US: not unusual for troops to wear foreign insignia



This is a shocking admission by the US – that it’s forces often fly false flags. Of course, they try to excuse it away with the good old ‘they are just advisors’ rhetoric but we all know what that means – nothing more than a thin skin of deniability to cover up just what these US forces are upto.

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US: not unusual for troops to wear foreign insignia

It’s not uncommon for U.S. special forces to wear foreign insignia on their uniforms when deployed abroad, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

The comments come after photos surfaced of U.S. troops wearing Kurdish YPG patches in Syria.

“When they operate in certain areas they do what they can to, if you will, blend in with the community to enhance their own protection, their own security,” Peter Cook told reporters. “Our forces need to take the steps that they need to take in order to carry out their mission and to protect themselves.”

The photos depict the special operators near the frontlines of a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)-led offensive on ISIL’s Syrian stronghold, Raqqa. At least one photo was allegedly taken at al-Fatisah, a small village 16 miles (25 kilometers) from the city.

Cook did not comment directly on the pictures.

The SDF primarily consists of fighters from the YPG — armed wing of the PYD — but also includes a host of Arab, Christian and other fighters.

Turkey views the PYD and YPG as the terrorist organization PKK’s Syrian offshoots, and has designated both as terror groups, while Washington continues to support the YPG as an “effective partner” in the fight against ISIL.

The U.S. has provided air cover to the group and U.S. troops have been sent on an advise and assist mission to help the YPG fight ISIL.

Asked why U.S. forces are so close to the frontlines, Cook maintained that they “are not at the frontline.”

“They are, again, in an advisory role to those forces. And they’re going to continue to do that,” he said.

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  1. Yes Ian, not unusual at all. In the same vein, it’s not unusual for American soldiers wearing opposition forces patches on their uniforms, to become “collateral” damage either. Now is it? Likewise, if I were in combat, and some armed guy is running around with the enemy’s patch on his arm, I would do what is expected of me, I would blow him away!! Even for a general officer with a functioning brain, that’s easy math. But, they just can’t seem to get it through to the brick between their ears!!

  2. ISIS-Turk Sultan Erdogan now VERY pissed off at Obama & U.S. military — by design. In part, probably the intent of U.S. military wearing Kurdish military patches. Good.

    Both Bush/NeoCons and Clinton/NeoLibs oppose Obama & U.S. military on what they do with Putin & Russian military. Also: Rotten-Child/RKM. Bush/NeoCons & Clinton/NeoLibs are only nominally aligned with Kurds in Syria. Much more aligned with ISIS-Turk Sultan Erdogan (to oust Assad).

    US/Obama & Russia/Putin tacitly aligned to help Turks to dump Erdogan. Soon: Erdogan = Erodo-Gone.

    Russia proposed joint U.S.-Russia strikes against ISIS, al-Nusra & al-Qaeda-affiliated ceasefire violators. As expected, U.S. said “No.” Truth behind the scenes is much more promising & interesting. ;-).

  3. “When they operate in certain areas they do what they can to, if you will, blend in with the community…’

    OK. So no more designer shades or trimmed-to-perfection beards, and I suppose they are from the ‘Kurdish’ squadron of the US special forces, ie they look like Kurds

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