Biden For President?

Pope welcomes Joe Biden
Well at least he did not use a TelePrompter
Well at least he did not use a TelePrompter

by Katherine Frisk

After the 2012 US Presidential elections and seeing what an absolute farce it was, I have not taken any interest in the 2016 circus. However, after seeing the following article on Zero Hedge: Sorry Hillary: Former Clinton Advisor Thinks Joe Biden May Be The Nominee, I finally find the need to comment.

In this paragraph it says:

“But the most likely scenario is that Vice President Joe Biden—who has said that he regrets “every day” his decision not to run—enters the race. Mr. Biden would be cast as the white knight rescuing the party, and the nation, from a possible Trump presidency. To win over Sanders supporters, he would likely choose as his running mate someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren who is respected by the party’s left wing.”

I have been watching Joe Biden, a self confessed Zionist and supporter of AIPAC in the wings for some time now. Unlike Obama, Biden did attend Scalia’s funeral. Veterans today covered this debacle in depth. Both Gordon Duff and I wrote articles on the satanic, pedophile and Opus Dei connections that were exposed after his “death,” or removal to Patagonia… take your pick.

Scalia Murdered After Obama Meeting

Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican.

Scalia funeral
Scalia funeral

As I pointed out in this article, there is a connection between Scalia, the US now corrupt Justice system, the Jesuits of which Pope Francis is one, Opus Dei, the Knights of Malta, the CIA and mercenaries like Blackwater and all its copious other titles, much like Daesh (Al Qaeda, al Nusra, ISIL etc. supported by the CIA, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UK), Rupert Murdoch, the Bilderberg Group and the rampant pedophilia throughout the Roman Catholic Church.

All are Christian Zionists, Neo-liberals or let’s call them what they are, Nazi/Zionist fascists and proponents of the TPP and the TTIP.

This financial system hiding under the auspices of “free trade” agreements will undermine and destroy Nation State Democracy, enfranchisement, private property ownership and due process under the law.


Two things to keep in mind with Joe Biden

Joe Biden with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko
Joe Biden with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

1. He was very involved in the coup in Ukraine and he was determined to secure fracking rights in the country for the benefit of his son Hunter Biden. A country which now has a civil war thanks to “US interests” and intervention by Victoria Nuland and funding from both the Soros Foundation and Chevron.

In 2013, No Fracking Way wrote: Joe Biden’s Son to Frack Ukraine

“R. Hunter Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations. On his new appointment, he commented: “Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Mr. Alan Apter, noted: “The company’s strategy is aimed at the strongest concentration of professional staff and the introduction of best corporate practices, and we’re delighted that Mr. Biden is joining us to help us achieve these goals.”

Biden5Another was Monsanto for corporate GMO farming, which will deprive the Ukrainian people of their own land. He also has a hand in fracking interests in South America in Brazil and Argentina.

We have recently seen the “colour revolution” coup in Brazil that has removed the duly elected Dilma Rouseff via the socially engineered “car wash “scandal to be replaced by a more “Wall Street” friendly minister of finance, Henrique de Campos Meirelles and Ilan Goldfajn as head of the central bank.

Go back to 2013 a year before the coup in Ukraine and what do we find? Biden’s Brazil Focus Likely to Be Energy, Experts Say

“Biden is scheduled to visit two cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro beginning Tuesday night and Brasilia late Thursday. In Rio de Janeiro, one of the places Biden will stop by is a deep-water oil exploration research facility, Sotero says.

“It shows you the interests of the U.S. in the energy sector in Brazil,” he says, noting Brazil has deep oil reserves. Sotero adds that new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will provide another bridge between the two countries.

“He is Portuguese in origin and he’s married to a Brazilian and, as director of the Energy Institute at MIT, Moniz was very much interested and involved with Brazil’s effort to grow the relationship between universities and energy companies,” Sotero says. “Energy cooperation is probably a key driver in this relationship as the United States seeks to rely less on Middle East oil.”

