NEO – British Overload, a Nation Drowning in Lies


by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor    … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Gordon in Nam - Once you have been lied to about one war, you remain suspicious

Gordon in Nam – Once you have been lied to about one war, you remain suspicious

[ Editor’s Note: Yes, Gordon was a bit angry when he wrote this, which has always contributed to some of his best work. We really don’t know who to blame the most for rolling over on all of these phony terror wars. Most of them are run by Intelligence agencies or the contracting companies working for them.

How can one savage the media which is corporate owned in huge conglomerates who have gutted real journalism when the military and intelligence services have plenty of people who have direct knowledge of the big scam and say nothing?

Even worse, many others in security cross over the river and run with the bad guys because they pay so well and to be on the "winning side”. Color them fatalistic.

As for Parliamentary delegations, many of them have have sunk down to the level of referees over citizen dogs fighting for scraps. The British MPs were recently in the news feigning shock that the NSA has been hoovering up all of their phone and email communications. What planet have they been on?

It was reported today by Computer Weekly (using Snowden material) that the NSA is snagging them in Britain from Parliament’s Microsoft computer system, Office 365, while Britain’s Intel Agency GCHQ has to wait until the information is being shipped to an outside Microsoft data center to legally grab it.

Gosh, do you think that the Microsoft people were probably aware of this going on but never protested because of their possibly having looked the other way for a long time?  Can you imagine the blackmail potential that could be gathered from such a pipeline? And if NSA and GCHQ are grabbing it, could anyone else be doing the same, like maybe the Israelis?

Clinton Bastin.

Clinton Bastin

Would anyone in government risk a good paying job and getting blackballed for raining on someone’s parade that has been savaging public privacy? It seems the answer is very few. And if they do are they rewarded in some way by the public? I am afraid not. They are abandoned so serve as a negative example to others as that is the "dumb” play.

VT’s top nuclear expert before he died in 2014, Clinton Bastin, was a harsh critic of the Dept. of Energy in the last ten years of his life.

He ripped the Iran nuclear threat scam to shreds for us…just using the science of his 40 year career, including non proliferation experience, where he knew for example, that all of Iran’s nuclear material was stored under 24/7 real time camera surveillance so it could not be pilfered during the night or on weekends.

He also knew, as we did, the classified capabilities of the spy satellites being able to detect weapons quality reprocessing going on underground. Think about the air vents needed for such a facility, and you can figure it out.

Did anyone hear of a single suicide out of shame from among those who had claimed for years that Iran had a hidden weapons program, and yet no one ever submitted the proof they had always indicated they had, like the Israelis?

So who is the real threat here, and how many times have our security organizations busted up a plot to push a false threat scam, which is a false flag in itself, letting them continue to happen without putting a spotlight on them? Who are they really serving? If you can think of one let me know in the commentsJim W. Dean ]


The Irish Famine Memorial - Dublin

The Irish Famine Memorial – Dublin

– First published  …  June 03,  2016

The Blitz was Britain at its best

The Blitz was Britain at its best

The British are a patient people, perhaps to a fault. Long before 9/11 they traded their freedom for security over the decades long Ulster wars.

The “milking” that starved and emptied Ireland during the so-called “potato famine” presented a bill to the British people, a bill paid during the blitz, on the Somme in 1915 and eventually in their subservience to Germany within the corrupt Strasbourg regime currently misnamed the “European Union.”

There is little question that America is a police state, certainly after 9/11. The game was clear, steal trillions of dollars, blow up a few buildings, wipe out Israel and Saudi Arabia’s enemies for them and feed off the American people as though they were cattle.

The American people, however, haven’t taken any of it quietly though their reactions, often orchestrated by a controlled press, may well lead to “more of same” or worse, perhaps much worse. There is little doubt that a nation with more assault weapons in circulation than the entire population may well explode in a frenzy of slaughter that fewer each year dread.

This is what is behind the Trump phenomenon where those who hate his politics and love of the rich and powerful hold onto the hope that he may well go crazy and arrest the Supreme Court or send in mobsters to machinegun Congress in mid-session. Americans dream about that and that dream is far from a nightmare.

An officially designated pirate base

An officially designated pirate base

With Britain, it is different, perhaps strangely so. If the City of London banks, Rothschild/Goldsmith controlled, rule Britain as they own majority control of the American Federal Reserve System and control, minimally America’s currency, as well, their role in pushing both nations into two world wars needs to be examined in context.

Let us assume, as many do, that 9/11 began a 3rd World War. Can we also assume that economics is always behind wars?

