Another plane down – Here we go again


… by Jim W. Dean, VT Managing Editor

Where were the Israeli ships?

Where were the Israeli missile ships when the plane went down?

Well, you just can’t make this stuff up. Did someone decide to do a double dip on Egypt with another plane down, this time over water where evidence is much harder to recover?

From past examinations we have learned these incidents are almost never done randomly as to the timing, but tied to a current or upcoming event.

Confusion is always part of the plan, and hence we had the false report of plane debris found off a Greek island. And like the last Egyptian plane lost, we had authorities there initially confirming and then unconfirming some of the early reports. When will they learn that airline investigations are not a race, and wait until information has been verified before reporting?

The crash location now is in water 10,000 feet deep, and yes…it’s the deepest part of the Mediterranean. Could that be just a coincidence? Getting the black boxes is going to be very tough.

And Gordon Duff, Senior Editor:

Our sources tell us that Donald Trump’s announcement that he knows who shot down the Egyptian plane has quite a story behind it. What if Donald is financially vulnerable, a lifetime of dirty deals, bankruptcies and having others handle things for him while he judges beauty contests and plays on TV?

ScreenHunter_43 May. 20 15.25

What if Sheldon Adelson, the Vegas gambling boss that bankrolls Israel’s Likudists, those we believe behind 9/11, the Hebdo killings, the illegal Bush presidency and so much more, came to the aid of Trump, who had convinced many he was willing to stand up to Israel?

What if Trump, being who he is, a blowhard out of his depth, got read in on how Israel could use one of its Barak 8 missiles, recently tested in the Eastern Mediterranean on the INS Lahav, decided to do a repeat on the MH17 downing that some, those with good sources, believe Israel may have arranged as well, a “plane to plane” shootdown with a pair of Kiev fighters vectored into MH17 by an Israeli AWAC flying out of Azerbaijan?

Trump says more planes will fall. His new source of course is Adelson’s boys in Tel Aviv.

There is more backstory, move to Romania, Constanta, where America had secretly relocated its land-based AEGIS radar system, the one that was in New Jersey protecting the Pentagon, Capitol and White House from tiny airliners disguised as cruise missiles like the one that plowed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

The second half of that system was the aerostat/balloon based JLENS system that was recently sabotaged. Being one of those familiar with LTA platforms (lighter than air) through Adamus, Airship management and ADS, we follow such things with exactitude.

There are lots of backstories here, Obama pressing Israel by removing the twin AEGIS destroyers that made up the bulwark of the “Iron Dome” pretense for air defense that Israel has used to buffalo Iran from erasing the Jewish state for some time.

Then we get to the USS Donald Cook, the AEGIS ship that was “Keshe whacked” in the Black Sea, perhaps the reason the US has now publicly acknowledged the secret radar system in Romania.

You see, there are treaty limitations that prevent the US from keeping enough AEGIS air defense ships in the Black Sea to support Ukraine combat operations or threaten Russia’s missile capability.

AEGIS is not a “stand alone” system but uses a “hive” capability to track targets. The US can’t keep two AEGIS ships legally in the Black Sea, thus the Romanian system now officially announced.

Do note that there was full AEGIS capability in place, including the land system in Contanta, Romania, when MH17 was downed. The AEGIS saw it all in incredible detail and could easily differentiate between missiles or planes. Frankly, the AEGIS could and should have prevented the incident entirely, as soon as it saw the radars light up MH 17 from either the approaching planes or the imaginary BUK missile system.

Perhaps Trump is right and his new found Israeli partners are going to be downing airliners left and right or are planning a new 9/11. With their control of Congress and their ability to keep any investigation under wraps along with their equal ability to keep a fictionalized narrative, no matter how absurd, before the public, we have some interesting days ahead.