2. Vice President Joe Biden was instrumental in getting the Pope to address congress, which is contrary to the US Constitution. Ronald Reagan made a major change whilst in office and which went against the Founding Fathers resolution not to allow a Papal Embassy due to their policy of separation between church and state. In 1984 Reagan gave the Vatican permission for an ambassador whereas formally they were only represented by an apostolic delegate.

Pope welcomes Joe Biden
Pope welcomes Joe Biden

In 2015 the Pope addressed the US Congress for the first time. This contrary event was supported by none other than Joe Biden and John Boehner, who wept tears of triumph as did Marco Rubio. Mission accomplished.

As I have often repeated over and over again, for the last 1,000 years contradictory to scripture and Jesus turning down the devil’s offer to own all the kingdoms of the world, the Pope has been given the right to be Christ’s representative on earth, to own the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls.

The USA is not excluded, contrary to what most Americans believe themselves to be.

The Vatican, an independent Corporation and a Law unto itself with Embassies around the world, has major shareholding in all of the top corporations that have been linked together in the now famous article, Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world.

Of importance is that the Vatican has shareholding in one of the major players in the military industrial complex, Lockheed Martin a company founded on Howard Hughes money and infrastructure along with the patents that Bush stole from Tesla when he was murdered.

The Vatican supports South Americans flooding the US with the ultimate aim of unifying North and South America under the Roman Catholic Church and their other major project, which it has always been for the last 1,000 years, to bring Russia and the Orthodox Church under the control of the Vatican and the Pope. But that plan has failed.

The rape of Russia by western banks and corporations after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s has instead resulted in a rise of Russian Nationalism, and seen Putin restore the country back to a major player on the world stage.

They have now resorted to plan B. I strongly suspect that Europe is about to be thrown under the bus with continued invasions from North Africa and the Middle east and used as a buffer against Russia and China and the proposed Silk Road project which would be beneficial to Europe. Neither countries so far have joined any TPP or TTIP agreements and instead have established the BRICS and the AIIB, which is tantamount to a declaration of war as far as the Corporate Fascist west is concerned.

I have heard through some sources, though not confirmed, that everything you see in the Vatican today is a replica, including the library and that the originals have been moved to South America. Consider these latest statements from Pope Francis and his support of the Grand Mufti in Istanbul.

Europe population ~ blue denotes increase - red denotes decrease
Europe population ~ blue denotes increase – red indicates a decrease

From Kitt Daniels:

“This integration is all the more necessary today since, as a result of a selfish search for well-being, Europe is experiencing the grave problem of a declining birth rate,” he stated. “A demographic emptiness is developing.”

His opinions are stunningly similar to those of top Iman Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, who said Muslims should exploit the migrant crisis to breed with Europeans and “conquer their countries.”

“Europe has become old and decrepit and needs human reinforcement… they are not motivated by compassion for the Levant, its people and its refugees… soon, we will trample them underfoot, Allah willing,” he stated. “Throughout Europe, all the hearts are enthused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead, but they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in our midst.”

“We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries!”

A similar situation concerns the United Kingdom. If Britain does not Brexit the EU, there will be a flood of Britons out of the country to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and… Russia. Eighty percent of Britons surveyed said they would accept Putin’s offer of free farmland in Russia’s eastern territories; and it would not surprise me if by the middle of summer a couple of thousand if not more, have moved there.

New Silk Road will link populations in Eastern Russia, using technological upgrades
New Silk Road will link populations in Eastern Russia, using technological upgrades

If Britain does not leave the EU, the British will leave Britain to the wave of invading refugees from the Middle East and eastern Europeans who are now part of the EU. I have long suspected that this is in fact what has been happening anyway with a number of middle to upper class British, who long ago saw the writing on the wall as early as the 1990s.

Many, although they might still operate in the UK, have moved their assets to other countries as mentioned above. And with the movement of gold from west to east that has clearly been happening over the last four years or so, have moved these real, (not gold certificates) out of the UK and Switzerland to safer venues in other countries far out of the EU reach.

