Israel’s tiresome exceptionalism



…by Stuart Littlewood


As the whole world and his dog knows by now, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended from the Labour Party for expressing an uncomfortable truth (uncomfortable, that is, for Zionists).

What was it? “When Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.” He made the remark in a confrontation with the obnoxious John Mann, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism, in front of cameras.

Level-headed folk might gently quibble that there was no such place as Israel back in 1932 and Livingstone meant Palestine. Instead all hell broke loose, orchestrated by the usual Israel lobby loud-mouths.

He has still not been told what it was about his comment that warranted suspension, although many agree that linking Zionism with Hitler, even though it rang true, was bound to ruffle a few feathers. As a consequence this veteran servant of the party has now lost his place on the all-powerful National Executive Committee and is barred from participating in upcoming elections to it.

The Independent reports that he will now be replaced on the left-wing slate by Rhea Wolfson, a former president of Oxford University’s Jewish Society and, according to the Jewish Chronicle, a former outreach manager for the New Israel Fund. She has the support of Jon Lansman, chair of Momentum’s steering committee. Momentum is a company set up to campaign for Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s controversial new leader. It was founded by Lansman who is Jewish.

As soon as Livingstone made his reckless comment Lansman slammed into him: “A period of silence from Ken Livingstone is overdue, especially on antisemitism, racism and Zionism. It’s time he left politics altogether.” Livingstone happens to be a long-time friend of Corbyn, so make what you will of these merry intrigues.

It seems there is a sinister game afoot within Labour to suspend opponents of the Israel lobby, such as Livingstone, on bogus allegations of antisemitism (details of which are not revealed even to the alleged culprit) so that they can be removed from positions of influence and immobilised long enough to be replaced by more zio-friendly individuals. And Corbyn and McDonnell and their huge following are too petrified to do anything about it.

While the Labour Party thrashes about in agony on the rack of an antisemitism Inquisition, Gilad Atzmon has posted a useful video on his blogsite titled “How to combat Anti-semitism”. If our society is as riddled with irrational hatred of Jews as the Zionist mafioso claim, maybe there’s a reason…. The video’s timely message to Jewish viewers is simple. Address the following issues and you’ll go a long way to reducing the problem.

  • Get rid of Holocaust denial laws. Who would stand for laws making it illegal to deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Imagine going to jail for that? In a free society everything’s up for mature discussion and examination of the facts. Truth never fears facts.
  • Please stop obsessing over Israel. If you wish to enjoy the British or American way of life remember your first loyalty is to the UK or US. Quit calling on MPs and Congressmen to expend blood and treasure on war with whoever Israel happens to dislike today. If you’re so concerned about the Jewish state’s ‘security’ kindly go fight, bleed and pay for it yourselves.
  • You have your Jewish identity and wear it with pride. Cool. Allow us to have our exclusive tribal identity if we so wish. As it happens, most of us don’t.
  • You also have your own ethnic nation, Israel. We don’t have such a thing. In this age of enlightenment, the 21st Century, it’s considered wrong – downright evil actually – for us to want our own white Christian country all to ourselves. Your ethnic homeland has walls and gun towers to keep out displaced Arabs and other non-Jews. We’re not allowed to eject or keep out those we don’t want. Double standards again.
  • You can shout “antisemitism” all you like but why should we consider your opinion until you explain rationally why Israel and its supporters insist on one law (or one set of standards) for themselves and another law (or another set of standards) for Palestinians and the rest of us? How should decent folk respond to a regime that endlessly oppresses Christian and Muslim communities in the Holy Land and has subjected them to brutal military occupation for almost 50 years? Or to those who admire and defend such cruelty?

The video’s advice complements the warning by Israel’s former military intelligence chief Yehoshafat Harkabi that Israeli’ misconduct will be paid for by Jews throughout the world.  Listen to Harkabi and, for the sake of peaceful co-existence, let’s hear no more tiresome claims to exceptional and special consideration.


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  1. Me thinks the TallMud explains the delusions. We are suffering from PTJE or Post Traumatic Jew Experience. Shush I am sleeping.

  2. So sick of hearing about how the jews should be treated so special. WHY? The bible says that they were “chosen” to be kicked OUT of the Kingdom of God, because they went against the covenant and were doing evil things against God’s will. Their “chosen” status is misinterpreted by them as they seem to always twist the truth and try and prevent anyone from exposing their lies. Jesus exposed their lies, which is why they killed him.

    God is truth. Who do the jews worship if God has kicked them out of his Kingdom, because they are still following evil ways. “By their fruits you shall know them.” Send the bill for the wars in the middle east to Israel, as they wanted the US to fight for them. Americans shouldn’t have to pay. They are killing Christians.

  3. More people should stand up to the zionist (alleged jewish) superior mentality that they don’t want anyone to challenge. Their anti-semitism “law of not questioning” is unlawful. THEY are the anti-semites!

    We should be questioning why they claim 6 million jews died because of Hitler, when there were only 500,000 or so jews living in Germany BEFORE the war! Hitler agreed to take in jews that were leaving Russia and they were overwhelming the cities- was why he wanted to move them out. They were supposed to be moved to Poland and stayed in the camps until the arrangements could be made. A lot of the starvation of the people in the camps happened after the Allies started bombing Germany’s bridges and railroads, therefore preventing any supplies from getting through. The Allies never knew about many of the camps until after the surrender. You can starve in as little as 30 days if you have no food. That’s pretty quick. War is an ugly thing. The jews have no compassion for the innocent people of Palestine that can’t get food, medicine, etc because of their oppression, but claim to be the victims.

  4. More exceptionalism: Meir Ettinger, the smirking settler scum that threw Molotov cocktails into the home of the Palestinian Dawabsha family, burning most of that family alive – including a baby – is about to be released from administrative detention. On June 1st, this “Hero of Israel” as some commenters are calling him, will be released, never having been charged with a crime. Ettinger served eight (8) months for murdering an entire family, and walks away free with no criminal record.

    Yup, a baby burning “hero.” Only in Israel.

  5. Bravo Giliad, The all encompassing fear of speaking the truth about Isreal and being labeled an anti-semite is wearing me out. i was 3 meters tall before. Watching professors lose tenure, politician signing AIPAC Isreal first agreements (traitorous acts), the list is endless. Get’s boring and dangerous for all, the Jews too. Aparteid Isreal needs to play fair. Karma is real.

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