Israeli Navy to begin installing Barak 8 on Sa’ar 4.5 corvettes


Israel is to convert its Sa’ar 4.5 missile corvettes so that they can operate the Barak 8 missile-based air defence system Source: Wikipedia Commons

The Israeli Navy will soon begin a conversion programme for its Sa’ar 4.5 missile corvettes to enable them to be fitted with the Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI’s) Barak 8 missile-based air defence system, a senior naval source in Israel said on 7 February.

The conversion programme, due to be completed within two to three years, will see all the Sa’ar 4.5 ships fitted with Barak 8 launchers and a variant of IAI’s Elta EL/M 2248 MF-STAR radar.

The conversions of the Sa’ar 4.5 ships come as the navy expects to complete upgrades to the heavier Sa’ar 5 corvettes within a year, enabling all of them to use the Barak 8. Currently, the system is installed on one Sa’ar 5 vessel, INS Lahav , which carried out a live-fire trial in November.


Jim and Gordon continued …

As always, the anguished families, hoping for a mircale

As always, the anguished families, hoping for a miracle

Cairo had initially confirmed the Greek wreckage report and then the Greeks reported that the debris seen earlier was conclusively not from a plane. So one wonders how Cairo had confirmed it was when so far away.

This morning we seem to have reliable confirmation in an areas north of Alexandria, debris, floating seat cushions, body parts, an organized search radius around the satellite spotted oil slick, and the beginning of the hunt for the black boxes. But there the plot thickens.

Out of the gate comes Presidential race horse Donald Trump to take the lead on the pole. He claims he already knows who took the plane down (but won’t tell us), claiming it was terrorists, but then has more. He tells us there are going to be more shot down, and goes further still. He says this will trigger a world wide recession because everyone will be afraid to fly, a recession like we have never seen.

So, what do we have here? Is it just Trump being his usual undignified and unpresidential self by ambulance chasing any news event he can to get some free publicity? But why would he be doing this now when the nomination is sewn up, and being so aggressive on this Egyptian plane story? What other motivations could there be?

On the list of things to check, always high up, is money…has some recently arrived or is some being sought where one might want to prove their future worth? Right away we have Shelly Adelson’s promised $100 million, who many view as an international hoodlum capable of just about anything.

Adelson also is an uber-supporter of Netanyahu and the Likud Party in Israel and has all the government and non-government contractor security and intelligence people standing in line wanting to get on his payroll by being “useful”. Israel has been getting slowly squeezed by factions of the EU and international community by their growing outspokeness on the stalemate on the West bank and the settlements, getting a little too uppity as some might put it.

That brings us to a very strange May 18th Reuters story about a new offshore Iron Dome missile interceptor system completing a successful live fire testing two weeks ago, claiming to have been designed to protect its offshore gas platforms off the southern coast of Israel-Gaza, where several short range target “ballistic missiles” were fired from “a moving boat”.

The key to an iron come is not some much the missiles, but the radar system and software to run it

The key to an iron dome is not some much the missiles, but the radar system and software to run it

But we noticed a few odd things here. Such a “system”, the term they use, would have been better situated on an off shore platform itself versus a boat to defend against the bottle rockets fired from Gaza. And the claims that the underwater gas pipelines could be vulnerable to what effectively has the explosive power of mortar fire is of course ridiculous.

Do the Zios think we would really believe they are building and retrofitting their pretend-a-AEGIS system ships to protect underwater pipelines from Gazan rockets that often can’t hit a town?

Dear Israel, if someone wants to take your pipelines out they will use underwater drone torpedoes. And if they don’t have them, they can just contract the job out to someone who does, maybe even you, since you have such a good record doing such things.

So that hoax story was put out as a diversion for what the real purpose for what will be a very expensive weapons platform will be for.

And two, the real Iron Dome they want us to believe they are talking about is the one that required two Aegis Destroyers to be able to triangulate targeting an incoming missiles. One boat by itself cannot do this, which is claimed to be all that they used. So someone is pulling somebody’s leg here.

The new ground based Aegis system in Romania

The new ground based Aegis system in Romania

The proof lies further up north in the Black Sea, where the same issue existed over two AEGIS destroyers with their powerful long range radars needed to put up a real shield with long range radar.

