The Blood of the Saints, Pure Evil, and Zionist Preferences

Ruins left by terrorists at the Greek Catholic Church of Our Lady in the Syrian town of Yabroud in March of 2014

“In Syria, if the choice is between Iran and the Islamic State, I choose the Islamic State.”

–Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, as quoted January 20, 2016 in Newsweek

“Al-Qaida control over Syria would be preferable to a victory by Assad over the rebels.”

–Senior Israeli officials, quoted by Israel Hayom in 2013

“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran…We understand that they are pretty bad guys…still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.”

–Michael Oren, in 2013 interview with the Jerusalem Post

Some people have a hard time grasping the concept of “pure evil.” It has such a surreal tendency to boggle the mind that for most people, the notions of “purity” and “evil” are seen as opposites, and the fact that you can combine the two together, and in so doing derive an extract, or a concentrate, so hideous it gives rise to primordial fears in the heart as well as a sickening feeling in the gut–well, this is something that busy, workaday people seldom contemplate.

So perhaps that’s how we might explain the comments above by Israeli officials in their preferential views of ISIS–is that these officials simply haven’t grasped the concept of pure evil.

The other possible explanation, of course, is that they have grasped it all too well.

Events testified to at a recent conference on the plight of Christians in the Middle East would suggest that some of those giving testimony have seen pure evil–up close and personal.

Jacqueline Isaac (L) with Samia Sleman, a Yazidi girl who at the age of 13 was kidnapped and raped by ISIS terrorists


And I would think that their views on the matter might be slightly different from those expressed by the leaders of the Jewish state.

“I was in captivity for six months and twelve days, in the hands of the Islamic State,” said fifteen-year-old Samia Sleman during the #WeAreN2016 international conference, held April 27-30 in New York. Sleman is a Yazidi girl who was kidnapped by ISIS from her village of Hardan, Iraq in August of 2014. She was thirteen years old at the time.

“They raped and violated myself and the girls that were with me in captivity. There were thousands of Yazidi girls in captivity in this headquarters, then they separated us into two different groups,” she said, adding that girls as young as seven and eight years were raped, while older women, along with large numbers of Yazidi men, were killed.

The #WeAreN2016 conference was sponsored jointly by In Defense of Christians, CitizenGo, and the Vatican’s permanent mission to the United Nations. The “N” in the name stands for the Arabic letter “nun,” often spray painted on the homes of Christians by ISIS terrorists when they capture an area. The letter is a reference to “Nazarenes,” and the people in such homes usually are killed or forced to pay a special tax known as the Jizya.

A report on the conference by the Catholic News Agency described the testimonies given as “graphic, brutal and raw.” And perhaps the rawest of all was that of California Attorney Jacqueline Isaac, who works with Roads to Success, a nonprofit organization providing aid to Middle Eastern refugees, and who spoke of the calamity that overtook one family in particular.

“They got a knock on their door. They opened that door and they found plastic, black bags. The bags had the body parts of their daughters…and a video–a video of their daughters being raped and tortured,” Isaac said. “They’re parents. They’re just like us. They’re parents. They’re mothers, they’re fathers, these are not numbers.”

Another story told concerned that of a Christian woman in Mosul whose daughter died when the family home was torched by ISIS, while three Christian clergy, Monsignor Jean-Clément Jeanbart, Father Rodrigo Miranda, and Sister María Guadalupe, spoke of ghastly events in Syria, especially in the city of Aleppo.

“We have seen things you cannot understand,” said Jeanbart. “We have seen people killed because they were Christians. We have seen bishops abducted, priests abducted–myself I have been three times in danger of death, two times in my archbishopric, one on my way to Beirut.”

But perhaps the most powerful presentation of all was that given by Sister María, who discussed not only the agony of the people of Aleppo, but also the outright fictions about the conflict pedaled by the media. Her talk is one of the most engaging and riveting  I have seen in recent memory, and what it reveals about the courage and resilience of Aleppo’s Christian martyrs is quite stunning.

It’s interesting that Michael Oren, who formerly served as Israeli ambassador to the US, would express such concern over what he refers to as a “strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut.” Oren is of course referring to the governments of Iran and Syria and to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

I’m sure Israeli intelligence is well aware–and probably even Michael Oren himself knows this as well–that Christians in the Middle East have nothing to fear from either the Syrian or Iranian governments, and I’m guessing they equally are aware that Hezbollah has even forged a political alliance with a Maronite Christian party in Lebanon.