Brexit is basically Britannia’s last gasp, to save the NHS from a US corporate takeover and to withdraw from all TTIP agreements. It is also her last opportunity to withdraw and not join the US war against Russia. Whether she will drown or not remains to be seen.

The Vatican is a “shell “company, a front, for the Black Nobility of Europe also known as the P2 Masonic Lodge and the Illuminati, who are interconnected with the Habsburgs, Bourbons, Orange-Nassau, Saxe-Gotha, etc. As I have already pointed out in other articles, the Black Nobility has over the last 300 years, acquired large tracts of land in North and South America as well as moving most of their real assets to South American countries. The Portuguese – Brazil, Spanish- Chile, Peru, Venezuela, the Dutch and the German to Argentina and Patagonia.

As an example King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is married to Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti born in Argentina to Jorge Zorreguieta, who was the Agricultural minister under fascist dictator General Videla at the same time that Pope Francis was Bishop. Willem-Alexander is the grandson of Prince Bernhardt, who was a Nazi fascist supporter and founder of the Bilderberg group. He was also a supporter of the South African Apartheid Nationalist Regime


A marquis of flickering expressions
A marquis of flickering expressions

Biden as president of the US, comes with a package that could in fact be far more dangerous than either Clinton or Trump. But ultimately they all have the same objectives, the world-wide implementation of TPP, TTIP and similar “free trade agreements.”

A one world Corporate Fascist government where Nation State Democracy, multi polarity, due process, enfranchisement, private property ownership and competitive small to medium business is replaced by a monopolist Corporate Fascist feudal system.

If any country does not comply, they will be replaced either by the mechanism of a “colour revolution” as we have seen happening all around the world and implemented by the Soros Foundation. Or, as we see happening against Russia through Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Georgia and soon China through Japan and many other Asian TPP partners, World War III.

Taking all these things into account, I am not particularly excited or even enthusiastic about the future. Are you?

Europe’s best bet is to close all the borders, align with Russia, throw NATO out as well as the TTIP agreements joining the Russia/China Silk Road, and if they need to breed as both the Pope and Iman Sheikh Muhammad Ayed have suggested, Russia has a shortage of males.

And Russians are not barbarians who chop heads off or smother women in tents. Russia is a far cry from Saudi Arabia, Turkey or even the fascist police state that Israel has now become.

There is hope. But are people awake to it and will something constructive be done? Or will these madmen in their search for power destroy the whole earth?

Four horsemen... ORDER OUT OF CHAOS
Four horsemen… ORDER OUT OF CHAOS


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  1. The Catholic church does not shine. I totally agree with you on abortion unless the life of the child and/or mother is in danger. But the Catholic church does not shine as far as birth control and family planning is concerned. And in countries where there are high levels of poverty , high levels of birth rates and very low levels of responsibility from the fathers of those children the church does not shine. Instead she is told she is wicked and born in sin and damned to hell. Whiich is insanity on their part. A mother in the third world with 6 children who she cannot afford to feed, never mind clothe or even educate should be given access to birth control, which the church denounces. You cannot combat poverty until you deal with the root of the problem. Which is children coming into families with no means to support those families. These nations do not have European social security AT all, and no job prospects in most cases. And the poverty increases as does crime and unemployment as a result. It is a vicious cycle. Women need to control their own bodies, plan their families and adjust their families to how many they can afford to bring up in a healthy, well fed, well educated system. Theology and the pope really does not mean much on the ground in reality.

  2. Women were having abortions in the 1990s for a very good reason. Russia’s economy collapsed thanks to western banks and corporations robbing the place blind. Millions were out of work, millions were starving and millions could not support themselves never mind bringing children into the world. Since Putin has taken over he has strongly encouraged a more family orientated society and has encouraged people to have more children. In fact to the point where families who have more than two children are rewarded with tax breaks etc. But you are obviously not aware of these changes and the general attitude in Russia today. He has also opened up large tracts of land and private property ownership, to families and communities. When last did they do that in Europe?

