Exclusive: US Deploys Patriot Missiles to Protect ISIS Resupply



…by Nahed Al Husaini, Damascus VT Bureau Chief

DESI Media Advisor – Exclusive

Desi Secretary General with ex Lebanese president Emil Lahoud
Desi Secretary General with ex Lebanese president Emil Lahoud

After a closed-door meeting with ex-Lebanese President Emil Lahoud, European Department for Security and Information (DESI) Secretary General Haissam Bou Said disclosed that Turkish intelligence operatives (MIT) met with ISIS top leaders in “Kellis and Barsous”, located at the Syrian Turkish border.

The intent of instructing them to “fabricate subversive operations inside turkey, so that Erdogan will have the European Union backing to set up a 40 K buffer zone inside the Syrian territories, extending from Jrablus to Mara’a, in the North of Aleppo hinterlands.


The European Union is currently engineering a political settlement with Turkish President Rajab Tyyp Erdogan, stipulating for reducing the number of Syrian refugees in the West in return for endorsing the Turkish buffer zone.

Erdogan joined anti ISIS international coalition as a ploy to Strike at PKK locations in Kurdistan Qandeel Mountain and in South-East Turkey.

Syrian tribal sheiks met in Qameshli to discuss Kurdish autonomy
Syrian tribal sheiks met in Qameshli to discuss Kurdish autonomy

Today, an explosion has been heard in the center of Istanbul, beside a military barrack, resulted in the injury of several people. Our sources indicate the attack was planned and executed in coordination with other  against civilians inside Syria and Iraq, part of a carefully coordinated terror offensive by Turkey and her allies against a wider number of targets soon to include Egypt, Macedonia, Armenia, Iran, Russia and Serbia.

Subject: Gazi al Jarba tribal sheikh from Hasaka
Subject: Gazi al Jarba tribal sheikh from Hasaka

A highly informed source from inside Turkey informed VT that Erdogan is a member of the Global Freemasonry Lodge which is supplying ISIS with weaponry and order the Group to pound the bordering areas to give Erdogan a pretext to make incursion into Syrian territories with the approval of the Turkish opposition.

“The Global Freemasonry Lodge seeks to ignite wars in the Middle East to keep the region in constant turbulences for the benefit of arms mongers and for the monopoly of gas and oil resources,” the source said.

“Erdogan is making up the excuses now to drag the US and the NATO to a third World War with Russia on the Syrian soil,” the source added. A highly informed Russian Source told VT “the seasoned Americans fear that eccentricity  of Erdogan may draw the US into unnecessary conflict with Russia.”

“Erdogan is currently quite capable of conducing desperate acts in Syria to get the Russians or the Syrians to attack the Turks. After all, he still hopes for the NATO involvement in this bloody conflict,” the source added.

DESI says that the Pentagon will install Patriot and other missile Systems at the Turkish-Syrian border that will include the town of Manbej, North of Aleppo for the same purpose. The US will also support the implementation of the new Middle East Map which is compatible with the Israeli scheme and the Pentagon directives, in order to scramble out of the bottle-neck dilemma.

Syrian MP Sheikh Satam al Dandan with Iraqi leader Amar al Hakim
Syrian MP Sheikh Satam al Dandan with Iraqi leader Amar al Hakim

Regarding US-Russian settlement for the Syrian crisis, Bou Said said “President Assad will not bargain on the Syrian sovereignty national constants, and the fatal issues will be determined Kurd by the Syrian people.”

The US-backed Kurdish forces and other belligerent factions in North East Syria already declared a self-autonomy there. US military bases have been set up in Hasaka and Qameshli provinces for logistic reasons.

The Syrian tribes, who are devoid of any military support, cannot confront the Kurds who are armed with US and European support. The Syrian Kurdish state is an extension to Iraqi Kurdistan, which embraces US and Israeli intelligence and military bases.

Israel has always had good relations with Iraqi Kurds, especially with Masoud Al Barazani, who already declared his independence from the central government in Baghdad. However, it is speculated that the Kurds will become the “Trojan Horse” and a bargaining chip between international and regional powers which are struggling now to hammer out a political settlement for the Syrian crisis.

Finally, US-led coalition fighter jets refrained from Striking ISIS deployment lines at Iraqi-Saudi border?? It remains to be seen.



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Author Details
Nahed is VT Damascus Bureau Chief. She is a member of American Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies (USA) and serves as Assistant Director of Arab-American and Muslim Congress (Detroit, USA). She has a Diploma in English Literature from Damascus University (1987).

She's also been a reporter for Turkish newspaper Aydinlik, Special Coordinator for Arab-Armenian International Law Assembly, Correspondent for Qatari News Agency, Al Ayam news Paper in Bahrain, Al Liwaa in Lebanon, Correspondent for Petra News Agency in Jordan, correspondent for the Associated Press in USA, and worked as a freelance journalist for CBS, ABS and CNN in Syria. She is fluent in both English and Arabic.


  1. Time to increase the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, and target all Turkish units inside Syria.

    Even better would be a multi-national Russian/Chinese/Iranian ground forces coalition of about 20 divisions to chew up Daesh, al Nusra, et al.

  2. The fabled “buffer zone” is DOA, literally as well as figuratively.

    And ‘Dog still owes Putin a jet.

  3. It is difficult to understand Russia’s reasoning in allowing the situation in Syria to come to this; whereby the whole of Northern Syria is about to be annexed by Turkey with substantial US backing. Geneva has been a complete waste of time. Putin has been played.

    • Yes I find one or two things difficult to fathom, however Team Putin is top strategist so as,hard as it may be to see(and I do find it so) Yeam Putin has played a blinder these last four or five years. Perhaps it is easier to see if you know there is a remote possibility that any such action would lead to the whole thing spiralling into a deathly nose dive for humanity.

  4. is it time YET for Russia or SOMEONE! to arrange for military mercenaries posing as “rebels” flooding into turkey to take out all their military hardware, ISIS training camps, besiege it’s capital to give erDOGan the Gadaffi treatment? seems old erDOG is OK with training military mercenaries to attack SYRIA, when is he going to gt a dose of it happening in HIS OWN YARD?
    the percentage of Syrians hating Assad is nothing compared to percentage of turks hating erDOGan, but we sure don’t ever hear demands for regime change in turkey nooo…

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