In fact, when I visited Beirut in 2014, I saw the St. Joseph Church, located right in the heart of the Hezbollah neighborhood of Haret Hreik–and I saw no visible sign the church had been vandalized. It was well maintained, looking just as it does in this photo:


No surprise, then, that Hezbollah issued a statement in 2014 denouncing crimes against religious sites–a statement that of course received no coverage in the mainstream media.

Besides posing no threat to Christians, the governments of Syria and Iran and Hezbolla, the “strategic arc” Michael Oren is so paranoid over, have, in combination with Russian air support, done the most by far to defeat ISIS–more than all 59 countries making up the US-led coalition combined.

In addition to describing the attempts on his life, Jeanbart also talked about the Syrian government of Bashar Assad, defining it as “pluralistic” and “nonconfessional”–describing it as well as a government that had been in need of some changes and reforms, but insisting that these changes could have been achieved peacefully through the political system.

“Changing a few things, mending the Constitution, changing the government–and everyone would have been okay,” he said. “Why did they do all this war to destroy everything in Syria?”

It is an excellent question. Why did they? Another excellent question is why, instead of the present government in Syria, Israeli officials would prefer to see a Middle Eastern nation bordering their own state run by a bunch of blood thirsty maniacs–maniacs with a fondness for dismembering Christian children, and stuffing their body parts in plastic bags, and leaving them on the doorsteps of their families. It almost sounds like an anti-Semitic “blood libel,” doesn’t it? In fact, if you were to hear such a statement made about Israeli leaders in another context you’d likely leap to the conclusion that that must surely be what it is.


But it does appear as if this is what they would prefer. Moreover, in addition to the statements quoted above, we’ve had a number of reports of terrorists being treated in Israeli hospitals, while the UN has released reports documenting contacts between Israeli forces and Syrian armed opposition groups in which the Israelis were observed providing assistance to the militants. The reports were compiled by the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force.

“UNDOF sporadically observed armed members of the opposition interacting with IDF across the ceasefire line in the vicinity of United Nations position 85,” said one of them.

A couple of questions here are worth asking:

1. Is Israeli intelligence convinced that such things as “moderate rebels” actually in exist in Syria? If not, then,

2. Have the Israelis intentionally provided assistance, including weapons, to Syrian armed groups, and have they done this knowing the weapons would end up in the hands of ISIS?

Numerous reports have appeared in the past year or so of so-called “moderate rebels” defecting over to Al-Nusra or ISIS and taking their US-supplied weapons with them. In fact, the phenomenon has been discussed in a couple of recent articles.

“While Washington is pouring billions of US taxpayer dollars into various training and arming programs in the Middle East and Central Asia, the US-backed fighters regularly defect to Islamists – Daesh, al-Qaeda, Taliban – taking their weapons and invaluable knowledge to ‘the dark side,’” comments Gordon Duff in a May 5 article published at Veterans Today.

The New Eastern Outlook also published a commentary on the issue, written by Martin Berger, who speculates that the defections are in reality a “planned event.” The idea, says Berger, is that those who’ve undergone US training are then able to pass their knowledge on to the members of the respective terrorist organizations “at a time when Washington was unable to train them openly.”

It’s not an altogether implausible theory. As Berger notes, last August it was revealed that the Pentagon had spent $42 million on two months of training for a group of moderates, half of whom were “immediately” captured by Al-Nusra and agreed to defect.

The only idea that’s farfetched is that a ragtag group of clueless (or maybe diabolical) misfits could arise from out of nowhere, wreak havoc upon the cradle of civilization, flood the Internet with slickly-produced videos…all with no backing or support whatever from any government, and with the intent of killing every “infidel” they can get their hands on but without launching an attack on Israel.

It would seem that these ever-buzzing, ever-replenished minions (of whomever) have a decided predilection for the blood of saints.

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  1. All Jews are not chosen by God. When the 10 Nation Isrealites we’re banished by God,around 750bc. They then wandered after their captivity. Through to Armenia, very Israelite, Even in language, as also the Ukraine very aligned to Hebrew.
    Satan is always working overtime, he set up the Kassarians to fake Judaism. That is why the actual real Israelites we’re blamed by Gentile Europeans for the crookery.

