EU military police carry out ‘extremely WORRYING’ civil unrest crisis training

French Gendarmes at work
The friendly face of policing in the EU today

… by  Ian Greenhalgh

Since 9-11, the USA has seen a radical change in how it is policed; the threat of ‘terrorism’ has been used as an excuse to turn the federal state and even local police forces into a paramilitary force armed to the teeth with military spec weapons and armoured vehicles.

Over here in Europe we looked on aghast as time and again, hordes of sinister looking black-clad paramilitary police appeared on the streets; it all looked very dystopian and unsettling.

Boston after the marathon 'bombing'; such scenes were only seen in movies but are now commonplace
Boston after the marathon ‘bombing’; such scenes were only seen in movies but are now commonplace

Now Europe is seeing the same thing happen here – bogus terror attacks are being used to justify the creation of paramilitary police forces and worst of all, the control of these forces is centralised, they are  an EU force rather than a national force.

French Gendarmes at work
French Gendarmes at work ‘keeping order’ in Paris

Of course, we don’t need all this paramilitary police nonsense, the threat they are supposed to be protecting us from is manufactured. However, as part of the agenda to destroy the nations of Europe appears to be to bring about widespread civil disorder between the indigenous and migrant populations then perhaps these paramilitary police forces will find a purpose in future.

Paris has been the scene of racially charged riots many times in recent years
Paris has been the scene of racially charged riots many times in recent years

Exactly what role the paramilitary police would actually play should widespread violence between indignenous and migrant people break out if of course, another matter; maybe they would be an unhappy ‘piggy in the middle’; more likely they would be used to enforce a new, stricter and more tightly controlled order – turning Europe into a police state, just like the USA has become.

The migrant crisis has brought disorder to the streets of Berlin recently
The migrant crisis has brought disorder to the streets of Berlin recently


May 1, 2016, Sunday Express

EU military police carry out ‘extremely WORRYING’ civil unrest crisis training

A MILITARY police unit have carried out European Union-funded special training, ready to be deployed in the event of civil unrest or war.

The training, which took place in the German North Rhine-Westphalia province was designed to prepare troops as part of the EU’s Lowlands Gendarmerie programme.

Breitbart London reported that the exercise was attended by 600 members of various European police and military forces, in a bid to prepare the united troops of the European Gendarmerie Force.

The military police group is made up of seven European nations, including Spain, Romania, Poland and Germany, and aims to quell post conflict scenarios within EU member states.

The group’s website reported that: “The aim of the [2016, April 15th] Comprehensive Live Exercise will be capacity building of police and gendarmes who will participate in international stabilisation missions and projects with a police component.”

It went on to describe the exercises carried out, including “carousel training, with attention being given to all policing skills, including community policing and social patrols, crowd and riot control, SWAT teams and forensic investigation”.

European affairs spokesman for the German Government Andrej Huko asked to attend, but was blocked from coming close to the site.

He claimed that the military force was preparing to shut down “political meetings” and “protests”.

He went on to argue that the, “militarisation of the police” is, “extremely worrying and contrary in Germany to the principle of separation of police and military”.

It comes as fears rise that the European Union could form its own army, with one ex-commander of British troops in Afghanistan claiming it could undermine NATO and UK defences.

Colonel Richard Kemp claimed Brussels’ “ultimate plan” was to bring the national armies of the bloc’s 28 member states under one umbrella.

The highly-criticised prospect of an EU army was re-energised in March 2015 when European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for an international force.

Politicians in the UK have since poured cold water on the idea, saying it would be undeliverable, would weaken Britain’s standing in the world and would be blocked by the UK’s veto powers.

But Col Kemp, who formerly worked for the Joint Intelligence Committee, which advises the British Government on issues of national security, said: “If we left the EU, we would undermine the EU’s ultimate plan of forming an EU army, and that is exactly what they are going to be doing.”



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     It’s Shameful ANY of EU or USA Armed Forces to be Trained by that LITTLE Country ISRAEL, by giving Tax Allowance to (ADL) for TRANSFORMATION, to TURN them TO MONSTERS Like (IDF).
     In USA the “Black Lives Matter” NOT KNOWING THE CULPRIT, Blame the POLICE instead of (ADL). From the Chief of Police to Police Officers, even FBI, etc, are TRAINED in ISRAEL the “Little Evil Empire,” NOT SKILLS but to become EVIL, which is ISRAEL’S SPECIALTY, NOT ONLY American, but German, French, etc.  IN MOST CASES, ISRAEL IS THE ONE WHO STARTS THE FIRE.
     Casing Point: Google “Israel Trains USA Law Enforcement & Counter-Terrorism  Google __ “Washington’s Battle Over Israel’s Birth”

  2. I can confirm the “mentality” prejudice within PD ranks. This is actually a build-on to the “you in a heap o trouble boy” mentality of the south from the 50’s on. However, I just saw some old newsreel footage from Corsica in WWII where the narrator is voicing approval of P-47’s strafing farmers in their fields. This is just one small hint of the attitude of those in power in WWII and that attitude filtered down over the years to where we are today. There are many other factors and they go way way back. Like I said, this is just a tiny sample.

  3. just look at the absolutely ridiculous garb…grown men playing dress-ups hyped up acting tough like extras on a movies set….Hollywood has gone live

  4. Honestly, who would join such thuggish looking units ? I know work is hard to find but this is like some twisted cult all wandering around with SAS masks on ! ‘Hunger games’ society for real as all the protests in France have been totally understandable. Isn’t it odd how they get super efficient all of a sudden, yet struggle to catch so called ISIS ‘Masterminds’ some of whom may well be MK ultra victims.

    It’s a diabolical and sick game been played by man child’s with too much power.

    • Yep, it is,something like under 90 IQ right ? Truly shocking, that said the faster they try and do this might well be the Achilles heel. Got to stay positive man. 🙂

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