  3. Carsondyal: You should know that the Pope is infallible only when expressed Ex- Catedra, which seldom happens, there is no document on Papal all people owner ship.

    If all the money, as is baseless ascribed to the Church, it would certainly would have no economic worries as it presently has, when having to close temples and diócesis around US to compensate generally unproven victims of sexual scandals.
    Acidly criticizing the Church means willing to convert to Catholicism?, otherwise I don´t see the object in indicting the Church when scandals plague Protestants, Evangelists and certainly Jews, who in particular have a plentiful dose of sexual misbehavior and homosexuality sponsoring, with the only difference that MSM keeps beating the path to Catholics.
    Of course, the Church may have reprehensive members, but has an eye on poverty that lacks in other practicing Faiths, particularly in Judaism.
    Placing the eye on the wrong culprits its just a waste of time. Most of World rich people, corporations and banks are in Jewish hands and are staffed by masons. Most Western politicians and decision makers have scant or no Faith at all, but dutifully obey they masonic oath.
    Decimating entire populations is not the work of Jesuits but of the USAF, RAF and Western Forces under Jewish orders, as lately seen in Afghanistan, Irak, Libya and Syria.

    • The Vatican is losing money for two reasons. Having to pay out thousands, if not millions to people who have sued them for sexual abuse. People around the world have only been able to arrest these perverts in the last few years. Previously due to their Embassies around the world all priests have had privilege of diplomatic immunity and have simply been moved from one country to another. Nobody has been able to sue them or take them to court through due process. Hopefully this has now changed. This has not and does apply in other religions, Christian or otherwise

    • Secondly the Vatican bank, now for the first time, has to operate openly. within international banking practice. Up until now the Vatican bank has been a law unto itself as with so many other things. The bank has been used for money laundering, tax evasion and many other nefarious uses. Again no other religion has had the privilege of owning a bank that has been immune to international law and banking standards and been able to operate for centuries without any oversight whatsoever. In both institutions the pope and the Vatican structure has been able to function as an infallible entity not subject to any laws that govern any country or banking institutions. Hopefully this will now change and neither the pope nor the Vatican will be able to operate infallibly causing harm not only to their own followers, but to international economic standards and norms whereby they have been able to indulge in criminal activities

    • That is a senseless argument Jozef. And no it is not well put neither are your arguments. The Vatican and it’s controllers consist of many investments and areas. Members of thhe P2 lodge for example, mostly from the Black Nobility of Europe and who for centuries have been and are Roman Catholic Bishops an sometimes even popes. These families and the Vatican are interlinked and these families also have controlling interests in the military industrial complex, the war machine. As do members of the Jesuits, many of whom live secular lives in banking, politics and industry. As do members of Opus Dei (slao see articles in this article on Scalia) and members of the Knights of Malta, Blackwater and all its many offshoots are Knights of Malta and answer to the pope.

  4. Russia’s depopulation has got less to do with contraception, and more to do with Gulp, the Vatican’s 1,000 incessant determination to bring Russia under their control. Who fully supported Napoleon, WW1 and WW2, where over 20 million if not more, some say almost 30 million Russians were killed. This genocide was far ore effective than contraception Gulp, that was also supported by the pope, gulp. Nobody is interested in your pope. Least of all the Russians. They have now been infused with over 1 million in human resources who have left eastern Ukraine for Russia. I watched them cross the border. These were not only farmers, but doctors, lawyers, engineers, factory owners, educated people with families. Russia now has over 1 million added to their population in the space of one year, and along with it, educated, skilled and able people who are already adding to their economy.

  5. Well that is exactly what I am talking about. It is NOT a Christian church. See my comments below on the Papal Bulls and I think it is criminal that Germans should pay them anything at all. I am sure you have paid whatever you owe 100 times over by now and they just want a free ride like they have always had. And they have bought the hospitals? I am sure turning it into another money making racket at your ta paying expense. Jesus himself said you do not have to go to anyone or pay anyone to talk to god, you have a direct line and for me that was one of the main points in the first place, he opposed the Levite priests and the money lenders and charges in the temple and opposed the people having to bring and pay for sacrificial offerings, which kept the priests fat.