    I was shocked when I realised what the Kasarians did in England, as I know my history. Purely shocked, Edward the first, kicked the said Jews out of his reign, not so ; Kasarians. Yes, who wanted to take over the financial nerve system in England. You see, ordinary citizens do not know this.,even now. The Rothchilds, are Kasarian Gentiles, not ever Jewish. And are the financial taskmaster for the Vatican, there you have it. Israel i s mostly Kasarian, what a clever plot by Satan. 1million Kasarians, migrated to Israel, believing they are Jews, not so. They only have to check there D.N.A. And Netanahu, is kasarian, he is also Illuminati, according to the findings of Sir Walter Veith/Total Onslaught. So he may be working for the Anti Christ, to pave way for Satan to Manifest himself in a Pope Jerusalem, not Rome. As Russia will drop a device down the Vatican chimney.

  2. Worker Bee, apologies.. I misunderstood your meaning.. I agree with you in saying NOT to blame the Russian people for the crimes of the Bolsheviks aka.. the communist Jews that took control.

  3. The WORSE shame of it all is, the American Government to either too blind or dumb to ralize what’s going down, or very likely and through financial gains, they are in TOTAL agreement with it. Accordingly so, as Israel IS the PRIME SOURCE of 90% of the mayhem, disturbances,
    havoc, and deaths in the ENTIRE Middle East debacle. That IS THE SHAME. And still, we Americans sit here while the Washington criminal Cabals of AIPAC, ADL, and the dual-citizen Israel-American traitors throw our hard earned money into this cauldron of death and destruction. And the Government KNOWS FOR SURE, that there IS a REVOLUTION of patriotic reclamation coming to this country. And these present day “redcoats” will ALL be removed by force, to include much bloodshed on our streets, town, and cities, throughout this land. And MAINLY thanks to the insanity of Israel, along with the stupidity of our many greedy and unpatriotic Government officials. The above mentioned mayhem, WILL only be some devastating come-uppins felt by us all! America will finally feel what war really is, when it comes to their doorsteps. And, I don’t mean our local “keystone cops”, or SWAT people, they DON’T KNOW WAR! I’m a vet, I’ve been there and seen it, it’s not gameboy, or CNN. It’s real, and it’s a bad, bad thing to have to experience in ones life. We The People, are NOT grateful to Israel for this coming gift of horror!!

  4. Worker Bee, I find it interesting that you don’t seem to realize that during the Bolshevik revolution communist Jews had taken control of Russia, and caused 20 to an estimated 60+ million deaths.

    As to standards vs crimes, using the same standard that your enemy would use.. is a good place to start.. in my opinion.

    You could start cleaning up Washington by simply giving everyone lie detector tests (the technology has advanced far beyond what you see on television) and ask one question.

    Have you ever put the interests of Israel or an agent working for Israel above the interests of America and it’s people? I estimate that literally 95+% of our elected congress would fail the test if they answered ‘NO’.

    The Talmudic Jews are not going to give up their power and control peaceably.. personally, I think it’s going to end badly for them. Think Gaza except the American people will be justified in hating them when everything they’ve done is exposed.

    I am not condoning violence and I think it’s horrible when innocent people suffer.. especially children, but they must be mad to think they are going to get away with their NWO agenda.

  5. 2014 Palm Sunday service I attended at that church, afterwards given gifts of sweets by a group of muslim women outside the church who attend the mosque a short distance from there….they said “we loved Jesus (Issa) too”..wanting to share in some small way with great meaning…with church doors mostly closed these days, I frequented that mosque while there, its doors open every day and through it experienced the heart of Hezbollah and the goodness of the people I came to see as Protectors, with the great spirit of Imam Ali ,whom I learned about amongst them… it is their sons sacrificing their lives on the frontline fighting everything we see here….Christian villiages are protected by Hezbollah and they deserve more than raising in hearts…. the REAL terrorists falsely accuse and we see who they are the ones America has sworn an allegiance to and bending over serving to the detriment of the American people and the nation as a whole…Israel is the Luciferian New World Order vehicle, identified through its flag that draws in our nations military’s and budgets to feed protect and advance its isatiable appetite for world domination and rule… …. Jerusalem is besieged….any Christian who stands, raises or supports that flag does not qualify……it is anti-Christ…cut it loose, remove it from sight , pull it down…. Nazarenes are Palestinians

  6. Incredible, and not to mention this: 25,000 children are missing from Ukraine. The Israelis are using them as sex slaves/Luciferian sacrifices and organ harvesting. Emphasis on the organ harvesting of organs.

  7. I’m on their list and they can kiss my ass! Would you rather die trying to do something about these parasites on humanity or stick your head in the sand and let our children face these kind of horrors in America? If the Talmudic Jews get what they want.. this country and it’s people are finished. Believe It!!

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