudis: Report

Cluster bombs are horrible, indiscriminate weapons that have killed and maimed countless civilians, especially children who, with their inquisitive nature are apt to pick up unexploded bomblets; therefore this has to be seen as good news

SouthFront: Syria battlespace, May 31, 2016

The ISIS terrorist group and other militants have been clashing for the strategic logistical hub of Azaz in Northern Syria.

The Pentagon has banned troops in Syria from wearing Kurdish militia patches

Last week I reported that US forces in Iraq had been spotted wearing Kurdish insignia and how the US had brushed off the criticism by trotting out the same old rhetoric about the troops only being there as 'advisors' and therefore it was perfectly natural for them to wear foreign insignia in order to blend in.

Thousands fled offensive by ISIL against 2 towns held by rivals in Syria

Jim W. Dean - The US, EU and NATO have given Turkey such a free reign in support of its proxy terrorist groups to the point where it is getting more and more aggressive, endangering the complete collapse of the Syria peace talks.

SouthFront: Global Cyber Standoff

The US Supreme Court granted the long-standing aspirations of the local Ministry of Justice and the US intelligence agencies to “hack” computers around the world- to combat terrorism of course.

Fallujah reconquest derailing Oded Yinon plan

Iraq’s territorial integrity will be maintained, and this Oded Yinon Zionist plan to smash Iraq as well as Syria and other countries in the region into little pieces along ethnic and sectarian lines in order to facilitate Israeli expansionism will not come to fruition.

Obama Netanyahu Perpetuate USS Liberty Cover-Up

On this Memorial Day we are reminded of the USS Liberty. USS Liberty survivors and families continue to suffer the pain of a war crime and an ongoing cover-up on the part of Israel and the United States

Rag Radio: Military Aviation Historian and Vietnam Vet Thomas Cleaver: The True Story of...

Vietnam vet and aviation historian Thomas McKelvey Cleaver is the author of the best-selling military history, The Bridgebusters: The True Story of the Catch-22 Bomb Wing, published by Regnery History, which we discuss on the show.

28 Missing Pages Coalition from 9/11 Protest at White House Wednesday June 1

Demonstration to urge release of suppressed 28 pages of the Congressional Joint Intelligence Report on terror attacks of 9/11/01

VT honors a great WWII air combat – Two Medals of Honor

Jim W. Dean - We have a Memorial Day special for you, an updated gem from the VT archives, one of the greatest air combat stories that we have, one of only two air combats where two Medals of Honor were awarded to the crew.

There is only One Game and You Do Not Know how to Play It

Currency Wars, Trade Wars, World War

Trump is clearly a Zionist puppet

The pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place now and we can get a clear picture of just what and whom is behind the election campaign of Donald Trump.

Corbyn’s Latest Sin: Ignoring Summons to Visit Holocaust Museum in Israel

Sadly Corbyn has lacked the mettle to respond to attacks that have in essence now become a Zionist blitzkrieg against his entire political party.

How Do You Define A Great Nation?

The debate over whether America is great or not was settled years ago, even before Hiroshima--when the U.S. joined Britain in battering civilian targets in Germany by air.

Saudi Arabia Give Extensive Concessions to Yemen in Kuwait Talks

Mujtahid, Saudi activist, announced that Mohammed bin Salman gives Yemen’s National Council Extensive concessions in Kuwait talk:

SouthFront: Syria & Iraq battlespace, May 30, 2016

The Syrian Arab Republic’s flag was raised over the municipal building inside the city of Mu’adhimiyah on Sunday as a reconciliation agreement was put in place by local committees. Ajnad al-Sham had controlled it. All barricades inside the city are removed.

L.A. Times: Russia Is Acting in Self-Defense

Unlike Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other outlets, the L.A. Times has finally got it right: NATO and the United States are wrong and Russia is right.

The Effects of Mythology on Members of the Military and Veterans

I am a hero. Funny, I don’t feel like one. Nor do I remember doing anything particularly heroic or noble.

Exclusive: The Propaganda War Heats Up

Shrimpton The propaganda war against my country is heating up. The Bad Guys must be seriously worried. In the last week alone we have had more...

Terrorist Kurdish badges on US soldiers unsuitable for US-Turkey relations – deputy PM

Turkey has questioned its relationship with the US, with the deputy prime minister saying it is "unsuitable" for soldiers of a country which is friends with Ankara to wear the badges of a "terrorist organization."

Dishonoring American Veterans

Sadly many American legislators are not doing the job their positions stipulate.

Turkey Supports Syria Al Qaeda By Convoys of Weapon: Russian Gen. Staff

It is becoming ever more obvious to people around the world that Turkey is largely responsible for the continuing war in Syria - I won't call it a civil war as it is plainly not that, rather something far more complex and multi-layered with international players directly involved.

Massive government study concludes cell phone radiation causes brain cancer in male rats with...

I have a ten year old Nokia mobile phone, I hardly ever use it because I grew up in a world without mobile phones, don't feel the need for one often and most importantly, I have known for 20 years that the things were hazardous.

World health experts call for Rio Olympics to be postponed or moved given Zika...

Given the current state of affairs in Brazil where the popular elected president Rousseff has been removed from power in what many are calling a coup, the economy is in dire straits and the streets are awash with unrest, one has to wonder if this latest blow to Brazilian prestige is not part of what many suspect is a direct attack on the largest nation in South America.

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