Due to the limitations of how many ships the US is allowed to have there only one AEGIS was usually there, which would be pointless for it’s key assigned defense role which requires two. We figured it was a show the flag thing.

But if another had been installed like three years ago in Romania, that would complete the pair with just one ship needed to provide the defense capability that the billions spend on the US’s 26 Aegis destroyers to provide. That would make the recent announcement of of the Romanian base going operational just a formality.

Was it actually operational several years before? Let’s go back to the USS Donald Cook incident in the Black Sea, where its electronics were taken down via the electronic warfare pod on the lone unarmed Russian SU bomber fly over. That would have taken out one of the two radars needed, leaving the land-based system ineffective.

Russia was showing the US that it was aware of the game being played by the operational system on land, and could take the water-based component down if needed. The question there is could a Russian plane with a jamming pod have gotten close enough for it to be effective before being shot down? A big stink was not made of it then by the US as the Russians could have released the news of the operational system in Romania.

USS Donald Cook

USS Donald Cook

In closing we now have an Egyptian airliner going down within the vicinity of this new offshore Israeli Iron Dome operational area which is manned by inexperienced crews. We know it does not work unless there are two radar stations, yet the test claims there was only one.

But two are only needed for taking down incoming high speed missiles. An airliner flying a predetermined course would be a sitting duck. And like MH17 where a BUK was claimed to have done the deed, no one saw it when it looks like a meteor flying in reverse and making a hell of a lot of noise.

We have not heard a shred of information that the Israelis have developed radars on par with the Aegis, but would have wanted to because during the last Gaza turkey shoot, Obama pulled both US ships out of there, which is why Israel’s claimed 90% hit rate was baloney. The software is the key to making it work.

What they were calling hits were all the detonations of the missiles that missed, a safety feature, but where the big bang looked like a strike to those on the ground. Missile tests have always been reported as successful if doing otherwise was deemed to hurt national security in anyway. Another country I know of has faked successful missile defense tests in the past to keep the funding flowing.

The US Patriot missiles were way more ineffective than reported in the early years like Gulf War I, which is why new version after new version keep coming out, all more “cost plus” profits for the manufacturer.

The AEGIS radar is a very expensive system. Have we given our technology to the Israelis, or have they gotten it like they have so much of our military tech, via espionage? This has gone on all the way back to the 1980’s when 50% of the FBI’s counter intelligence resources were consumed in blocking the Israelis, who were stealing everything they could to make and market internationally, or to resell the technology to the Soviets or Chinese.

The last Egyptian plane went down in the Sinai when Israel was holding a large joint air combat exercise with a number of NATO countries, where the plane was within shooting range of those exercises. This was totally ignored by mass media in its reporting. Who do we know that has a history of not only doing terrorist attacks but making money on them in the futures markets by knowing what commodities will be going down after such an attack?

It happened with the airline stocks on 9-11, and with no prosecutions or even an arrest. And we see it happening when multiple gas and oil pipelines are blown up in one week to disrupt supply. The suspect list as to who has the logistics ability to pull off such stunts is a short one, and it does not include Jihadis.


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16 Responses to "Another plane down – Here we go again"

  1. captain obvious  May 23, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    just a coincidence nothing political at all, and the perpetrators get to investigate it of course.

  2. nawlins  May 23, 2016 at 9:16 am

    Jim, this article must be considered pretty hot because a virus was used on me as soon as I tried to bring the article up. The precursor to the virus was a supposed “firefox update” that I didn’t click on and attempts to remove it started the virus. My firewall caught it.

    Please note that I had been reading other articles on VT with no problem. You might want to have your guys check into this.

  3. Charlotte NC Bill  May 21, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Why no debris as is usually the case? At 500 mph and 10 mins. from landing the plane wasn’t very far out..before it turned around and was facing towards Talmudia. And the satellite telemetry shows the plane was entirely functioning but NO distress calls..ISRAEL ELECTRONICALLY HIJACKED THIS PLANE and they got who they wanted AGAIN…Yup, poor bastards are being tortured by the world’s worst as I type this..

