Israeli General Yair Golan: Israel Is Acting Like Nazis

"You know, Israel has no right to complain about Nazi Germany nowadays. People like Netanyahu need to get real."
“You know, Israel has no right to complain about Nazi Germany nowadays. People like Netanyahu need to get real.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


I have a good friend of mine who used to propound the silly argument that Israel is just acting in self-defense against the Palestinians. Since he is a flaming Zionist, I once proposed this scenario to him, which was obviously a trap:

“Suppose you and your lovely family were placed in concentration camps in Nazi Germany and you knew someone who was about to blow Hitler’s brain into different particles. Would you tell him to stop?”

I was excited to hear the response because he kept saying ad nauseam that Hitler was not only ontologically evil but he wanted to exterminate all the Jews in Europe, most specifically Germany. After a long moment of silence, which seemed like an eternity when you’re eager to hear a response to a knocked-down argument, he said: “I wouldn’t do it.”

I instantly thought, “The Lord hath delivered him into my hands” because he kept saying that I was propounding anti-Semitic views, even after I logically explained to him that it is impossible for a serious Christian to be anti-Semitic. I ended up swinging the anti-Semitic card back him by saying:

“Then according to the prevailing wisdom as articulated by the Holocaust establishment in the West, most specifically in America, you are by definition an anti-Semite. In fact, I challenge you to say what you have just told me on any radio or television show and see what happens to your career and sometimes your life.” He was really stumped.

If he had said something like, “Yes, I would have killed Hitler,” then he would have to explain why he is complaining about the Palestinians acting in self-defense against a regime that has literally wiped them out since 1948.[1] In fact, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan has recently compared Israel to Nazi Germany. He said:

“There is nothing easier than to hate those who are different; there is nothing easier than to sow fear and terror; there is nothing easier than to behave like animals.”[2]

The Washington Post itself has reported:

“His speech comes amid revelations that an Israeli soldier shot and killed a wounded Palestinian attacker in the head, an act that human rights activists called a street execution and that Israeli military prosecutors called manslaughter. Many Israelis, however, called the soldier a hero.

“After Sgt. Elor Azaria was charged, thousands of Israelis rallied at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to praise his actions and demand he be released. Some of the crowd shouted, ‘Death to Arabs!’ and harassed journalists.

“The general’s speech may have sparked reflection in some sectors, but mostly it inspired criticism — and calls for his head.”[3]

Perhaps it is high time to treat Israel the same way that the Zionist movement treated Nazi Germany in the 1930s. If they refuse to abide by practical reason, then perhaps it is high time for them to taste their own medicine.

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[2] William Booth, “The Israeli general who compared the Jewish State to Nazi-era Germany,” Washington Post, May 8, 2016.

[3] Ibid.

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  1. I’m all for destroying criminals claiming to be religious, but do not believe for one second that ALL jewish people are evil. normal jews DO live in fear of persecution by criminal “jews” who have taken control of everything, they know they’ll be targetted if they dare speak against a satanic zio machine or its agents. it’s corruption at the top much like the Catholic church protecting and relocating paedophile priests. IMHO, Judaism needs to clean its own house and quietly secretly EXECUTE their criminals posing as jews, before it is too late!

  2. I have a 1950 Columbia University encyclopedia. Under the word “Israel” it describes the terrorism that the zionists perpetrated on the Palestinians when they went to Palestine to steal their land in 1947-1948. They burned their houses and bombed their businesses, poisoned their water wells and murdered thousands of innocent people. And they are still doing it today.
    They are worse than the Nazis. Semite is one whose language includes Arabia, Egypt and North Africa- hebrew, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Phoenecian.
    Not jewish! The jews are anti-semitic! Remnants of the Bolsheviks that murdered 100M Chjristians in Russia. Time to stop kissing up to the zionist wolves in sheeps clothing!.

  3. I hope general Golan is still alive and his family affairs are in order. The history of Mordechai Vanunu reveals what Judaism does with its compadres who decide to be honest – if they are not assassinated.

  4. absolutely. the open concentration camp exile, later named izrahell, with the hardcore nazi guards and warden becoming its “government”, has deep ties to the Russian Bolsheviks as well. Zio’s never want to admit how many evil critters posing as “Jewish” were in very high positions of hitlers government and military, it’d cause an implosion to the whole “evil hitler” and “holohoax” guilt+money scams as well as their “anti-semite! ™” bogus defense for outrageous criminal behavior. not saying I don’t believe hitler wasn’t PUT into power as a “Judas Goat” for destroying Germany AGAIN by design..

  5. A reply to that lady in the Al-Jazeera Channel:

    ‘That Trump guy’ ‘insulted’ no one with his ‘anti-Muslim rhetoric’.

    There is nothing that Trump has said which is not the official policy
    of the Arab regimes, case in point “No Syrian refugees until we know
    what the fu$k is going on”.

    Now what is wrong with that ? More Syrian refugees have been allowed into the USA than
    in into my country, an Arab country.

    The main false and lame excuse why the Arab regimes do not allow Syrian refugees into
    their countries is precisely what Trump has only articulated but which is an enforced
    policy of those regimes.

    Oh I just love the way Trump makes a lot of people very uncomfortable, people across the
    entire spectrum who often are at odds with one another seem to unite in their futile
    opposition to his blunt and down to earth diplomacy.

  6. Another grand-slam home-run by Jonas Alexis. This article needs to go viral.

  7. I must disagree with the general. Israel is simply acting like the international *Jewish* crime syndicate headquarters that it IS… and has been since 1948.

    And, if its inhabitants actually *were* acting like “Nazis” (annoying term, by the way), I have no doubt that the World would be a far more peaceful and civil place in which to live.

  8. The general sounds like the kind of military leader we need, too, but he’d probably be shouted down as loudly over here as over there.

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