Ex-Pentagon Chief: US President Must Swallow Pride, Work it Out With Putin

Putin has the Immortal Regiments behind him, and the West has the mortal kind
Putin has the Immortal Regiments behind him, and the West has the mortal kind
Putin has the Immortal Regiments behind him, and the West has the mortal kind

…from  Sputnik News,  Moscow

Chuck Hagel as a young man in Vietnam. Little could he see what was in store for him
Chuck Hagel as a young man in Vietnam. Little could he see what was in store for him

[ Editor’s Note: What a surprise from Mr. Hagel, whom we have not heard much from, but he makes up for it below. A man who can describe current US foreign policy toward Russia as, “I am not sure there’s some strategic thinking here,” could pull up a chair here at the VT halfway house for ex-administrators who have seen the light.

We will see what the response to his remarks is over the next few days. Rest assured, it was not a slip of the tongue. This came out in a talk to the Atlantic Council. Maybe brother Hagel would like to give fellow Vietnam vet Gordon Duff an interview for VT, where I could promise a room with a view.

All kidding aside, it is always nice to have former high level people who are past all the strings and pressures of their careers step forward to contribute some adult supervision, especially when it is badly needed Jim W. Dean ]


Putin is famous for his public Q&A grillings, which Western leaders never expose themselves to
Putin is famous for his public Q&A grillings, which Western leaders never expose themselves to

– First published  …  May 11,  2016

Hagel has always had a reputation for a cool head
Hagel has always had a reputation for a cool head

Amid ongoing tensions between Russia and the United States, former secretary of defense Chuck Hagel has recommended that the next US President, whomever it may be, should really have a heart to heart with President Vladimir Putin.

Tensions between Moscow and Washington have been at an all-time post-Cold War high. The US is currently engaged in joint military drills with Georgia, mere miles from Russia’s border, while the US Navy has sailed aggressively close to Russian waters in the Baltic Sea.

To avoid future conflict, former secretary of defense Hagel stated that the next US President must swallow their pride and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss de-escalation.

“Now that might be distasteful, but we know enough about President Putin to know he deals leader to leader,” Hagel said at the Atlantic Council.

“…There is a lot of damage that can be done [around the world], and until that leader-to-leader dialogue begins, ‘what you need, what we need, and let’s start sorting this out,’ then you will consider a proxy war.”

On NATO’s plans to boost its presence in the Baltic, Hagel warned that this could lead to unintended consequences.

“I’d be very careful with this. Because the centrifugal force of this is so subtle it takes you right down into the middle of a situation that you didn’t want to be in,” he said.

With NATO deploying additional troops to Baltic states, Russia will respond in kind, Hagel opined, and both sides could then find themselves “very quickly in another Cold War buildup here that makes sense for neither side.”

The former secretary suggested that officials in Washington are failing to consider the long-term implications of its unnecessarily aggressive policies.

“We continue to build up the eastern flank of NATO with more battalions, more exercises, and more ships and more platforms, and the Russians will respond,” Hagel said. “Not sure where that takes you, either. I’m not sure there’s some real strategic thinking here. It’s a reaction. It’s a tactical kind of ricocheting from crisis to crisis.”

While opposed to a permanent stationing of NATO forces in the Baltic, Hagel does, however, support the use of rotational armored brigade teams.

“Those forces are far more agile and ready. When you have stationary troops you have overhead, you have a lot of different dynamics. I just think it’s smarter today, for the kind of world we live in.”

But even rotational deployments could lead to unintended hostilities. Last month, Russia’s Permanent Envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko stressed the need for the alliance to stop its buildup near Russia’s borders.

“If NATO really wants to resume the dialogue on arms control, on strengthening Europe’s stability and security on the basis of those developments, which for a long enough period served as the basis for maintaining stability in Europe, they should stop the process of strengthening its military presence along our borders,” he told the Rossiya-24 television channel.

“All [forces] that were sent to and have been rotating along our borders must be returned to the place of permanent deployment.”


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  1. Serious consideration should be given to the myth of the “Fulda Gap” and its source. The procedure can assist open-minded persons to discern the source of current myths about the plans of Russia. All such myths originate from the same source.
    Who funded the NAZI movement ?

  2. Trump and Putin will be buddies……Now that Russia has became a Christian Nation and threw off their communist bonds, the US and Russia would be natural allies if not for the globalist that run this nation and most of the west and their incessant desire for war.

  3. Unfortunately, Mr. Dean, that is President Obama’s Achilles Heel getting in the way of achieving anything productive with Mr. Putin. His pride has been his worst enemy since he’s been in office.

  4. Am I naive in thinking that a series of articles on the murky goings on of the Vaticans corporate side would be tantamount to suicide ? As this is is the same sheet all the intelligence servicesRussia and China included)are linked too ?

    I am pretty certain it can not be solved without this and with time so limited a survive mentality has to be questioned no ?

    Look at the Eco system for instance, all countries are involved in damaging this, plankton levels are insanely low and much of our oxygen comes from there, we know Fukushima is ongoing and that the S Hemisphere can not operate for any length of time without the Northern Hemisphere.

    Or are we at the stage where the underground side of things is been discussed ? I suspect we are, but remain hopeful that there is still a glimmer of hope to buy some time if nothing else !


  5. Much of this is in the eye of the beholder but the simplest measure is how big the vote spread is over the number two person. We now hear of 60% routinely described as a huge majority or landslide win. But then when Bush (43) eeked by with a few votes in Florida that was mandate enough for his gang to do whatever they wanted, and they did. But Putin comes in with 85% performance polls and we get fed propaganda slop that he is a dictator and the real will of the Russian people is being crushed by Mr. KGB, the guys that exposes himself to more interviews and Q&A, I think more than the top five world leaders put together, while our children are taught we have a democracy, everyone is equal, and of course the biggest fairy tale of all, that we have a free press. Meanwhile, deep down in the belly of the beast, retired Intel folks would tell you that the whole thing is one big never ending psyops, and for anyone that does not understand that, they are just sitting ducks. You now know why I am not sought out as a motivational speaker on such things 🙂

  6. “Hagel, by deliberate choice or oversight, avoids any aspect of globalist/nationalist root causes for these tensions” – Good point but we will have to look at his whole speech, and if he did Q&A that, too…as that can be more revealing than the prepared remarks. But the thing to watch here is what kind of ripple effect what he said could have, including if it is ignored…as that could indicate that someone is afraid of it getting spread around.

  7. pride in the way of peace leads to “buildup here that makes sense for neither side.”….makes perfect sense to a third force that will take both sides to come together to extinguish

  8. Encouraging news, cautious optimism though, but it can surely be worked out, there is a wealth of experience on offer.

  9. This Baltic build up bruhaha has trampled all treaties for a fist full of NWO Dollars pressed madly on by a hand full of loonies suffering from dementia and fascist corprogovernentities.

  10. “Putin has the Immortal Regiments behind him, and the West has the mortal kind.” Well said.

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