If we do that, and taking into account that the US has officially been economically subservient to the European banking consortium run out of London since 1913 with the passing of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, then Britain and America shared a common government as well, something far more substantive than the much vaunted “special relationship.”

If you see where we are going with this, we need to look at the Chilcot Inquiry expected to cite former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with orchestrating a two-decade war knowingly using the same kind of lies that send a dozen or so German leaders to the gallows following the Nuremberg trials after World War II.

Of course it will all be watered down, we expect this. Suppressing and controlling this inquiry, burying questions such as whether 9/11 or the 7/7 London attacks were staged false flag terrorism will be left out. There will be no discussions of building Afghanistan into a massive heroin processing center as well nor of the regime of persecuting and murdering endless thousands, rendition, drone attacks, even car bombings, all seemingly part of a greater plan.

The London bombings were not followed up with that wave of attacks we see in the Mideast. Why?

The London bombings were not followed up with that wave of attacks we see in the Mideast. Why?

What began those decades ago in the 1970s, the bombings, the assassinations, the militarization of police, the surveillance state, led, in Britain at least, to traffic cameras being used to hunt down delinquent tax payers, people who are late in paying automobile insurance or those whose child support is really in arrears or, as is too often the case, under legal dispute.

All are watched, all are judged, all may be stopped under a regime that has criminalized an endless number of infractions, some directly tied it seems to our global banking friends.

The British were being trained, first to give up all to be safe, then to give up their jobs, their wages, their trade unions, trained to give up their farms to benefit “needy nations” in the European Union like Germany or the Netherlands, a nation conditioned to first fear terror then fear their own government.

Let us then point out, of course, that the government they fear, and the “free press” that would voice those concerns, were there such a thing, which there is not, is all owned and controlled by the banking families that formed the European Union and seemingly runs the government in Washington as well.

Today, the British papers, led by the Reuters news agency, reported that Russia had “carpet bombed” hospitals and orphanages in Idlib, a city in Syria controlled by terrorists funded, trained and aided by Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and, moreover, the CIA and in particular, British MI 5.

By terrorists, we mean “al Qaeda” under the name Jabat al Nusra.

This news today came from, what has now been recognized, to be the British recruiting center for al Qaeda along with their propaganda arm. The organization is called the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, ostensibly run by one man, but investigations have shown to be a coordinated effort between the Israeli Mossad, MI-6 and the Reuters news organization, each working hand in hand with the terror groups known as ISIS or the Islamic State, and a virtual cornucopia of “moderate head choppers” across Syria and Iraq.

George and Bandar Bush really cranked up the Saudi terror operations, no lying low after 9-11 a bit

George and Bandar Bush really cranked up the Saudi terror operations, no lying low after 9-11 a bit

It’s funny enough that these terror groups spend considerable time killing one another off, not over land or politics but over who gets the largest share of the Saudi cash bounty that has financed the murder of nearly 600,000 across Syria and Iraq since 2013.

To the British people, who have seen the same players exposed as what they are over and over, Blair the stooge of Bush or Blair the “war criminal,” or Cameron and his willingness to play into the utter destruction of Britain as well, there is an open expectation that there is nothing that can’t be done in Britain where being above the law is the norm.

Then again, the British people don’t have 300 million assault weapons nor do the British people see the inevitability of another civil war, one millions of Americans are preparing for. Neither the British people or even the more politically awake but equally misguided Americans understand the nature of the enemy.

Thus, when Turkey’s Erdogan floods Europe with refugees, interspersed with terrorists allied with Turkish intelligence terror cells long in place, Cameron, Merkel and Hollande feel a secret satisfaction. This “deflection” will guarantee that their game will never be exposed, and with Trump in America and his continual pounding against the world’s Muslim population, the real enemy, an economic enemy, will never be named.

NATO is deemed a growing security threat in itself by a growing number of security experts

NATO is deemed a growing security threat in itself by a growing number of security experts

Thus, in Britain millions will continue to suffer surveillance and dehumanization, distracted by a controlled tabloid press and the monstrosity of NATO and the corrupt Strasbourg regime.

In the US, as reported this week by Russia Today, American “patriots” smear their bullets with pig’s blood and pork fat, oblivious to the fact that the savings stolen from them, the home foreclosed on or the job shipped overseas, were not done by Muslims.