  6. A terrific article. Pure excellence. Lays bare the sick, twisted evil game of the Old Black Nobility and the Khazarian Mafia (Rothschild Zionism). And yes, the Euro nations are being destroyed economically by the G7 sanctions against Russia and must break from the EU and form strong trade alliances with the Russian Federation while they still have any country lest at all. They must restore their sovereignty and re-establish populism instead of the self-destructive political correctness and diversity of uncontrolled immigration.

    • I think Europe needs to wake up to the fact that Russia does not need them. For instance one small example, since 2014 and over 1 million people fleeing from eastern Ukraine into Russia, they have boosted their small to medium farming development and are now food exporters as from 2016 as opposed to food importers. They have cut deals with China for oil and gas, which is on a fixed tender base system and independent of the Euros and the US dollar. They are busy with the Silk Road project that will incorporate Eurasia. They also have deals going with India and Iran. With the populations of China and India alone, Europe is becoming a very small market and at this pace Russia will no longer need them, rather Europe will need Russia and integrate into the Silk Road. But then that is what the US has been trying to prevent for 100 years already.

    • Russia and Israel are two of the heirs to the Byzantine empire (Double headed eagle of Lagash): Russia by marriage and culture, and Israel through the Ottoman empire. Merkel won the Kalergi Award in 2010. The Kallergis, who are Greeks claimed descent from the Byzantine Phokas family. The Ottomans preserved important aspects of its tradition, which in turn facilitated an “Orthodox revival” during the post-communist period of the Eastern European states. From Machiavelli’s, The Prince: “A prince could fake his own death and then plot behind the scenes against his enemies.” Replace Prince with Empire and you can see this strategy used multiple times. They suddenly reappear repackaged and with a new name. Prince “Vladimir” of the Kievan Rus in 988. The “fall” of communism in 1989. 1000 years.The Shanghai Five founded in 1996 which would become the SCO in June of 2001 (and later BRICS). Israel’s involvement in 9-11 (who sold U.S. tech to Russia and China). China joins the WTO on Dec.11 2001. (Also compare Obama’s campaign logo to the SCO logo.) There is nothing accidental about any of this and many have been pre-programmed for this going back (at least) to the 5000 year Chinese I-Ching (binary code or computer programming). “Western Imperialism” is shouted from Eastern agents who know full well the effects of their subversions (The Pacific Movement of the Eastern World) . Hence the term getting “Shanghaied”. Welcome to the Borg.

    • @ Edward: Perhaps Europa should change her name to avoid being seduced and ravished by HeyZeus again. Ops/Opis (as in Opus Dei) was the mother of Ju-Peter and the wife of Saturn. Her “sibling” was the two faced Janus. Heyzeus (Ju-Peter) said: Get behind me, Saturn! Who then castrated Uranus.

      (Trying to keep my sense of humor.)

    • Agin, thanks for this. Not only is it interesting, it put a smile on my face. I really enjoy your comments, they come from a completely different angle and a source of analogy that although I am familiar with, I am not as proficient as you are. So your additions are always a surprise and a pleasure 🙂

  7. Kather, don’t you think the plot to breed in Europe by the ME operatives is doa due to the stupid use of nukes in the region rendering them sterile or large numbers of birth defect?

