Kurdish YPG capture of ISIS fighters reveals Turkish recruitment method



We’re all supposed to be deathly afraid of the ISIS ‘Big Bad Wolf’ therefore don’t expect to see this video or any thing like it on the Western MSM.

Rather than appearing as fierce, ruthless head-chopping terrorists, these ISIS fighters are crying and pleading for their lives after being captured by Kurdish YPG forces.

This is not the face of ISIS the Western governments want us to see, they want us to remain scared.

However, what is significant about this video is nothing to do with taking any kind of vicarious pleasure in seeing mercenary criminals in distress; rather, it is what those mercenaries have to say.

Note that they say they were recruited in Turkey, told that the Kurds were their enemies and promised money and a Syrian passport so they could go to Europe as a ‘Syrian refugee’.

This is solid proof of what we have known for some time – that many of the ISIS fighters were recruited from the population of the refugee camps along the Turkish side of the border with Syria.

Furthermore, it throws additional light on Turkey’s creation of a covert army within Europe.

We know that Turkey has been sending men to Europe to setup terrorist cells, hiding amidst the flow of migrants and pretending to be legitimate refugees from the war in Syria; these crying ISIS fighters confirm that Turkey is indeed sending men it recruited to ISIS into Europe with Syrian passports.

They say they were sent to fight the Kurds and their reward was to then be sent to Europe; therefore we can see that Turkey is blooding these men in combat for ISIS before sending them on to Europe which will no doubt serve to brutalise and indoctrinate them into effective terrorists with the requisite psychopathic and sociopathic traits ingrained.



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  1. Not a monster, but someone who doesnt stereotype. All I see are people coheresed into something they didnt want to do. Their leaders are the psycho’s. Get them and the problem goes away.

  2. Interesting. Not only is Germany´s madam Merkel “enabling” ISIS to drive Arab Moslems from their homelands by providing sanctuary in the NATO countries of the European Union. She is also paying turkish dictator Erdogan billions of German tax money, “to house ´refugees´ in Turkey.” Dictator Erdogan uses the German billions of tax money to hire ISIS recruits to infiltrate Germany and other stupid NATO member nations.

    It is little wonder that the AfD organization is growing rapidly, although Merkel´s jewish news media defames the AfD and individual members, repeatedly, daily in the printed news, on TV and radio.
    Germans are wising up to the Merkel-Jewish propaganda.

    • darn, near exactly what I was going to say about it. these false “EU leaders” are in on the scam, supporting funding military mercenaries against Syria, AND helping import the same into Europe to commit terrorist acts as excuse for even CRAZIER “laws” after sabotaging near all member countries economies. these plans were created decades ago by hardcore bolshevik nazis, who after WW2 really DO have roots in “izrahell” but in Europe people cant come out and tell the truth about this, or the “holohoax” and its “reparation money” SCAMS. all the false leaders have to do is fly to izrahell and stay there, protected from prosecution and wealthy.

  3. One must not forget crocodile tears also, there has to be a by the fruits thy shall know policy. I know it sounds harsh but one can hardly afford to be taking a punt on things.

  4. Hmm interesting, grounds for some kind of optimism but we big time need to see the b.s. of the EU called out at least in a strongly subtle manner and the clown Erdogan needs to be told in no uncertain terms to cut the b.s. Along with the joke that is mama Merkel and the likes of, well, make a list of western leaders.

    But at least it is a start, thanks for the report Ian.

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