NATO parades through Europe on Memorial Day

We were warned against foreign entanglements
We were warned against foreign entanglements
We were warned against foreign entanglements

 US troops head to the Baltics for massive military drills 

1,400 Soldiers & 400 vehicles

Our sources tell us the Romanian missile shield facility has been operational for two years.
Our sources tell us the Romanian missile shield facility has been operational for two years

[ Editor’s Note: You can just image the uproar if Russia or China were doing exercises like this (by invitation) on the Canadian or Mexican border as part of a “defense exercise”. Can you imagine a Russian “missile defense” shield going up on Cuba to protect it from being attacked possibly from South America?

But this is the silliness the American and European people are fed; and sadly, most lap it up with no embarrassment whatsoever, despite the huge red ink we are operating with, now that people have come to accept that as the status quo. I am thinking of naming this phenomenon the “doo doo happens trance”, something like that, to make it a formal mass social affliction.

Our ruling class is now treating us like sheep, right out in the open, and it is time that we have to ask ourselves who all is responsible for that, and how will we explain to the grand kids why we took it laying down.


The US and NATO are setting up trip wires for their next war, in which Russian will have no choice but to take out our forward positions as fast as they can the moment it starts up, which makes for a hair trigger extremely dangerous situation over a slight mistake.

Retaliatory weapons have to be used very quickly before they are destroyed in place. If they were destroyed, then the target is only left with its big boy nuke option. Personally I think anyone pushing for this crazy situation is such an overt security threat that they would make the drone target list in my book, as they are a part of the biggest threat that we face.

Meanwhile we were just introduced to our first $4.4 billion destroyer, and the F-35, in its last fix it test, could not even get the engines started because the computer software is still so full of bugs, they would not boot up.

Yet, Americans will celebrate Memorial Day to honor veterans, while taking this raping and pillaging lying down, and feel they have fulfilled their civic duty, but it is the sleep-walking civic duty. Why are they not more upset? Jim W. Dean ]


A hands on tour is seems
A hands on tour is seems

– First published  …  May 28,  2016

US forces have been seen on the “Dragoon Ride II” tactical march across central and Eastern Europe in massive military drills, which this year are in the Baltic States. Over 1,400 soldiers and 400 vehicles displayed their “dynamic presence.”

US servicemen have started Dragoon Ride II, a “2,200-kilometer tactical road march from the town of Vilseck, Germany to Estonia,” before annual drills, the US army official website said.

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“Leading up to the Saber Strike exercise this year, the US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment will demonstrate a dynamic presence throughout the region by showcasing freedom of movement” during the march, it said.

Dragoon Ride II, from May 27 to June 15, features “1,400 Soldiers and 400 vehicles stopping in several cities to host public displays of their equipment along with their Allied counterparts.”



Currently the US Army is passing through the Czech Republic. The convoy moved to the east of the country and will spend the weekend in the towns of Vyskov, and Praslavice, the Prague Monitor daily reported. Jolana Fedorkova, from the General Staff press section, said these towns will host a joint Czech-American military exercise focusing on shooting and driving. On Monday the convoy will leave the Czech Republic.

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The troops are to take part in the US-led multinational exercise “Saber Strike 16” – held annually in the EU since 2011. This year the exercises will take place in the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – from May 30 to June 22.

The exercise “serves as an effective proving ground for units to validate their ability to assemble rapid-reaction forces and deploy them on short notice where needed,” the US Army said.

Lots of playing with kids
Lots of playing with kids

Nearly 10,000 servicemen from 13 states are to participate in the drills. Apart from major NATO force – US – and host countries – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – they will include Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and the UK.

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Russia has repeatedly said it is alarmed over NATO’s increased activity in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. Earlier in May, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said NATO-Russia relations are “quickly rolling back” to the state of the Cold War era.

“We are still alarmed over the expansion of NATO presence and the bloc’s ongoing enlargement towards our borders. This is a source of concern for Moscow and is the reason for a series of predictable, systematic and consecutive steps which Moscow is taking to safeguard its security interests under the current circumstances,” Peskov said.

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The statement from the Kremlin came after NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is ready to repel aggression against one of its members in Eastern Europe.

“The signal of having a multinational presence sends a very clear signal… that an attack on one ally would be an attack on the whole alliance,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on May 21.