  8. The London Gold Fixing (or Gold Fix)[1] is the setting of the price of gold that used to be held on the premises of Nathan Mayer Rothschild & Sons by the members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. However, in 2004, Nathan Mayer Rothschild left the precious metals business in London and sold its place on the fixing to Barclays (interesting relationship to SA). From that time onwards, the fixing has taken place via a dedicated conference line. The current participants in the fixing are Barclays, the Bank of China, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank USA, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Société Générale, Standard Chartered, Scotia-Mocatta (Scotiabank), the Toronto-Dominion Bank, and UBS.[2] Bank of China: It was founded in 1912 (Pre-Federal Reserve Act and didn’t paper money originate in Tang Dynasty China?) by the Republican government to replace the Imperial Bank of China. It is the oldest bank in mainland China still in existence. UBS: In 2007, the bank received a US$9.7 billion capital injection from the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (currently GIC Private Limited effective from July 2013), which remains one of the bank’s largest shareholders.[11] The name Standard Chartered comes from the names of the two banks from which it was formed by merger in 1969: The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, and Standard Bank of British South Africa.[6] (ICS of BRICS.)
    Strange that the Usual Suspects set the price of gold. Another scam? Perhaps someone else can add more.

    • Thanks. Standard Bank South Africa is a totally South African Bank. It is different to Standard Chartered and they are no longer connected as far as I know. Other than South African investors, the Major shareholder is China. As I recall 33% or something. As you know South Africa is heavily invested in BRICS. The only subsidery outside of China for the BRICS bank is in South Africa. We may have run out of Gold ourselves, but the country still has some of the world’s best gold refineries and gold storage facilities. Comparable to Switzerland maybe better.

      As regards the Barclays connection. ABSA bank, a South African bank, before Mandela became president, “borrowed” billions from the South African Reserve Bank, as did a number of others, one being Chevron. ABSA then went “bankrupt”give me a break, and was taken over by Barclays. Take a good hard look at Maria Ramos. Today, with interest this must amount to trillions not billions from these “loans” and has never been paid back to SARB in over 25 years. Basically they robbed the bank before Mandela took over.

    • You are very welcome. I say this specifically because “gold fix” as in match fixing where a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result. Odd that the same ones who tell you how much paper is worth also tell you how much gold is worth but is there a viable alternative to both?

      Not to mention: The beast I saw resembled a [Persian. Barsil. Barsils. Khan of the Bars (Tr. leopard) tribe.] leopard, but had feet like those of a bear (Russia. Be(a)rlin. East and West Rome. See also Orsini (Orso-Bear) Clan or the Grey Pope and specifically their relation to Macau.)and a mouth like that of a lion (Judah). The dragon (Emperor of China) gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.

      Born in Sin. Sino. China.

  9. I have no respect for plagiaristJoe Biden, but I wonder about your comments, “… for the last 1,000 years… the Pope has been given the right to be Christ’s representative on earth, to own the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls.” As someone from a strict Catholic household who left the Church at 20 after attending Catholic grade school, high school, and college (Fordham, run by Jesuits), naturally they teach the Pope is Christ’s representative on earth, and that he is infallible in matters of faith and morals.(Not that many of the Jesuits I knew believed this.)

    In saying the Pope owns the planet and everyone on it you use the passive voice. Who gave the Pope this right? I never heard it once in my years as a Catholic or thereafter. Was this a Council or Papal Bull(shit) that decreed this? Where is it written? Even if it were, none of the hundreds of Catholics I knew back then would have done anything but laugh at such a suggestion. And if the Jesuits are so politically powerful, it must be another kind of Jesuits, for I knew some of these fellows personally at Fordham in the mid-1960’s and as a whole they were free-thinking spirits and anti-clerical. Sure, “the Church” may be the religious counterpart to Goldman Sachs and BP, but there are millions of average, decent people calling themselves Catholic who, if the Pope came alone to their door and said, “I own you,” would throw him out on his ear.

    • They decided to write three Papal Bulls, represented by 3 crowns.

      1. While Pope Boniface VIII was the first leader in history to create the concept of a Trust, the first Testamentary Trust through a deed and will creating a Deceased Estate was not until Pope Nicholas V in 1455 through the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex. This is only one of three (3) papal bulls to include the line with the incipit “For a perpetual remembrance.” This Bull had the effect of conveying the right of use of the land as Real Property from the Express Trust Unam Sanctam to the control of the Pontiff and his successors in perpetuity. Hence, all land is claimed as “crown land”.

