NEO – NATO Nuclear War Hype goes Ballistic

NATO is hell bent for its new Cold War despite there being no real threat. Why?
NATO is hell bent for its new Cold War despite there being no real threat. Why?

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it… Mark Twain, American humorist


– First published  …  May 22, 2016

ballistic missiles

While I am credited as the creator of the byline “You just can’t make this stuff up”, I must now add an addendum to that, the NATO exception, because they make it up all the time.

And, just when we figure they have flogged the Russian Bear threat to death, almost as badly as the retired Iran nuclear weapon threat, here we have British General Shirreff, former Deputy Supreme Comr. for NATO, pitching his fictional book about a nuclear war with Russia, in 2017 mind you, and over the Baltics no less.

This is the kind of ploy that an Intelligence agency would use to seed a repetitive fear message into the public’s consciousness via a series of high ranking officials to give support to a geopolitical psyops game they are running.

We now have General Shirreff as a book end to American General Breedlove, who told us all about the amassed Russian army on Ukraine’s eastern border that was ready to sweep across Ukraine in three days.

The only problem with that tall tale was that despite Moscow’s holding long planned exercises in the area, none of the experienced observers who attended ever reported seeing this invasion army. Since that day, we have had a never ending echo chamber of claims of Russian aggression toward Europe, but where no one felt it was necessary to provide any proof.

General Breedlove never showed us any satellite photos of all the huge stockpiles in forward bases that could have easily be viewable for an invasion, and he never apologized for the lie.

General Shirreff, ex-Deputy NATO Cmdr.
General Shirreff, ex-Deputy NATO Cmdr.

General Shirreff was not very creative in his scare pitch. He trotted out the false claim of Russia invading Georgia when it has long been on the record that the Georgian’s began the war with a general shelling of Tskhinvali. The Wikipedia version of event is a bad joke.

The classified story has Tskhinvali being shelled on and off during the early morning of August 8th while a large commando unit from a 3rd country was taking out the Russian peacekeepers positions and light armor to clear the way for the victorious Georgian army to roll in when dawn came.

The visiting commandos flew home that morning and were not around when the Russians took their airfield base a few days later.

I share this with you because Shirreff trotted this out in his propaganda recital during his BBC interview, “He [Putin] has invaded Georgia, he has invaded the Crimea, he has invaded Ukraine. He has used force and got [sic] away with it.”

And then the general dropped his nuclear bomb, “The chilling fact is that, because Russia hardwires nuclear thinking and capability to every aspect of their defense capability, this would be nuclear war.”

General Wesley Clark seems to have been assigned a role in the Russian threat hype
General Wesley Clark seems to have been assigned a role in the Russian threat hype

Shirreff was playing off ex-NATO General Wesley Clark’s tooting the Russian nuclear threat horn earlier in May to CNN with this silly comment, “They are using nuclear weapons in their military exercise as a means of deescalating a conflict, as though they could fire a nuclear weapon at, say, Warsaw, and then NATO would say, “Oh, my goodness, we did not know you really mean it,” the former NATO commander said.

These media interviews are all theater staging. NATO knows that Russia will be responding to the military moves to its borders and will use its advantage of internal lines of communication and whatever firepower needed to defend itself. After all, it is the US that changed its defense doctrine to include first strikes for really any reason it chose, giving itself a blank check. And this was done under Clinton in peacetime, mind you.

When Russia makes deployments to counter moves NATO has made, we may even these same generals doing more interviews that those moves are proof of Russia’s aggressive intentions. More than a few American military and intelligence people are embarrassed by this cheap manipulation of the public.

The Russian threat is as non-existent as the Iran nuclear one that our Veterans Today’s nuclear expert Clinton Bastin, 40 years with the Dept. of Energy, debunked for us in detail before he died.

In fact, one of the most common shop talk themes among security people is “what is the new threat scam of the week” to prepare the public for some future move or build support for a new or expanded weapons system, or distract from runaway costs or technical failures like the F-35.

