Russians ‘Trying to Send Signal’ in Baltic Flyovers – US Navy Chief


An undated US Navy picture shows what appears to be a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 attack aircraft making a very low pass close to the U.S. guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea.

In the wake of new accusations of Russian “aggression” in the Baltic Sea, the US Navy’s top officer has called for a “normalization” of relations between Washington and Moscow.

After a pair of Russian Su-24’s were accused of flying “unprofessional” maneuvers near the USS Donald Cook as it sailed through the Baltic Sea in early April, the Pentagon accused the Kremlin of similar incidents. Last Friday, the US accused a Russian Su-27 of intercepting a US RC-135 surveillance plane flying in the region.

The Pentagon described the encounter as “unsafe and unprofessional,” and on Monday Admiral John Richardson, the top US Navy officer, issued a call for “normalization” in relations between the two countries.

“It just increases the chance for some kind of a tactical miscalculation,” Richardson told reporters. “It just sort of raises the overall tension in the region, so we look for sort of normalization there.”

Richardson, along with other Pentagon officials, seems unwilling to consider the possibility that US warships and spy planes operating over 4,000 miles from home near Russian borders could be the real source of the tensions.

On Saturday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov stressed that the interception was carried out inaccordance with international law.

“At the same time we want to note that the RC-135U reconnaissance plane tries to sneak up to the Russian border with the transponder turned off all the time,” he told reporters. “Therefore, air defense forces on duty have to lift our fighter to visually identify the type of aircraft and its tail number.”

On Monday, Richardson called on Moscow to abide by maritime treaties which seek to prevent international mishaps. “We continue to advocate for that,” he said.

“I don’t think the Russians are trying to provoke an incident,” Richardson added. “I think they are trying to send a signal.”

This is, at the very least, a more measured response than that given by Republican presidential frontrunner and five-time military draft dodger Donald Trump earlier on Monday.

“And if that [diplomacy] doesn’t work out, I don’t know…at a certain point, when that sucker comes by, you gotta shoot,” he said, in a marked departure from his promise last week to replace “chaos with peace” if elected.


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  1. No. It’s always been a complete farce. A construct by those with nothing to lose and everything to gain by the turmoil that could erupt.

  2. The Russian’s are telling the Pentagoons to piss off.

    And someone put the Trump thing back in it’s padded room before the witch gets voted in.

  3. The D is just showing his lack of understanding of the true situation. So, he ‘s going to call Putin and tell him to “get that maniac”? Now, The D doesn’t say a thing about provocations, does he? So, in his mind would turnabout be fair play? Approaching the Russian border with transponder off is certainly not conducive to getting along…at some point the Russians are gonna have to shoot. It’s not like we haven’t done the same thing ourselves, but that’s different, huh? Calling the Kremlin and crying over tit-for-tat responses will get nothing but laughs. Remember the hissy here when Russian subs were in the GOM, and we knew squat, until they were leaving. If the D thinks calling Putin and telling him to knock it off, while we’re in their back yard and encircling them, is going to get a positive response, then he’s dumber that Obama.

  4. Today I saw a post by David Booth (a.k.a. Sorcha Faal) about some goings-on in the Baltic involving the “Donald Cook” and activity around the strange looking “bottom anomaly” that has an appearance of the “Millennium Falcon” of Star Wars fame. Of course fantasy is more likely from to come from this source but there may be some relationship in the stories. If the US complains of Russian missiles being launched then there may be a connection. Trying to grab this thing from the Baltic could result in interesting differences of opinion on innocent behavior.

  5. Next time you might want to quote all of what he said….

    For the record here is what Trump said: “”Normally, Obama, let’s say a president, because you want to make at least a call or two, but normally Obama would call up Putin and say, ‘Listen, do us a favor, don’t do that, get that maniac, just stop it.’ But we don’t have that kind of a president. He’s gonna be out playing golf or something,” Trump said.

    and more importantly “I don’t know, at a certain point, you can’t take it,” the businessman continued. “I mean, at a certain point, you have to do something that, you just can’t take that. That is not right. It’s against all, you know, when you talk about Geneva convention, there’s gotta be things that are against it. You can’t do that. That’s called taunting. But it should certainly start with diplomacy and it should start quickly with a phone call to Putin, wouldn’t you think?”

    I’ll just repeat that….ok?

    ” But it should certainly start with diplomacy and it should start quickly with a phone call to Putin, wouldn’t you think?”

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