The American states where these misguided grass roots “freedom fighters” can be found are sparsely populated, have no “Muslims” or even African Americans and share a long history of poor electoral discernment and moral flexibility. Quick to hate, quick to blame, fodder for a corrupt controlled press, many Americans are, in reality, little better off than their pacified and browbeaten British compatriots.

Worse still, if even the watered-down version of Chilcot, even read between the lines, calls for imprisonment of Blair, the fact that Bush is far guiltier, Bush and those around him including all at the upper levels of the CIA, FBI and Pentagon, and there will never be an American inquiry even one to whitewash, tells much about American corruption.

Yet it is Britain that gave up their sovereignty to the EU, Britain that embraced the surveillance state, testimony to Orwell’s predictions from long ago.

Will guns, even guns in the hands of most Americans including those whose beliefs support a lessening of freedoms and more and more government control over daily life, we are referring to “the right” of course, be the deciding factor in differentiating between the hopefully divergent paths Britain and the US choose?


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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8 Responses to "NEO – British Overload, a Nation Drowning in Lies"

  1. JS  June 5, 2016 at 7:51 am

    Jozsef, perhaps your explanation would work better with a simple analogy. Countries can be compared to large families, or to a neighborhood. People get along better if they learn the “fine art of minding your own business”.

  2. ayelyahbenjamin  June 5, 2016 at 12:40 am

    WHO guards the stolen wealth for these planetary parasites?…lackey’s….let those who open the vaults be handsomely rewarded and then the stolen wealth of all nations be divided amongst the nations, all people have been robbed by them… .it makes no sense to protect these people when humanity can be free of their enslavement….there is enough room on this planet for all to enjoy its abundance when we release all the land they have seized for “the crown” …. war torn nations, nations sucked dry, the people all need to rebuild lives homes and farms, bring back food security and clean water and air, ban their poisons they smuggle in food and medicine and to hell with the lot of them, parasites lording it over, we never asked for them, don’t want them or need them….wake up NATO military you are THEIR private military on the wrong side of this war and we are at war…there being certain realities beyond the limits of peoples comprehension at this time… seen with clarity and exposed for what they are, they have been dragged through the public square and shamed before all…. in actual fact we have never been in a better position than now… looking down the barrel at them

  3. carsondyal  June 4, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Even armed with Ak-47’s, how will Americans defeat their tyrannical government unless they have the military on their side? Otherwise you have guns and grenades vs. tanks, drones, missiles, nukes. No way we could overcome that. The armed forces must be with the patriots.

  4. davor  June 4, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    British lordship, that’s something out of this world, they come from Andromeda and the rest of us are from Milky Way. So many genealogy and heraldic evidence for these people to never let go of their financial grip even if millions of innocents are bound to die, in case of the British lordship it is cyclical. Century long concessions in Iran/Persia. Iraq invasion already on mrs. Thatcher’s desk in the early 80s. These people are monsters.

  5. speakout  June 4, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    The so-called “royal bloodlines” have been behind the majority of wars, drug and gun running for centuries.

    These are a bunch of inbred crazies that expect everyone to blindly bow down to the latest “crowned” head empire figure. Funny how the “Crown Corporation” (banksters) owned by Rothschild’s, not the queen, are the other inbreds expecting everyone to bow down to their financial empire.

    As soon as the people wake up and realize we do NOT need their fake money- as it is only a script- a medium of exchange and has no value (as per the US Treasury). The value is in the people’s labor and creativity and what we produce from the resources we grow or dig up from the ground.

    The biggest scheme of all is the banksters getting everyone to pay them a piece of the action on every transaction (interest/usury/fees), because they control the issuance of their private script.
    All we have to do is use our OWN money produced from the Treasury direct to the people at NO interest and the banksters and their power will collapse overnight. They won’t be able to start wars, run drugs, etc. as their “money” will be worthless.

    Every human should be their OWN “bank”. We can deposit online and trade. Don’t need the banks. Your weight in gold.

    • captain obvious  June 5, 2016 at 5:49 am

      agree and notice anything that threatens their racket is deemed illegal (unless its them doing it!). many caught trying to compete have been killed, people finding gold as example.

  6. Edward Dodge  June 4, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Have you ever watched “The Prisoner”, with Patrick McGoohan a “Number 6”? The more time goes on, the more relevant it becomes’ like it’s all one big psyop and we’re all living in the village. Some of us resist more than others, but the people who the current “Number 2” work for will not stop.

  7. joetv  June 4, 2016 at 7:57 am

    American’s will use their assault rifles if and when there is a prolonged food shortage. Short of that we will remain at our station
    …asleep at the switch.

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