Snoozer: Chief of the CIA’s Bin-Laden unit tells the world that Al-Qaeda never existed



Editor’s note;  I laugh when I hear about the “bin Laden unit” or the other “whistle blowers.”  Of them only Edmunds is the real deal.  The others kept their mouths shut, got paid, pushed through kidnapping and renditon, got their associates killed off on useless busywork for the Bush regime…and now open their mouths.

Ian likes the article…I find it “pablum.” g

This is an excellent article that correctly decodes the tissue of lies that is Al-Qaeda and ISIS/ISL/Daesh. You really don’t have to be a genius to work out that these ‘terrorist’ groups are not at all Islamic and their motivations are not to be found in scripture but rather in the money, drugs and other rewards lavished upon them by their paymasters in the Western intelligence services. However, many people have still to come to this realisation; it is not that they are stupid, it is due to the collective work of the Western media and Western governments to build a protective bodyguard of lies around the truth.





Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution
Chief of the CIA’s Bin-Laden unit tells the world that Al-Qaeda never existed

The number of ‘whistleblowers’ that have emerged over the years regarding the ongoing ‘war against terror’ is truly eye-opening. Unfortunately, many remain innocently ignorant given the fact that mainstream corporate media will not touch this stuff. They are, however, very quick to jump on the ‘terrorist’ bandwagon when an alleged attack is carried out, supposedly by ‘The Islamic State.’

As prominent author and Canadian economist Dr. Michel Chossudovsky said, a statement that’s been used in several articles here at Collective Evolution:

We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level…The global war on terrorism…is fake, it’s based on fake premises. It tells us that somehow America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic state, when in fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance and America’s allies in the Persian Gulf. They say Muslims are terrorists…they’re not the product of Muslim society, and that should be abundantly clear…The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.

The statement above was spoken at the International Conference on the New World Order, which was organized and sponsored by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation. The idea is called ‘false flag terrorism,’—the idea that powerful people are involved in supporting, perpetuating, and fabricating terrorist attacks, like 9/11 and what recently happened in Brussels, in order to create a heightened national global security state to justify the infiltration of other countries for ulterior motives. This motive, many believe, is for the creation of a New World Order. Don’t get me wrong, these attacks do happen, and people do die, but the story behind them is, I believe, as do many others, a lie.

Again, this idea has been expressed numerous times. Another great example comes from former British foreign secretary, Robin Cook ,who told us that:

The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism.

The list is long one. Below is a video of Michael Scheuer being interviewed by RT news. Scheuer is a former CIA intelligence officer of 20 years. He is also an author, foreign policy critic, and a political analyst. Currently, he works as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. One of his assignments during his long career was serving as the CIA’s Chief of the Bin Laden Issue Station.

Washington’s enemy is an enemy that doesn’t exist. It didn’t exist when Bin Laden was alive, it doesn’t exist now.

Another alternative viewpoint you don’t hear from mainstream media. Someone with a background like this is worth listening to.

Are We Seeing The Same Thing With ISIS?

If the above is true about Al-Qaeda, are we seeing the same thing with ISIS? A few years ago, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, who gained a lot of attention in 2002 after she accused a colleague of covering up illicit activity involving Turkish nationals, stated that ISIS is no different from Al-Qaeda, and that the United States is simply reviving the terror war industry. (source)

It’s hard to think that a group of very powerful people have various interests in perpetuating and creating war for ulterior motives. A video that’s almost a decade old of an interview with Four Star U.S. general Wesley Clark, outlines how the United States had plans to invade the Middle East for no reason at all. (source)

It’s hard to think of a solution to these problems, given the fact that those who are pulling strings behind closed doors are so powerful, but their power lies in our ignorance. We are pretty distracted here with work, family, and life, that we continue to fail to observe and question what is happening on our planet. The more we become aware, the harder it becomes for ‘them’ to continue to do what they are doing.

According to David Steele, Marine Corps intelligence officer of 20 years, and the second highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence:

Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.

So, is this why Islamophobia has gripped the western world? Because elitist agendas use tactics to strike fear into the population? What is really going on here?

Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception. – Mark Twain

Below, award-winning journalist Ben Swann shares a number of facts regarding the origin and creation of ISIS.

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  1. So nice to see you all “honing” in on all of this.

    I guess the dumbing down by the NWO mass murderers isn’t working on some of us!

    Knowledge is our power to thwart their plan.

  2. Funny, I didn’t read this in the NY Times, but I’m sure that CNN will pick it up or maybe 60 minutes? This article and many like it is why I come to VT. Thank you for your work.

  3. Robin Cook’s resignation speech deserved to be aired in full, and in real time, on all major television new’s outlets. Not only in Britian but the USA, and the world. George Bush should have been censored, and retired to the mental ward at the federal penitentiary at Levenworth, Kansas. Locked down for his (un)natural life. I speak as a Viet Nam veteran who was forced into service behind a cheap lie, the gulf of Tonkin bs. Every war the USA has ever been involved is based on a lie. This is the root of PTSD. The horrors of war are beyond most imaginations and to discover I, we, took part because of a lie will twist one’s mellon around. Trust shattered.

  4. Great work, Ian. The last video should be educational. I will use it in my next article.

    • Cheers Jonas, feel free to use anything I post, you are more than welcome as I admire your work.

  5. We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

  6. great research. Funny thing is that everybody is aware of this, especially western heads of states, non-aligned agencies, even those outside western sphere that opt for “soft dictatorship”. So even that USA is trying so badly to maintain the scare and an excuse for NATO, places like France with its “eternal World war saviors USA” cannot be bullied into that “islamic” bs. Not many people were aware of all this for example during the Afghani Rambo era, or even days following the 9/11 when it rang all the bells. But today everybody are aware of this, people in Europe, especially majority Muslim countries, those far from Middle east, and are not anymore bedazzled by “CNN confirmed” bullshit. A shot in the foot as mr. Dean would write. Long term strategy of producing enemies has failed US export and expertise terribly. CNN Breaking has died following 9/11 and has been dying a slow english-histeria-channel death.

  7. yep, the real terrorists are the ones funding the military mercenaries, then “big media” terrorizing the public with the stories about the mercenaries doing their jobs. shame the recruiters aren’t beheaded after interrogations for who hired them.

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