People are still struggling to get over the $4.4 billion cost of the USS Zumwalt destroyer, and that is not a typo. That money would have funded two Virginia class attack submarines during a time when the US force is declining.

When doing a radio show with Mike Harris today, we were reminiscing when aircraft carriers were $4.5 billion and asking ourselves “what the hell happened… have these Navy planners gone nuts putting that much into a destroyer?”

USS Zumwalt - $4.5 billion , or two Virginian class nuclear attack subs
USS Zumwalt – $4.5 billion , or two Virginian class nuclear attack subs

Professor Michael Brenner hit that nail on the head in a recent Consortium News article, which described the Zumwalt as: “The titanosaur-sized price for that dubious gain hardly seems worth it when the much cheaper alternative is the promotion of qualified generals and Intelligence officials. The pity is not realizing at the outset that this greatest of all dinosaurs is actually a White Elephant.”

I agree with Brenner whole heartedly about the qualification issue. But that has many layers to it, including the one most are too embarrassed to discuss, and that is that of top military people wanting to enhance their post-retirement income by being big ticket weapons promoters while in uniform.

Those not in the approval process can still earn future bonuses by hyping the need for hugely expensive systems.

Prof. Michael Brenner
Prof. Michael Brenner

But not only the military brass gets involved with this. After President Obama had promised to continue downsizing the US nuclear arsenal, something the Russians have always been game to do, also, he turned around and gave us a trillion dollar “rehab” or our old nukes. That seemed a little steep for a safety program, because it wasn’t.

The US has been up to its eyeballs in mini-nuke development for a long time, preparing for a future mass deployment of tactical nukes — an array of customized versions that would blow people’s minds.

The technology allows for nuclear tank shells and mortars now, and the field commanders have dreams of getting their hands on these for the “one shot kill” power that would put at their disposal.

But what is shocking is their total lack of concern that as soon as these are used, sure they will be a major tactical advantage, but it would not take long before others had them also, and forces would be on the receiving end of these “one shot kill” weapons, meaning a target from a heavy bunker to a good sized base could be killed with one shot.

The development for these boutique nukes came under a loop hole in the test ban treaty, where triggers were exempted from the ban for safety reasons, due to deterioration their detonation was allowed. The mothballed old nuclear warheads are a huge supply of the needed material for the future arsenal of mini-nuke weapons.

We have come a long way from the old Davey Crockett mini-nukes, but still have idiots that say they are a conspiracy theory
We have come a long way from the old Davey Crockett mini-nukes, but still have idiots that say they are a conspiracy theory

And oh, I forgot to tell you that mini-nukes are basically triggers for big nukes. Computer modeling played a key role in reducing the extensive testing from the old days.

So that is the nightmare that we are facing, these crazy people who think that mini-nuke warfare is the “smart way” to go, as you can put them on things like hypersonic cruise missiles to use as first-strike weapons, which would have almost no warning time.

That would mean responding to what appeared to be a first strike would require firing everything you had before it was destroyed.

You can see now why certain parties do not want to have a public discussion about this evolution of defense policy, because the public would see quickly that this scenario is a huge security threat to them and their pocketbooks.

They would then be one step away from figuring out who would benefit economically from such crazy war gamesmanship strategy, and know who the real threat was that needed to be hunted down and dealt with. We need to fix this before we find ourselves in a very bad situation, where it might be too late to save ourselves.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. these damned bomb worshiping mind controlling two faced mutants,
    just don’t know when to quit! yes it IS “Planet of the Apes”.

    there’s enough nukes to blast away our atmosphere 50 times, because once is not enough!
    it dont matter how deep underground when the crust starts breaking up, think it wont?
    these self righteous bomb worshiping mutants are NOT very smart.

