German parliament acknowledges Armenian genocide amid intense Turkish pressure

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[ Editor’s Note:  This has been a long time in coming, but one has to ask, “Why now?”, when Merkel had put off the vote for a year. The issue has been a slam dunk forever , but despite modern Turkish governments not having anything to do with, they effectively supported it by trying being holocaust deniers.
I have never seen any demands being made for billions in reparations or Turkey to be dismembered to give Armenia more territory. Armenians have not been running terror operations inside Turkey, or anywhere else for that matter, and have been a threat to no one, so what has Turkey been so afraid of?
The most buried part of the story is how Jewish Freemasons played the key role in the genocide and have been desperate to keep that hidden. The historical evidence is overwhelming. Here is just one snippet of the effort from the US Jewish Lobby to keep the cork in the bottle.

Four large U.S. Jewish groups have lent support to Turkey’s position in opposing the passage of two resolutions pending in Congress that call for official recognition of World War I-era killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. B’nai B’rith International, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) have recently conveyed a letter from Turkish Jews who oppose the resolution to U.S. congressional leaders, officials from the groups told the Turkish Daily News.

In their letter, leading Turkish Jews have urged congressional leaders to postpone considering the genocide measures. In conveying the letter to Congress officials, the four U.S. Jewish groups tacitly agreed to its contents. Going further, the ADL and JINSA have also added their own statements opposing the bill. – Source: Turkish Daily News, April 26, 2007

As to the timing again, Turkey most recently fired back to the EU that, if it did not get the free visa regime on its own terms, it would not go through on the “tentative” EU refugee agreement. That might be a bluff, as frankly Erdogan wants the money.

If you were to assume that all the refugee care contracting business was going into the pockets of his party members, you would probably be right. And with the losses being incurred from the Russian sanctions in the energy and tourism fields, Erdogan’s party members expect the boss to send them some replacement businessJim W. Dean ]
– First published  …  June 02,  2016
The German parliament has withstood a barrage of pressure from the Turkish government, approving a symbolic resolution that declares the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turkish forces a ‘genocide’.

The vote was almost unanimous in supporting the resolution with just one MP voting against and another abstaining. The move was largely expected and was supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, the German leader was forced to skip the vote due to prior commitments.

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Gregor Gysi, a politician from The Left Party, who was critical of Turkey’s treatment of the Kurds who were doing an excellent job in fighting Islamic State, said that “Germany was a historical accessory” and has a duty to recognize the mass killings of Armenians in the First World War.

“We need to call this what it was – a genocide,” he told the parliament. “The Bunderstag should not allow itself to be blackmailed by Turkey’s threats.”

The news was greeted with delight by dozens of Armenian supporters who had gathered outside the parliament building carrying banners commemorating the genocide.

According to the Christian Democratic Union’ Albert Weiler, Germany had a “historical duty” to recognize the mass killings of Armenians.

“Without this admission there cannot be forgiveness and reconciliation. Suffering does not know temporary boundaries. Genocide will never remain in the past. By recognizing the genocide, it will force the Turkish government to take a brave step and look into its own history,” he said.

Representatives from the Turkish and Armenian embassies were present in the German parliament while the vote was taking place.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian praised the German parliament’s decision, saying it demonstrated “Germany’s valuable contribution not only to the international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, but also to the universal fight for the prevention of genocides [and] crimes against humanity,” AFP reported.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan © Str

The ruling AK Party in Turkey responded by saying that the decision taken by the German parliament has seriously damaged relations between the two countries.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is on a state visit to Kenya, said that the decision taken by the German parliament will have a serious impact on relations between the two countries.

The Turkish government has already recalled its ambassador to Germany Huseyin Avni Karslioglu, who is expected to arrive back in Turkey on Thursday afternoon. Erdogan added that after Karslioglu returns, the government will discuss what steps Ankara will take in response.

Sections of the German media are worried about what impact the decision by the parliament to recognize the genocide could have on the migrant deal between Turkey and the EU, which has been championed by Merkel.

Speaking after the vote took place, Chancellor Merkel said that Berlin’s relationship with Ankara is broad and strong.

“There is a lot that binds Germany to Turkey and even if we have a difference of opinion on an individual matter, the breadth of our links, our friendship, our strategic ties, is great,” Merkel said, as cited by Reuters.

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Thousands of emails have been reportedly sent out by the Turkish community to German MPs, threatening the politicians and calling them names in connection with Berlin’s latest attempts to recognize…

The bloc says the agreement is necessary to stem the tide of migrants heading towards Europe. Some 1.1 million refugees settled in Germany last year. In return, Ankara will receive billions of euro from the EU, while its citizens would also be given visa free travel to the Schengen zone, which encompasses most of Europe.

