Google wipes Palestine off the map

Google, like the rest of the Zionist genocide machine, is making Palestine disappear
Google, like the rest of the Zionist genocide machine, is making Palestine disappear
Google, like the rest of the Zionist genocide machine, is making Palestine disappear

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

I had just finished recording a 30 minute interview with the famous anti-Zionist Israeli Miko Peled. I needed 30 more minutes to fill up my one hour radio show.

How about Palestinian professor Mazin Qumsiyeh?

Before contacting Mazin, I needed to get my time zones straight. So I googled “What time is it in Palestine?”

Here is the result:


Palestine, TEXAS?!


Does Google really think a town with less than 20,000 population in Texas is more important than the entire nation of Palestine?

The Zionist genocide movement has spent the past century denying that there is such a country as Palestine, even as they mass murder, torture, and expel Palestinians. Now it seems that Google, following the Zionist lead, has expelled Palestine from cyberspace.

Or maybe it’s an innocent mistake? Maybe they always put American towns ahead of foreign countries and cities?

Columbia, Missouri is an important city of more than 100,000 people…and there are lots of other Columbias in the USA. So if I google “What time is it in Columbia” will Google reference Columbia the country or Columbia the important American city?

Let’s find out.


It’s Columbia the country…which Google has not wiped off the map. Unlike Palestine.

How about Jamaica? Will they give us the city in New York, or the island nation?


Looks like the island nation.

Long story short: After Googling around, I have discovered that when you ask what time it is in any country on earth, Google tells you – right there in that prominently-placed box above the search results.

Except Palestine.

Google is apparently part of the Zionist entity dedicated to wiping Palestine off the map.

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  1. Dr Barrett, with regard to Columbia, Missouri, it’s even worse than you say. I live in Missouri, so I care. I replicated your experiment, and yes, Google gives me the time in Colombia, the country, which isn’t even spelled the same way. So Google makes a huge leap there. If you want the time in Columbia, the city in Missouri, you must input “columbia, mo” or “columbia, missouri”. According to Wikipedia, half of the US states have 1 or 2 towns named Columbia, so there are a lot of Columbias, just in this country alone! But the Italian/Latino version, Colombia, only shows 4 towns in wickedpedia, and all 4 are in S. America.

  2. “…Columbia the country…” – KB

    Ahem, “Colombia” – two “o’s”, no “u”.

    From my IP address, Google Maps returns the town in Missouri as the top result with the first spelling, and the country in South America as the top result with the second spelling.

  3. Welcome to the world of evil genius of the Royal Geographical Society. Also, one can easily check that geography is taught as a subject in Gaza and West Bank schools and universities, however fails to be acclaimed. The only places that probably teach geography at such a pathetic Google level is in the United States of America, as they are itself a geopolitical geography project with all those straight lines and cubicle-like states. There are as well similarities in Canada and Australia state borders but at a lower level.

  4. Really great article Kevin, many thanks. Had to stop and wonder.. Is Palestine the worlds geographical misconception of reality. Or, is Google also being manipulated in someway by Israel.

  5. Those cases aren’t really comparable, for two reasons. First, the entire world, i.e. all governments, the UN, etc., officially rejects Israeli claims to lands stolen in the 1967 war of aggression; nobody except a handful of Zionist lunatics disputes that these lands are Palestine, not Israel. So there is essentially universal agreement that Palestine exists; the only question is whether it consists of the so-called Occupied Territories or whether all of “Israel” and Palestine are really Palestine. The latter is the essentially unanimous position of the entire Middle East and probably the majority of the world’s people. News broadcasts in Arabic, for example, always refer to “Occupied Palestine” not Israel. Billions of people will see to it that the situation is rectified sooner or later, probably sooner. So the notion that “Israel” is legitimate and permanent is a delusion; the place is called “Palestine,”

  6. From England google “Palestine time now” Sun am 9.30 brings up the time for the correct place (not that P,Ill is

  7. I don’t know Mr Barret? I typed in google “what time is it in palestine” and got this.

    Palestine Clock
    Current local time: 6:05:21 am
    Date: Saturday 28 May 2016
    Time zone: EEST (Eastern Europe Summer Time)
    Daylight Saving Time: +1 hour
    Current time zone offset: +03:00 hours
    1 more row
    Palestine Time – Local Time for Cities in Palestine – Time Zone in …

    And many other Palestine / Israhell times. Could it be your location settings, maybe?

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