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Also in May, at a pre-ministerial press conference, the NATO secretary general said the NATO military buildup on the territory of Eastern European countries is a response to “Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

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  1. I’ve looked at the Soviet Union and listened enough to folks that were raised here to understand that many of all those countries that were in the CCCP were more trouble that they were worth. Russia Major was held back enormously because of all the dead weight. Had the USSR dropped many of those countries -Russia could have been as prosperous and modernized almost to the extent whereas the US nor China would have Never been a threat. All I heard before was how terrible it was – being in the Soviet Union in east Europe. Well, Da – it was always poor because the Soviet Union had all these dead-head countries and a bunch of corrupt agencies that weren’t worth a shit. The West was very far ahead of the Soviet Union in its modernizationn and still is — in many areas today. Russia today is now forced to fight the West again in order to work its way up to that point where Russia would be very prosperous. Washington knows the potential that Russia now has, and they are trying like hell to stop them – Again !

  2. Dragoon-coerce; to persecute by armed force…. nations coerced, lied to and threatened into supporting the persecution of anyone or any nation that resists this Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia New World Order global takeover these NATO military forces represent in full……a NATO front to advance their anti-human agenda, a war march few NATO military may be aware of a sick sinking feeling deep in their gut they are on the wrong side of history and humanity….we can all see the red lights flashing by now before the snatch and grab

  3. Who benefits from a war between Russia and the West? Israel, who has been selling U.S. tech to Russia and China? The West was infiltrated by eastern agents who successfully inserted the savior (Trojan Horse) virus which is more like capture bonding. Now as the “Sun” rises in the East (BRICS)… many in the West are blinded by the light and are running straight in to the arms of the “Savior” (like Snowden). The goyim/sheep have been (mis)guided (herded) by the wolves in sheep clothing. The demoralization has reached a point where they don’t even have to put on the sheep disguise anymore. The good cop/bad cop routine has worked well and the bad cops are being propped up for staged executions (cut outs). Should one believe “Western” leaders are that incompetent? Or would it suggest they count on a predictable knee jerk reaction and are offering more bread and circuses? Hence the term “controlled demolition” which is to give the impression of “Western Aggression” so that (the West) can fulfill its role as sacrificial goat (or lamb). Russia is set to pounce on NATO and China has already proven it can launch nukes off the West Coast (see “Chinese Alignment with Hostile Alien Force Brings Pacific War Threat”). “And the beast which I saw was like unto a (Persian) leopard, and his feet were as [the feet] of a (Russian?) bear (or Be(a)rlin?) and his mouth as the mouth of a lion (Judah): and the dragon (Emperor of China) gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”
    Go Figurism…

  4. Jim, you are a wise man and I take seriously what you write. I’m an old dude, but I and many Americans would gladly take to the streets to stop our psycho leaders from destroying America and the world, but we need a plan, organization, and leaders. “Occupy Wall Street” accomplished little.

    I myself have offered for the past ten years to lead friends who know change is vital, but they are too afraid to even be followers. No one writing on the Internet alternative news is offering a concrete plan that I’ve seen so far. And if plans and actions were being organized, wouldn’t the NSA or FBI know about it before it sprung into action? So, what are we to do to save our country?

    • It starts with resistance. It’s a push pull kind of thing. People who have some ideas don’t want to expose them if there is not groundswell in sight. Look at what is doing on in France now. I don’t have a dog in their fight but they are out in the streets and no one had to beat them with sticks to get them out there. They just knew that the power they had that would be wasted if they did not use it. But they did have union structure as a backbone. So you are right about the organization, which is why organizations in the US are encouraged to keep their noses out of certain areas or they will suffer for it.

  5. PSYCOPATHIC PREDATORY BEHAVIOR!!! Dragon Ride II? There will be a response however it will be from Russia. We are a First Strike nation. To think otherwise is naieve. Personally, we’ve been warned by our leaders and by not hitting the streets have given them license to launch when they are safe in their underground mansions. Hey! I missed Dragon Ride I. Signed, sleeping Kamikaze

  6. The two faced bloody clown reapers had struck. BRICS (Communists) and islamic fundamentalism (Read: Shills of elites against christians) is treated as if it was an invincible threat against humanity while the two faced bloody clown reapers continue to manipulate voting machines to put communists into presidency, kill endless amount of civilians in the middle east, turning democratic places into sewers using their signature “Revolution of pure evil” skill which somehow manages to put a trance onto hot-blooded students despite they were being shown over and over again that the bloody clown reapers had struck them, and turn islam against christianity with their shills and continue to import a bunch of these islamists onto their people that can kill on a command. If russia or china will be making these type of mass marches the bloody reaper clowns will turn to their “Democratic” side and bash it to oblivion. The truth is North atlantic terrorist organization does nothing good other than killing civilians and they will be collapsing like a domino in WWIII against russia and china since they have no tanks or landmines to stop russia and china and their people are just disarmed roast pork.

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