  4. Ramirez  May 21, 2016 at 10:51 am

    ICTS again ? Is there any airport/power station of note which this ‘crack’ security firm does not control ? As for Trump it is getting more and more obvious what his game is, still I guess you have to at least play both sides, but he seems to be veering quickly to the wrong side, perhaps it is all a gullability test going on. And yes a clear attempt been made to make people fear flying is underway. It seems to me however that the PLAN is falling apart but not going to go quietly, it never would been based on outright envy.

  5. JohninMK  May 21, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Couple of points. Was the flight path within monitoring range of the Russian S-400 system in Latakia? If so they would have seen what happened as presumably did Russian naval assets and Egypt’s military radar systems. Even the RAF on Cyprus may have watched.

    Second, at the time of the MH-17 downing, a major NATO naval exercise had finished the day before, leaving a lot of US ships and aircraft, including an AEGIS destroyer conveniently in place. No wonder the US has not released any real data on the subject.

    • Ramirez  May 21, 2016 at 12:34 pm

      Great points, it illustrates perfectly what is going on.

  6. frog  May 21, 2016 at 6:40 am

    Back in 2008 a Qantas flight from Singapore to Perth nose dives twice, the crew unable to disconnect the computa to maintain flight. Landed safely in the outback, with many injured.
    Near by is the super secret joint US/Australian Ariel farm at Learmonth, where apparently low frequency waves for submarines is located.
    An x Signals Army soldier told me many Israeli service members are on the signal courses they take. What are they doing within the Aust Army?
    Was QF72 hit by radio waves from the Learmonth base, interesting if we could find out if Australian Govt was supporting the Palestinians at that time.
    I can assure every one the currant Govt does not support the state of Palestine, dropping the term “occupied” from the Occupied territories. Weak as piss.

    • Simpsons Donkey  May 22, 2016 at 4:42 am

      The North-West Cape base was rumored to have been handed back to Australian defence, but I would doubt that. Aerial photos show a very odd configuation, you can apparently hold up a light bulb on the grounds, and it will light up. Many very spooky occurrences hint that ‘scalar’ weapons are being used there. Many UFO sightings and ‘slow comets’ have been sighted there [check out ‘Brightskies’]
      Bob Hawke organised for Hercules planes supplied under the Iran-Contra deal to be flown via Learmonth en route for repair and then to Tehran. Australia is a bought-and-sold vassal of Amerika — or at least our traitorous military is.

  7. Simpsons Donkey  May 21, 2016 at 5:34 am

    Jim, I’ll tell you what’s NOT a coincidence — that the crash was 18 miles inside Egyptian waters.
    Original early report from Jim Stone follows:
    The lack of response from the pilots, and the flight pattern of the aircraft as it crashed, strongly indicate a missile strike to the nose of the aircraft. If it was a bomb in the cargo hold or cabin, the pilots could have still talked as the plane broke up, and the breakup would have been faster. This breakup involved a 90 degree turn and a full 360 degree turn. This means the wings were still on the plane, and enough time passed for the pilots to radio a distress call. Lack of this proves a hit to the cockpit. Obviously “Islamic terrorists” are going to be blamed. (MSM hints the ‘forward bathroom’ was blown up — how handy!)
    This is most probably an Obama, Clinton and Nut Yahoo production due to the altitude and location of the event, and the difficulty of getting a missile as high as the plane was flying. Only a missile could have done this. Easily accomplished from Israeli airspace. Egypt has no possible motive.
    Report by me —
    Egypt’s president Al-Sisi has announced his intention to heal relations between the Abomination and the Palestinians. Could you imagine anything more calculated than that, to bring a false flag attack?
    The planes’ origin, France, was where M. Hollande was also told, ‘Butt out of Middle East peacemaking.’ ICTS just had their security contract with Charles de Gaulle airport renewed. 2 + 2 = ?

