BREAKTHROUGH! 9/11 truth sneaks past gatekeepers into Left Forum

The best Left that money can buy

The six Deep State panels at this weekend’s Left Forum will be simulcast by No Lies Radio – click this link for the schedule and to watch the simulcasts (and later the archives) .

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

In a major breakthrough for the 9/11 truth movement, the biggest annual left-wing event in America has suddenly opened its doors to leading critics of the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) and other researchers into crimes of the Deep State.

I will give three presentations, beginning Saturday at noon Eastern with “Why Chomsky is Wrong About 9/11.”

Going to the Left Forum to criticize Chomsky is sort of like going to the Vatican to criticize the Pope. But the doctrine of Papal Infallibility does not apply to Chomsky, despite what some of his admirers seem to think. So I do not expect to be met by the left-wing version of the Spanish Inquisition. (Then again, NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!)


The Deep State track at the Left Forum, broadcast in its entirety by No Lies Radio, will include:


*The phony “War on Terror” it launched,



*False Flags

*(9/11-false-flag-incited) Islamophobia.

These topics represent a sizable proportion of the “forbidden” issues that left gatekeepers try to prevent their flocks from thinking about. (Another verboten topic, UFOs, will also be lurking in the background, thanks to leading UFO researcher Richard Dolan’s participation in the False Flag panel.)

So what happened? Did the gatekeepers fall asleep at the watch? Has the false flag paradigm shift finally happened?

I have attended many such left-wing events including Media Reform Conferences and Fighting BobFests…but always uninvited. My mission has been to distribute books, literature and DVDs and harangue passersby. I have found that the majority of participants in these events are friendly to 9/11 truth – but the leaders, the big names and organizers, are almost uniformly hostile.

In other words, most of the people who are not being paid to be there are pro-9/11-truth or at least open to it. Those on the payroll are a different story.

How does money buy people’s silence…or worse?

Essentially, there seems to be an unspoken understanding that somebody will cut off your money supply if you encourage discussion of forbidden topics. One commonly-cited example: Amy Goodman of Democracy Now personally witnessed the obvious controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7, yet never reported on it. Why not?

Perhaps because she quickly accepted a half-million dollar grant from the CIA front Ford Foundation to “report on the aftermath of 9/11.” The subtext: “Your operation will thrive and prosper if you toe the line.” (Implication: The opposite will happen if you don’t.)

Today, Amy Goodman is a millionaire.

Had she reported honestly on 9/11, she would have had to follow a much tougher path…like Bonnie Faulkner, another leftie Pacifica host who puts out a vastly superior product, but only has a small fraction of Amy Goodman’s money and audience.

I once had an uninhibited discussion of 9/11 with John Nichols of The Nation magazine, another Left Gatekeeper outlet. John essentially admitted that he had read Nafeez Ahmed and knew the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) was a pack of lies. But prominent people, he said, would only admit it after they had had a few drinks. Obviously they were scared.

At the time I spoke with Nichols (June 2006) I was “on the payroll” myself – having taught Islamic Studies, Arabic, Folkore, and African Literature among other subjects at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1995. Then Lynn Cheney of ACTA, perhaps in concert with Karl Rove, seems to have convinced Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature to launch a witch-hunt targeting my research and activism around 9/11. The goal: Pre-empt further growth of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, by sending a message to other academics spelling out what might happen to them if they speak out about 9/11.

Having been prominently witch-hunted as an “evil conspiracy theorist” I am now unemployable in the American academy, robbed of $2 million in projected lifetime earnings.

So I understand why people “on the payroll” are afraid to speak out.

I wonder if somebody is going to lose money – or their job, which amounts to the same thing – for letting the “evil conspiracy theorists” sneak past the gatekeepers into this year’s Left Forum.

But then again…what’s the point of “the Left” if it’s going to let its very thoughts be controlled by the Money Power?

Maybe if the Left gets over its cowardice and takes on some of these horrifying Deep State issues, a furious and aroused populace will finally rise up and overthrow the bankster corporatocracy that keeps us all dancing on the puppet strings of money they create out of thin air.




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  1. Yes, speaking the truth about forbidden subjects if one has an Establishment position will always result in repercussions and blacklisting. This includes academia, media, city, state, federal govt or any major corporation. You will be sanctioned, lose one’s job and be blacklisted. Some who are prominent are arkencided. This includes folks Ted Hartman and the other left of center who pretend to speak the truth but never go beyond “permitted” subjects.

    The result of all this, fine academics like Dr. Barrett pay a stiff price for truth and integrity even if they never spoke out during their Establishment positions. These Establishment Hierarchy sanctions and controls over one’s career are so strong and so far reaching that we have CMMM Talking Heads still claiming that Oswald shot JFK 50 years after he didn’t and everybody who has an IQ about 70 knows it. Thanks to the Internet and the truthful alternative media we are making progress, but is is slow. As the American economy goes over a cliff and the US Petro Dollar goes extinct like the Dodo bird, this will probably do more to awaken most Americans to the truths that the Establishment Hierarchy is hiding than anything else.

  2. Kevin: I appreciate your quest for truth but, to begin with, Chomskys, Avnerys, Papes, are nothing but sugar to capture the fly. There is no such a thing as through and through sincerity among Jews. They have intangible zones in which only other Jews are accepted to speak about. I´ve tried many times to let several “unreligious” Jews, mostly exhibiting a marxist leaning of ideas or those that practice Judaism and have a liberal economic standpoint or have despise Judaism practice but in any way the relinquish their idea of being “chosen ones” and in each and every case, asking them about MASONRY changes their tone, starts to look the other way, their face changes of color or makes them silent, So no matter what we do to, going to the deepest has a backpressure that makes again return the shallowness of just being called deniers, truthers or racists.
    Americans hardly would ever get rid of Jewish power unless starts to understand the fact that it comes from seconding gentiles receiving the “thirty coins” of their betrayal. Just ask yourself what happens when, after being known in any of the categories marked above, there is an instructed gentile denying you a job in any position. Bnai Brith lodges direct gentile lodges and the gentile “brothers” obey and keep silent.

  3. What the 9/11-ists (Don’t know how to call them better than that) did to American academy and to something widely recognized as traditional American landmark (education and high-tech) is a tragedy, or worse yet, a funeral. America will never stand on its feet again until those high ranking anti-knowledge hustler scholars reach out and give pass to reason and truth.

  4. Yup Kevin. That’s a standard tactic – they destroy a man’s livelihood to silence him. If you have no money, you will have to devote your time and energy to find a way to get the basic essentials a person needs just to live (food, shelter etc) and thus cease to cause them any more trouble. You have done an exceptional job to stay a thorn in their side. I salute your tenacity and devotion to the cause. Thank you for staying the course.

  5. Left and Right are 2 sides of the same totalitarian coin. Better yet, they are the 2 blades of a pair of scissors. The hand that wields the scissors, considers the rest of us to be mere paper.

    • I meant the extreme left and the extreme right, in case there is doubt about my meaning. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be concise.

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