      This 1st Crown is represented by the 1st cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is born, depriving them of all their beneficial entitlements and rights on the land at birth.

    • The 2nd Crown of the Commonwealth
      The second Crown was created in 1481 with the papal bull Aeterni Regis meaning “Eternal Crown” by Sixtus IV being only the 2nd of three papal bulls as deeds of testamentary trusts.

      This 2nd Crown is represented by the 2nd cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is born being the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to the private central bank of the nation, depriving them of ownership of their flesh and condemning them to perpetual servitude as a Roman person, or slave.

    • The 3rd Crown of the Ecclesiastical See

      The third Crown was created in 1537 by Paul III through the papal bull Convocation also meant to open the Council of Trent being the third an final testamentary deed and will of a testamentary trust, being the trust set up for the claiming of all “lost souls”, lost to the See.

      This 3rd Crown is represented by the 3rd cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is baptized being the grant of the Baptismal certificate by the parents to the church or Registrar being the gift of title of the soul. Thus, without legal title over one’s own soul, a man or woman may be “legally” denied right to stand as a person, but may be treated as a creature and thing without legally possessing a soul.

    • The Jesuits rather than being “free thinkers,”or liberal left, are basically promoting communism for the purpose of depriving people of private personal title to land rights in accordance with the first crown. Their “liberal” attitude also deprives people of the right to their bodies and their souls. They are creating more “lost souls”for the coffers of the third crown. Read the Jesuit Oath.

    • Jesus left us with two things. The 12 apostles not one, and the Holy Spirit. He did not leave us with any one single “representative” on earth taking full authority for the church and everyone bowing down to him. Quite the opposite. it was an Apostolic church where the 12 went out each training another twelve and passing on the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands. Then those 12 did the same and went out and found another 12. t was not a hierarchical system with any single individual wearing a crown or any single building designated and the central authority.

    • It´s an age old tactic. In advertisement, it would be called: Get while they are young and you have them for life. Rome did “invite” the sons of Germanic Tribe leaders to be educated in Roman Civilization, Ottomans had their vassal states children as pawns, em honored guests, or look at converting Scandinavia to Christendom. Those children become influential, become rulers. Today its Transatlantic Bridge, invitations to Think-tanks, foundations or a stay at a Kibbutz for future leaders in culture, business and politics.

    • Peter is the only person in the Bible called Satan… by Jesus. And Jesus turned the devil down when offered all the kingdoms of the world. If that isn’t enough for you Jozef, then nothing I or anyone else says is going to change your point of view. As ofr me, I am sticking with Jesus, not the Pope.

    • I think if you dig deep enough you will find that “Mary” is a Papal Bull and you are owned by the Vatican. That is why you cannot buy or sell land. Because the Crown owns it , which is a corporation and the corporation is owned by the Vatican. Which means the Vatican owns your land and the taxes you pay go to the Crown-Vatican. One of the big reasons why for the last 1,000 the Vatican wants to “save”Russia and dedicate her to the Virgin Mary. The Papal Bull. So that the Vatican owns Russia. This is also why they support communism and no property rights. Because then the put the country into a Corporation which is owned by the Vatican and your taxes for to the Vatican. The Pope owns the planet. They are also good at sound and light shows. These days with holograms it is a piece of cake.

    • He is not the BOSS. James the brother of Jesus was the first Christian Bishop. Peter died before James did and while many of the other Apostles were still preaching word wide. Rome chose for itself Peter, called Satan, as their boss, that was their choice, Other churches chose the names of any one of the other apostles. Most today regard the boss as only one person, Jesus. The rest of the Christian world has no need for Rome’s chosen “boss”to be imposed on everyone else up to and including burning people alive who do not agree with them. .

  10. an alliance of Chameleons and a bat ridden Vatican…… “Men will become faint out of fear and anxiety over what is to come upon the earth and the powers of the heavens will be shaken”…. we are there, we are here

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