  8. Dan Sheppard  May 21, 2016 at 1:33 am

    Great article, the location and small amount of evidence so far does point to an incident involving a military missile of some sort.

    Also lately France has been tinkering with Israeli/Palestinian affairs and getting too close to giving ‘equal support’ to both nations. That which Israel has never regarded a possibility in their plans for the ‘greater Israel project’. Could this also be an economic attack ? To hinder the wealth of one of France’s greatest asset, Airbus ? Placing into the subconscious of airliner passengers ‘do not fly on the Airbus series aircraft’

  9. Altimometer  May 20, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    Interesting choice of words “more planes will be (shot down)”. Looks like you have the main action agents dialed in, McHale’s Navy and all.

  10. JS  May 20, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    What about Muslim Brotherhood? They want to undermine el-Sisi, and get back in power.

  11. ROTFL  May 20, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    This one was too predictable . Expect more so call terror to plaque Egypt. Why? Because months ago a bigger underwater gas line was discovered by Egypt & EU gas company that knocked Israel out of the competition . Israel has already secured back room deals to supply the gas & had other companies lined up to ink the deals. Once Egypt discovered their own windfall of the gas lines that’s the biggest ever measured. Companies started pulling out of the deals with Israel costing Israel to lose billions of dollars. Therefore, Israel will continue to punish Egypt & France. Since it was France who made the discovery of the gas in Egypt public& secured contracts for Egypt.

  12. joetv  May 20, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    It looks like Isreal is the chalk in this race to hell. if I could have placed a bet I may have collected. With your info I would have doubled it. Too bad I can’t past post. Good puece guys. Motive was profit and letting all know again who is boss. Who else the tools and expertise? Who runs security at DeGaulle?

  13. Monty!  May 20, 2016 at 4:35 pm

    Good back stories included. However, a major point hasn’t been thought through-
    As the aircraft was brand new, it’s much more profitable and beneficial for the aircraft
    to be ‘covered blindly, all inclusive’ and taken to wherever the missing Malaysian plane
    ended up with it’s passengers. The passengers become good slave workers with very
    very basic food to sustain. Re-branding an aircraft with duplicate registrations isn’t a
    thing to bother about when you have the control of all the major manufacturers at hand.
    Somehow, the twin gets sighted but the original has ‘disappeared’.

    You Can’t Make This Stuff Up,,,, legendary.

  14. brabantian  May 20, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    Israel’s ICTS ‘Airport Security’ firm can mark the downing of this Egypt plane flying out of Paris, as at least 8th major ‘terrorist’ incident launched from airports / areas ICTS controlled … ICTS founded in1982 by Israeli Shin Bet officers & exposed as Mossad as far back as 1989 by Spain’s leading newspaper El Pais … List of ICTS-tied ‘terrorism’ with thousands dead:

    1992 – ICTS Amsterdam oversees loading of Israeli El Al plane with perhaps chemical weapons, quickly crashing into immigrant apartment tower, hundreds killed
    2001 – ICTS security at US airports for ‘aeroplanes hijacked to hit NY twin towers’ 11 September 2001 New York WTC demolition ‘9-11’
    2001 – ICTS security at Paris boarding Christmas-time ‘shoe bomber’ Richard Reid a ‘British Muslim’
    2005 – ICTS security for London bus networks for July ‘suicide bombings’ near ICTS Tavistock House offices
    2009 – ICTS still in Amsterdam airport where, shepherds Nigerian Christmas time ‘Underwear Bomber’ Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab onto aeroplane
    2014 – ICTS still in Amsterdam, boards Malaysia flight MH-17 brought down over Ukraine killing all aboard
    2016 – ICTS running airport security in Brussels for 22 March Brussels bombings at Zaventem airport
    2016 – ICTS still in Paris, now for Egypt Flight 804 brought down over Mediterranean 19 May killing all aboard again

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