The parliamentary vote was originally scheduled to take place a year ago to mark the centenary of the genocide, but due to concerns over the fallout with Turkey, Merkel’s allies postponed the move.

The mass killings began on April 24, 1915, when 250 Armenian intellectuals were detained by Ottoman authorities and later executed in their capital, Constantinople, present-day Istanbul.

Most of the Ottoman Empire’s Armenians were subsequently displaced, deported or placed in concentration camps, ostensibly for rebelling against the Ottomans and siding with Russia during World War I. This affected up to 1.5 million Armenians.

Earlier this year, thousands of people around the globe took to the streets to commemorate the 1915 massacre.

Turkey – the successor of the Ottoman Empire – concedes that many Armenians were mistreated at the time, but maintains that the number of victims has been grossly exaggerated and that there was no ‘genocide’.


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  1. The key person for it, administratively, was the interior minister at the time. I have it all somewhere on the drive of a nonworking computer. Of course no one was compensated for their lost land and businesses, so a lot of Turks involved got rich…and not the first country where this happened.

  2. Now if the German Parliament of cowards can just acknowledge that Germany has the right to exist and arrest Frau Merkel for treason!

  3. The German people have been brainwashed for over 60 years that the holocaust occurred and have been paying billions upon billions to absolve them of this unwarranted guilt.Meanwhile, in over a dozen or so countries jail awaits those that question it.This is based on ‘slam-dunk’ evidence despite the protestations of leading revisionists like Irving, E.Zundel, F.Leuchter, R.Faurisson, G.Rudolf, S.Thion, U.Haverbech and many many others.
    Armenians are claiming a genocide was perpetrated against them… please provide clear references for this claim, after-all we know that history is written by the victors and as I recall Turkey was indeed on the losing side after WW1. America rounded up Japanese and Germans during WW2 and I would ask why? Was there a fear that perhaps the Japanese and Germans living in America could perhaps, just maybe attack from within?

  4. I just finished the first hour on Mike Harris’ show…on Cracks appear in EU unity on Russian sanctions, the ex-Mossad chief going after Netanyahu, and the Armenian genocide, with Preston James picking up on the genocide in the second hour.

  5. How good of the Germans, to even acknowledge an event, that destroyed an entire generation of Armenian society. It would have been a Better and More Beneficial gesture if they would have tokenly assigned a Million Euros Only for Armenian language or culture…

    Think of how much the German population has been paying the zionists for the crimes of WWII that weren’t even mentioned at the end of the war but took a life of it’s own eversince. Billions upon Billions have been paid in cash in the past six decades and ongoing with free delivery on nuclear submarines, apart from some serious military hardware.

    Armenians and their grief will continue endlessly with these intrasigience on the Turkish part and the world sitting with arms folded.

    The Four so-called Jewish organisations in the USA trying to defer/postpone any debate is a guaranteed sign of guilt by association. History has been very clear as to who financed and planned this genocide without mentioning with clarity, the Why Armenians??
    (was it bcos they were a threat to the Jews in Central Europe OR much smarter than them in cultural progression and economic development)

    It’s One question I’ve always wondered,,,,,

  6. How long must a sociery remain silent before recognizing the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians. Until there remains but a handful, a’ la the American Indian? This is a moral question. All alive today will live with their silent answer … well into eternity. When your future great grand children ask your grand children … “what did YOU do to help Palestine?” History will speak loudly of your cowardness.

    • The issue of Occupied Palestine is a heartfelt sore on humanity’s concience this past seven decades. When God’s eventual help comes to these humiliated and ignored (by all humanity) people-

      Real Peace Will Get Established In The Whole World!!!

      Until that day, these zionists think that the world is their oyster, little knowing that the noose is tightening around their movement. Sooner rather than later will God Willing, Palestine be a country with it’s rich culture and traditions being exported around the world…

  7. does this mean the powers that be must investigate the on going GENOCIDE by ISRAEL on THE POOR PEOPLE OF GAZA,or must they try to survive for another 100 years before something is done about this HELL.peace and justice for ALL. mylo

  8. What an excellent and timely article. And Jim Dean gets it 100% correct as usual with his analysis that the Armenian genocide was conducted through Judaic Freemasonry. Of course most VT readers know that all high Freemasonry has been used as cover for the Khazarian Mafia all over the world for many years, as have all secret societies.

    The core problem with all these genocides such as Bolshevism in Russia in 1917 and China after WW2 as well as all the Globalism behind such massive immigration designed to destroy language, borders and cultures of so many nations, is always the Khazarian Mafia (aka Rothschild Zionism, City of London private central Banksterism).

    It is a good bet that this article will be the final nail in the coffin of the Khazarian Mafia’s hegemony and secret infiltration and hijacking of America which has allowed these demented criminally insane psychopaths to manipulate American to fight their illegal, unConstitutional dirty wars. Take this fine article viral and share it widely.

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