  2. You can see one reason why the West originally wanted to turn Iran inside out looking for any nuclear program at all, because the mini-nukes doing require a lot of material, as a little bit goes a long way. No one at this stage of the game would to barreling into trying to create a big ballistic bomb program as it is just to easy to spot and eliminate. The deal always was over Iran’s 2000 medium range missiles and what if their warheads were replaced with mini-nukes, number one. And two, because they are lighter, they will probably be mounted on the hyperspeed new missile coming along. What this means is a change in a pre-emptive strike game. If a targeted country detects an incoming strike, knowing that it retaliation weapons are going to be targeted, it has to fire them all off at once while it still can. This puts us back to a hair trigger disaster situation.

  3. Who else things that ‘Shirreff’ and ‘Scherff’ could be the same last name?
    Looking at General Shirreff’s picture I’d say….

    Well, he looks like a Bush….

  4. Another powerful statement Jim Dean,your addendum “someone is making up stuff”. To bad for the world that even those in active duty service swear their oath and ignore it. Greedy armaments pitchmen in the service is a huge threat to the nation’s security,as once the genie is out of the bottle it tends to be used. Hit the wrong imaginary enemy and it’s going to roost in our front yards.

  5. Was a Boutique Shaped Charge Mini-Nuke the key weapon used to vaporize the core columns in the Twin Towers?

    • yes or no? drilled down deep into the granite would have worked like a shotgun barrel, so not necessarily a shaped charge for controlling direction of blast.

  6. this is how one makes a “quick jump up the ladder”….11 January 2010, Shirreff a Lieutenant General, gives favorable evidence to The Iraq (Chilcott) Inquiry. On 4 March 2011 he becomes Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe and was promoted to full general. He retired from that post in March 2014. …and now titled General “Sir” Richard Shirreff , a “spokesperson” for that creeping global menace giving notice, nuclear war with Russia “within a year” ….. the “potential catastrophe” is exactly what Russia is averting….. the “potential catastrophe” is in support of NATO in any way, shape or form , it is the military of the New World Order creeping global menace upon our whole planet…Russia is NOT the enemy… for anyone dumb enough not to see that with flashing lights

  7. “… the public would see quickly that this scenario is a huge security threat to them and their pocketbooks.” Yup, true! But this particular member of the public isn’t focused on her pocketbook. I am more interested in trying to figure out how anyone with any common sense would want this new “Mutual Assured Destruction scenario on steroids”. The old MAD had us disappearing in a flash of light. With this new MAD, we all die, but a bit more slowly, perhaps years later, after giving birth to deformed kids, and radiating all the plants, animals, and water we need to survive. It’s beyond insane. It’s MAD MAD MAD.

  8. There is no other time in History as it is now that US can be the target of nuclear retaliation. The use of tactical nuclear devices may easily escalate into Strategic ones without any peace conference in between.
    The simple fact that American population would be decimated and the remaining ones victims of radiation in different degrees that might lead into a certain and painful death, should cool the head of decision makers. Those that think that going into underground bunkers could provide some protection do not count on the fact that sooner or later they may need to reach the surface and then, share the same luck as those without shelter.
    SO, there is not another planet to run away from the utmost wrong decision in provoking a nuclear conflict. Smart as they claim to be, Jewish people are pulling the strings of masons within the military, economic and political leaders without accepting the real danger of going over their heads with their Yanin Plan or the Eraz Israel that means their conclusion as a people, as well as the rest of innocent gentiles.

    • Well said except the part about how the potential for decimation of the American population “should cool the head of decision makers.” If the so-called decision makers actually were making decisions with the American population’s interests in mind and not subservient to the directives of the controllers which have no concern for said interests, your assertions would be reasonable and sound. Neither the “decision makers” nor the controllers possess souls, therefore have no empathy and are socio and psychopathic murderers. They do however act rationally, but not reasonably. They have a rationale for everything… and yet their actions are unreasonable by any standard other than their own.

  9. My guess is they are angling for full on Cold War spending with to some extent the Russians playing ball.

    But I am no expert, just instinct only I’m afraid, but the Russian aggression is on the backburner for anyone with a few brain cells working together. And they have all the resources they need in Russia, so have zero need. This is common knowledge now, so of course they have to go down the omg Nukes line, plus it feeds the Archons.

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