FBI has 80,000 files on possible Saudi links to 9/11

This is a memorial to a national lie - the victims attacked twice
This is a memorial to a national lie – and the victims have been attacked twice

… from Russia Today,  Moscow

This is the FBI Fort Lee surveillance house that was watching the Mossad operations across the street where Mohammed Atta came to visit
This is the FBI’s Fort Lee surveillance house from where they were watching the Mossad operations across the street where Mohammed Atta came to visit

[ Editor’s Note: Better late than never is an old cliche, but most appropriate in this case. If this trend continues, then VT’s Fort Lee 9-11 material will be the last nationally censored batch that mass media had refused to cover. What are they all afraid of? Might that be due to all of the massive obstruction of justice that would be revealed.

But what better time to reveal it all than in the run up to a presidential election, especially when one candidate has pledged to look into 9-11 more. Will this nudge Obama to go ahead and put it out now, so his legacy is not one of continuing the 9-11 coverup?

I was tickled to see the Florida FBI’s new material show Mohammed Atta and friend visiting the Saudi family that exited the US two weeks before 9-11.

But that same FBI should not have to look too hard for the Able Danger records of the same Mr. Atta visiting the Israeli art students in Fort Lee, NJ, as the FBI surveillance house across the street recorded such.

When Gordon published this information last year in a magazine layout, VT did not get a single phone call from anyone in politics, media or security wanting to know anything more about it. The only phrase I can think of to describe this pitiful state of affairs is “Homeland Insecurity”. You just can’t make this stuff upJim W. Dean ]


Why is no one asking for the Able Danger files despite this new interest in 9-11 disclosure
Why is no one asking for the Able Danger files, despite this new interest in 9-11 disclosure?

– First published  …  May 13,  2016

The FBI is in possession of 80,000 files detailing possible support for the 9/11 hijackers received from a Saudi family, a new report states, while a former 9/11 Commission member says there is a strong link between the Saudis and the terrorist attacks.

The FBI files are related to an investigation of a Saudi family living in Sarasota, Florida that “suddenly vanished” about two weeks before 9/11, the Daily Beast reported. One of the few released case documents highlights the investigation “revealed many connections” between one family member and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks.”

Senator Bob Graham
Senator Bob Graham

Notably, the details of this investigation, initiated in April 2002, were never given to the 9/11 Committee, according to former Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida), who helped lead the inquiry.

After a lawsuit was filed by reporters trying to gain access to the documents, and only after Graham said he’d testify that they exist, did the Justice Department uncover 35 pages. These pages, which contain significant redactions, are what revealed the “many connections.”

Yet the judge presiding over the case believed there could be more and ordered a further search. The result was more than 80,000 files from the FBI’s Tampa, Florida field office related to the 9/11 investigation. A federal judge is now evaluating whether they should be released.

For its part, the FBI has maintained that while the probe into the Saudi family was opened, it was ultimately proven there were no connections to the 9/11 hijackers.

However, lawyers and journalists investigating the case told the Beast that is not the case. They say a confidential counterterrorism source told them about the probe, and that it revealed there were phone calls coming in and out of the Saudi family’s house in connection with the hijackers.

They further maintain that visitor logs from the family’s gated community show that one of the 9/11 ringleaders, Mohamed Atta, actually visited the house with another hijacker, Ziad Jarrah. Alleged contacts between the family and three hijackers were documented by the FBI, according to former Senator Graham.

Whether the judge analyzing this FBI investigation decides to release all the documents or some updates on the case comes as the Obama administration is under heavy pressure to declassify 28 pages of the 9/11 report, which reportedly deal with links between 9/11 and Saudi Arabia. The White House is currently analyzing the files and is expected to make a decision sometime in June.

On Wednesday, a former member of the 9/11 Commission, Republican John Lehman, said he believes there is substantial evidence that Saudi government employees helped the hijackers carry out their attacks.

“There was an awful lot of participation by Saudi individuals in supporting the hijackers, and some of those people worked in the Saudi government,” he told the Guardian. “Our report should never have been read as an exoneration of Saudi Arabia.”

Jon Lehman during his 9-11 days
Jon Lehman during his 9-11 days

Lehman also took issue with a recent statement made by the former chairman and vice-chairman of the 9/11 Commission, which said only one Saudi government worker was “implicated” during its investigation. The Guardian stated that at least five were “strongly suspected” of being involved, according to Lehman.

“They may not have been indicted, but they were certainly implicated,” he said. Lehman joined Graham in pushing for the Obama administration to release the 28 classified pages.

In a column for the Washington Post, Graham said the documents would be helpful for the American people in deciding how to think about several questions, including whether the hijackers could have carried out the attacks on their own without knowing English, having little education, and having never been to the US.



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  1. If these disclosures do not continue to whitewash / sidestep the Zionist involvement in 9/11 – then perhaps the Saudi Khazar Kings’ involvement will finally show their Khazar connection. But really? Hijackers? Really? Hijackers???? REEAAALLYY?

  2. @wjabbe, your comments are caustic, and they should be. “America is gone” Yes, and I’ll add that it has been since a long time before I was born (that is, at least prior to 9/30/62). It exists purely as an elaborate and pretty facade disguising what amounts to the equivalent of a large and stagnant sewage treatment plant. 11/22/63 amounts to a public demonstration of the truth that America has been gone since long before that. Edward Luttwak’s book, “Coup d’Etat” gives an excellent and concise description of how it’s done.

  3. Not a “memorial to a national lie” they’re radiation containment ponds designed by a former Israeli ambassadors son.

  4. Is this the prelude to a US invasion of Saudi Arabia and the theft of all their assets and oil (80,000 fictitious files) as revealed by General Wesley Clark ?

  5. Finally, a crack in the wall of obstruction. John Lehman was US Secretary of the Navy, during the Reagan administration, from ’81 to ’87.

  6. To that one federal judge “ now evaluating whether the 80,000 files should be released”….. these files, along with the “28 pages”, the whole world deserves, not just America…..after all whole nations falsely accused and destroyed through this cover-up, millions of innocent people, normal average people have been dealt nothing but death and destruction for nearly 15 years…while the real perpetrators, sitting all high and mighty with their titles and crowns, getting fat off it all, claiming godlike positions of power when reality is they have crawled in from the very bowels of the earth….15 years of lies, death dealing lies to cover the tracks of enemies of Humanity… to refuse release would be to side with the most heinous creatures on the planet

  7. Great foreword. Sometimes it feels like living in a movie, a disturbing drama, a healthy tissue called national security turned malign and went into metastasis. If there was a video showing burning down Reichstag, if there were frequent “new material” surrounding such an event, surely BBC and Discovery experts would be in hype, day and night into the matter replaying the video(s) over and over and over…as well as political experts analyzing… Tragic US contemporary history, tragedy really that a nation destroyed it’s own pillars of recognition on Manhattan for a fistful of royalties from psycho special relationships… I hope that some of the Bush cabal members will get to relive the Ceaucescu experience, since they already decided never to visit an accredited court of law as they have put it by pen in the Patriot act. FBI is really a joke, I hope they get good surveillance on Larry Silverstein’s dermatologists appointments.

  8. we all know who did it, and it was not ARAB’S to much info points to ISRAEL and the cabal in the white house. peace and justice for ALL. mylo

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